Friday, May 25, 2012

I let them do it Part 2

 I saw another man holding a white panties my wife. Sniffs them, snorting
 - I'll show your wet pussy smelly as it is necessary to fuck! - He promised.
 - They took off my panties ... Why are you lying? Help me ,- asked my  wife.
I opened my mouth, seeing the shiny wet breasts my wife's from another man at
whom she was in full power on my eyes. She did not cry, but seeing as it
threw for me panties , and I'm not doing anything -  she sad roared  from
The  second man is placed My wife's on his huge cock, her nude legs moved apart. She
 did not resist. I watched.
 - Come on, fuck this girl, - said the man, who was holding my wife.
 -Oh, bitch, fuck it! - He boasted with anger and pleasure, getting to my
 wife. His big cock brutally  fucked her vagina , throwing her  on
the edge of the table.
  He fucked my wife! Her vagina completely is  fucked of  his enormous
penis. She looked at me through her tears. The second took her by the hair
and tried to shove his penis into her mouth. I was disgusted, it hurts, but
 I seen as arrogant man fucked my wife that her firm breasts were shaking. I was
excited at the same time humiliating this spectacle. I have seen and felt,
 as  my penis stood. He fucked my wife for a long time. I just watched as 
penis  moves in  vagina of  my wife's , another man was clutching his chest
 with his fists and beat her on the cheek and buttocks. He stuck his penis in of her mouth. . He was covered with his thick sperm that flowed from the my wife's vagina.
- Let you now your husband is in pussy fuck - he disdainfully tossed.
 - Suck, nipple! From fear, my wife tried to embrace her lips his penis,
 but it turned out (she did not previously sucked, saying that can not )............

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