Saturday, May 26, 2012

Girl..... Part 2
But gradually, the main
focus of the pain moved to the vagina - the man focused on the stroke
in of my pussy.  He caress her with nettles, lashed with all forces. He
took all of the new stems, and went on to beat     my tender pussy lips,
between the legs. I writhed in the pain, but the hands and feet bound were
not given opportunities to change the situation. - I'll show you how to run
around naked -  angrily said the man. He clearly felt that   was not 
much quite this flogging. He took a bunch of nettles, and began to try to
shove it to me in the vagina. My vagina to  burning and  lips swollen on
the   nettles  , was now burning inside. And  he continued to stroke  ...
the man continued to shove    deeper and deeper beam nettle in my vagina .
Rough, prickly stems tore everything inside me. He began to fuck me of
pencil  with nettles, pulling and pushing it back into me. Soon, it was not
enough. He became pluck the leaves from the nettle and push through into my
vagina. All new and new portions of nettle leaves disappeared in me. I was
crying from the pain and helplessness. I do not know how long it lasted,
but the nettle has ended. come a break in my agony . The man had gone
for a new nettles. .
The continuation follows........
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