Saturday, May 26, 2012

Girl..... Part 1

Girl..... Part 1
I  lay sleeping. I crouched down, hiding behind a rock. When I awoke,
 I found myself lying on the stone. Hands and feet were moved apart and
 tied to the two bushes that grew on both sides. My mouth was tightly
have cork a cloth and call for help I not could.Turning my head, I saw a
huge   nettle. Its stems caused a feeling of horror. My kidnapper was
standing next to nettles. It was a thin man, age 60 - Well, woke up girl?
- The evil he said - I felt   on a pussy flash ... He slowly began to move
the  stems nettles to the abdomen to the vagina ... ... thighs.Following
the movement of the nettle stretched the red trail. My vagina was on the
stone and legs were divorced  , pussy, lips were wide open ... nettle stalk
beat  on him. He continued, "pat" my body nettles. pressing stem of a
nettle in my vagina, he batted my lips, and the stem was trapped between
the sex lips. Then he strength, missed by the entire stalk in of my vagina 
My vagina is  fire, exploded! The man took    bunch of nettles, and
began his stroll around the body. A thousand needles to piercing me. All
these shots have merged into the powerful pain. I mooed in pain, unable to
say no words   . The man  picked up a new bunch of nettles, and began to
stroke them with    me. Strange feelings: pain most strongly felt in the
place of attack, soon my whole body turned into a continuous pain. Hands,
breast, my legs, my stomach - it was all covered with nettle burn.
The continuation follows........
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