Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I let them do it . Part 1

 I'll tell you about our vacation. We rode the train and drank. My wife has
 never changed of me. Beautiful, with great ass , a good cook, good and
faithful . My wife and I were sitting in a compartment on the opposite side
 of the table and our two companion squeezed us to the walls. One next to her , the other
 next me. They introduced themselves: Makar with a mustache and no Vano
mustache. For them  are was fifty years old. Vodka was over quickly. These
 two men were healthy , and I was drunk. We started to play cards for money.
 Money to given gamble. I see to my wife liked it when I have money higher .
 The amount left is big. And then all this money to my wife took. Here she
is happy!
 - It is not good to leave the game. We should also play. - Said the man.
My wife agreed, but left the money for himself. These guys   have  a lot of
 money. In short, we played more, but me Card did not go. And my wife was
not possible - only the money appeared, they immediately went to one of the
 men. I tired, but   drank more than usual. A wife has just entered in  gamble.
 But   I said I'm out of the game. Then a man caught me,  easily pushed me
to   lie down on the top shelf.
 Irina, all the money will not spend a - I said.
 - Fear not, then I can win on the new boots - it is justified.
  The game was even half an hour may be, suddenly a guy folds and tells the
 second, that this woman is -  sharp to us  . I see a man grabbed her by
the youn legs and keeps the ,second hand squeezed her nude breast.
Are you guys? - I asked.
 - To  Lie down there, bitch, and then in  face gave.  I stayed there. It was scary.
 I am also a drunk, and them are bigger was,.   - She is my wife - I said.
This bald, with  brazen laughter to  gave advice:
 - Then make the radio louder, if you do not want to hear , as
 we fuck now  your wife .
 I trembled with fear and jealousy. A wife's firm breasts fell out and hung two
firm white balls.
She resisted, but her nude legs are held firmly a  man , and the second hit her
 He hit hard, and I saw a  my wife's tears. But she did not cry. She
quickly looked at me and asked for help:
 - Bob, help me, they want to fuck me ...
I wanted to get up again, but ... did not got up.  I lay there and wept,
but did not got up to help  beloved, faithful   wife ... I watched as this
 man fondles the firm breast of my wife , his large hands caressed  then licking
 their tongue and brazen loud sucking on her nipples to redness. .......  The continuation of this history will be later:)

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