Thursday, May 31, 2012

My sex fantasy. Part 3

I slipped from
the penis of the holes oozing his cum. . Before I come to myself as the guy
started to cum in my mouth  I loved it! Then the first hit me in the face
him penis, for some reason it was nice. I'm  put  the tongue, they beat me
in  two   penises on  my tongue. After that  I everyone got to lick them
penises. In the end, left me in a puddle of cum under his feet and face.
But I was happy! I love the taste of sperm! Now  the second guy decided to
fuck my ass. With a sharp jerk, he entered me and began to slowly fuck me!
As this situation excites me.  The toilet stinks, filth everywhere, and I
enjoy   fuck. Me like sex: the more dirt and extreme  , the more my exci
tement. Sex s strange man, who treats you like a godsend for half an hour.
For which I am ready expose my ass, mouth and vagina. Better yet, when
there go to the toilet and the new men to  fuck in  free hole. Without -
the words and persuasion, simply by mutual consent. As you like.

My sex fantasy. Part 2

I knelt down and took his penis in her mouth. I caressed his tongue,
swallowed deeply as possible. I love to suck a penis! Just love them! But
his penis   swell  and I knew that it would end soon, so immediately took
him out of his mouth. He looked and  I pleaded.  I stood up against the
wall with so that  became visible to my hole. He began to fondle my
tight buttocks ... I want to be fucked, so I wag ass.  He was looked to my hole,
and inserted  penis  to my anus.  I moaned softly from sensations ... He
took this as encouragement and began to enter me with his thick penis. I
move  toward him, forcing him  to enter  in my ass  stronger, faster, deeper.
 What a pleasure! I pressed against the wall, its hand caressed  my body
and the penis fucked  at a furious pace in my ass. But then came the third
person to hear the groans, he went to the toilet. He saw the man who fucked
me  and pulled out his penis. I took  a second mouth penis and began to
move in both penises at once .. Love it! In ass fucks one  penis , bringing
me pleasure, and the other fucks my mouth, pulling up to the throat. The
sperm did not began to pour into my anus,  but  I cum .
The continuation follows........
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My sex fantasy. Part 1

The second day of fantasy   I woke from a terrible itch on my face.   It
was   sperm. I took a shower, cleared the ass. I remembered yesterday ...
So,  of  me  fuck  with two man  in the toilet.  After as I turned the
corner of me    fucked  a young guy ...Very often I got out my vibrator sit
in front of a large mirror and started to sit down at my "  substitute for
penis." I looked at   in the mirror and saw how the phallus is in me. Then
I took the vibrator  , smeared my   ass, got on all fours and I fuck  on it.
 I felt a rubber penis enters me. I started to sit down at him as soon as
possible. And at that moment was an orgasm. Today, my place of love comfort,
 I chose a park where there are concerned men. So I went. I came to this
place: the old Soviet    toilet for a long time nobody enjoyed by
appointment, he became a place for all concerned with sex and gay men. 
Inside its walls with scenes of sex transgender written all sorts of offers
of sexual services people like me, simply a recognition that someone loves
anal sex and suck strangers penises ..   Once inside, I saw a man looking
at a picture of the penis in the ass. He did not notice, I went to him. I
abruptly grabbed his hard penis. He scared, but felt that I caress his penis,
 penis  stood . He   was very hard. How do I wanted to take  it in your
The continuation follows........
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part 3

On me were  starting to urinate and I catch a trickle in  of mouth. The 
body shook another orgasm! That guy,   long fucked my wet pussy, after he 
wanted  fuck me in the mouth. He began to fuck  in her mouth while
holding by my ears. Then he said, to  licking his anus. I put my tongue
into the anus and began to  fondle his ass. He started to cum on my face.
Drops of semen dripping from my chin on my firm breast. Men liked it and they 
again started to fuck around. One fucked my  vagina,  in which was  had
still a bottle, and then to cums in the mouth.  Immediately came the other
 boy , he also fucked me of him  penis  and with  help  bottle. When the turn
came the next guy,  then in my mouth  entered  two penises.  My hair were a
clump of semen and saliva. I could not stop licking ass and  testicles for
men. I suck them hard cocks, they end up in my open mouth,  on my  tongue. My
mouth is - a vessel for sperm. I am happy to swallow all the sperm like a
glass of wine.   Piss on me, they wiped their sperm  my blouse with the
words "cover up, bitch, from you stink." they pushed me on the street and
closed the door from the inside. I went home tired but happy.

