Monday, May 28, 2012

And a fabulous dream and a fabulous day! Part 1

In order to get up - I would have to climb over the guy. But my hand is
primarily reached penis . Penis was covered in semen and lubrication. I
caress his penis. My vagina   wanted the his penis. So I put  my hand between
my legs - i want  was   penis immediately. Well done guy - just woke up and
immediately to  inserted in me penis.  Fucks and cums  at me. And then I
felt another guy's penis just  to cums me into her mouth.   I was squeezing
his testicles. And then he yelled - hurt, bitch, what are you doing  ,slut!
Echoes resounded on all toilet slut , slut , slut . Here it is - here it is
a welcome loud, resounding acclaim.
Heard some applause, and straight on my face.  The strokes on the cheeks
and at the same time,  along with these   and my long awaited orgasm. Yes,
yes, yes  fuck me   , I'm your whore - I give all! 
Well, to fucks the same dear, I am yours. Apparently I very  screamed at
present, because it was in orgasm. I experienced the strongest pleasure.
And this is just a pleasure intensified by the fact that I really found
itself in the same position - on all fours in which I began to get an
orgasm. In my pussy continued to throb  a penis of  boys. The  penis that was
in my mouth only, that  began to cum.  I was in his apartment in the embrace
of two boys  their neighbors those who at this moment  cums to me  .
He only yelled - Olga my testicles crushed, and still to cums in my mouth. And the
second  guy me  really badly hit to mine face trying to lead me in a sense.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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