Saturday, May 26, 2012

Girl..... Part 3

Girl..... Part 3
Opening his mouth, that there are forces, I tried to shove   a piece by
help tongue . Finally, I managed to get rid of the gag. I hope for
liberation. Water, its cool, slightly calmed the heat of my body from burns
has cooled my vagina, which burned with fire. I swam to the opposite shore.
I sat bare ass down on the ground. Then I remembered  about the nettle
leaves. I looked at   vagina - sex lips swollen and red, pain combined with
a terrible itch. By entering into vagina two fingers, I grabbed them and
pulled out the nettles.  It is not clear how many  nettles  leaves  in
vagina   put  in   me    this pervert. But since I do not get them exactly.
Just typing the whole hands could pull the nettles. After all, I completely
naked! I wept bitterly. I was so sorry for myself that I did not feel that
someone is rough tongue licking my hand. Looking up, I saw a dog beside .
It Laika licked my face,  and held me  to my house. 

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