Monday, May 28, 2012

And a fabulous dream and a fabulous day! Part 2

As soon as I realized what was happening - let go of the testicles. The one
whom I had recently almost turned him in the testicles boiled eggs,
apparently was a masochist because, as wildly, began to kiss my feet,
then gently caressed  their   tongue, then began  biting. He was
ready to break me, and at the same time to caressed me. As he said to me then
- it was his best fuck of his life.
   - Olga you delight   having sex?
And  I took out of his pants, his cock.
From the fact that he got to my breasts, I began to caress  his penis.
I was standing with his back to the front door .
 Yuri asked: "Yes, you to apart your legs,  your pussy is  wet - let's relax, when I tell  . "
I obediently leaned on the table. And Yuri  threw up my legs before the
men I immediately appeared in such a way that all had a good view, what are
my swollen sex lips and how excited my clit.
 Olga - do not be afraid - fuck   will be, will certainly not hurt you, 
- and it stuck in my vagina  all four  fingers of his hand
and fifth finger was toying with my clit. I began to lose composure. Olga -
well, let while you fuck Volodya - and we'll see. Alex threw me some kind
of blindfold. And after Volodya   you fucks, we verify as you learn which
of the penis,in this time    fucks. I will let down his hands behind his
head and push the legs very wide. It was very nice.  I started moving her
hips so, then both feet began to compress the body of Vladimir. Volodya is
facing him  was a my pussy, then pulled out his penis and insert the penis,
being back on me.  Hands, I could not touch, and Volodya therefore, readily
fucked in all possible poses.  I realized that as a well, that me fuck all the men.
All-all-all the men, often replacing each other. I liked this idea and now
I myself waited for the same it was my macho to pat his penis in me.
I wanted to cum  under his penis erupt   from orgasm. Yes! that's his penis.
I immediately once all vaginal  like  muscles  felt his penis.
But the man that was fucked  , did not moaned moan as my favorite macho.
But who? Yes, no matter me so enjoyed my orgasm, which is the to  other
mans are because   inserted into me  them penises and fucked   my pussy for
my endless orgasms.  Yes, you are now come into the office and  is unlikely
to guess who among the seven bosses of your fucked in all holes and in all
possible poses. We had agreed that if I do not know  - they  will continue
to fuck me. If I know,    that , who me fucked , as suprise  tomorrow  me 
will give  car. And mentally, I thought, why me a second car?

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