Friday, May 25, 2012

History of girl. Part 1

 My name is Anne. I'll tell you stories, and it will be clear to what
 extent can destroy a young mentally Woman. The guys said me work  at
  ten thousand dollars.
At 10 degrees outside, and I'm almost naked. I went out and immediately
felt  cold  stung my  clean -shaven pubis. I see the views of interested
people. Of course, a whore and nothing else. I am figure model and have very
beautiful young face.
 - Please fasten my coat and attach stockings, but how can I go. Moreover,
 in the place where me wait, is paying attention to the appearance,  slut
 and all ...
I was no stranger to sex and I no guess that happens a few minutes.
 They called the elevator and  in  cabin the boys jumped to me. My small nude breasts to
 caressed four hands, two more were touched to mine untouched pussy. In the anus poked
fingers in the pussy, sexy lips and clitoris. I profusely flowed.
 - It hurts, really - I wailed. - Spare my nude small body, I beg you.I was pushed
into the attic. I fell on the dirty floor. They stood over me with drawn
  them   penises.I was pushed into the attic. I fell on the dirty floor.
 They stood over to me with drawn  them hard cocks.
 - Get up bitch - scared they shouted.
 I got up . I opened mine mouth and  cocks  stuffed my mouth. It is a huge cock. He immediately began to fuck in my throat. I was gasping for
 breath, but suddenly in the throat spurted a jet of sperm and I began to swallow it.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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