Friday, May 25, 2012

History of girl. Part2

First holder of the penis immediately replaced by another, and again in my
throat was a new penis.
 - Do you want to cum on your face?
 I immediately got a full charge of sperm in the nose, cheeks, eyes. I had
 to pull the nose of the sperm and swallow it. They it is noticed and
neighing.I continued to spread across the face sperm. Me  hit a few more
times down, then grabbed by the hair.
 - You have to suck and suck. You're a whore.
 I took of  third penis  in the mouth . In  my ass  i felt the finger 
second  guy   and he began to fuck into my small anus. Me already fucked in the
two penis. And    four guy fuck me:  ... in the vagina was joined by
another, and now I suck two penises, and one fucked   in me anus. They
brutally raped me for another half hour. Then, all in the semen, made to
lie on the floor and began to poke of   shoes in my  genitals, thrusting
into the vagina until the middle of shoes. I had no strength to cry. I just
 moaned in pain and humiliation. Imagine my state! They  went . And i lay
on flor.  On foot i can not go, remained an elevator. I called and entered
 the cabin. In my floor of the elevator stopped and I waited in horror,
now I see someone standing in front of doors. And so it happened!
A man of forty in a light jacket, stood in the doorway with a trash can in
his hand. Incidentally, I have managed to escape from elevator. Silent
scene lasted about a minute.
 Beautiful naked woman with disheveled hair, with traces of semen on face
and body and a man whose first dumbfounded look, began to be filled with
frank lust.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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