The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part2

In the house there are five men. Me  hit in the ass. - Nice to  fuck in  ass!
  - Bitch, suck! They stand in  circle and I'm starting in   turn to suck
their penises. They call me a slut, a whore, prostitute,    anal   hole! I
just smile, because my mouth was busy  by  penis  and my  hands took 
standing next two  penises. I lie on the table, my head hanging down, as
at   me begin to fuck in the vagina and mouth at a time.  After four Men I
do not have time to swallow of sperm , and it flows from the lips on the
head and hair. From the vagina, it just flows on the table. Two  penises
easy to insert into my ass and vagina.  And me  fuck they for a long time
and the two begi to play with my boobs, and fifth fuck my mouth. They beat
my chest, twisting her nipples. It gives me pleasure, and I'm to cum  over
and over again. Bob to  cums up in my ass and wipes the penis on my hair.
Then he puts in my mouth and I lick his penis from the sperm and my feces.
That guy again has fuck my vagina. Others are beginning  in circle back to
fuck me in the ass. But  all  the   cums on face and chest.     The 
after   two hours of fucking, they rest. I lay on the table, his legs wide
open. Someone like a cigarette, and begins to shake off the ashes on my
stomach and chest. Then a burning cigarette butt starts to burn my socks on
my feet.  His example was followed by two  more , on stockings large holes
are formed. They spit on my chest and put out her  cigarette butts. Instead
 of ashtrays cigarette butts shoved into my mouth, spitting in the face.
From such a humiliation my  body feels another orgasm. After  was the turn
of bottles, and two of them occupy  place in the ass and pussy. There 
bottles in my holes are inserted easy. Bob brought a candle and my holes
are covered with wax. Wax filled my holes and  bottles were left standing
in the vagina and ass.....The continuation follows........
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The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part 1

The Julia woke up - in the home.
Nearby sat a girl. When Julia woke up, she asked her: "You probably Julia
whore of my father?"
"Yes, if your father was the headmaster Basil" - answered Julia.
"Yes, this is it" - she confirmed. Olga said:
 "Go wash, bath there in this house all the women, bitches, whores go naked, okay?"
"Yes," replied Julia. Olga watched a movie where Julia, fucking with men.
Olga said: "Well look, the firm breast is good, tight small nipples nice and shaved vagina,
but not vain my father has chosen to fuck this young girl .  Ok, let's tell it like a
whore was "Julia began her story.:"It happened five years ago - the
beginning of Julia. I was dressed like a slut and went to the club. I was
approached by a man in his 40s and offered a drink, I agreed. He put his
hand into my panties and puts his finger into my untouched pussy.   My name is Bob. 
-How do you stand? - He asked. I am a free-whore! - Show tits! - There will
be Three of my friends! He drive me  to   him  house . Basil removes her
clothes and shows me  penis. I'll took the penis into the mouth.  - What a
smart whore! And soon in my throat  was sprays his sperm. After swallowing
it, I licked head of the cock. I'm starting again, sucking his penis,
massaging the testicles. The penis is lifted. Then I start licking balls,
took them one by one into his mouth. I caress to his ass,   felt the smell
of stinky, but I licked his anus.  - A dirty girl! And   his cock  is
included in my wet vagina. He  moves in me and my naked breasts bounce.
We finish simultaneously. It   cums him   sperm into the mine vagina.
The continuation follows........
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Monday, May 28, 2012

And a fabulous dream and a fabulous day! Part 2

As soon as I realized what was happening - let go of the testicles. The one
whom I had recently almost turned him in the testicles boiled eggs,
apparently was a masochist because, as wildly, began to kiss my feet,
then gently caressed  their   tongue, then began  biting. He was
ready to break me, and at the same time to caressed me. As he said to me then
- it was his best fuck of his life.
   - Olga you delight   having sex?
And  I took out of his pants, his cock.
From the fact that he got to my breasts, I began to caress  his penis.
I was standing with his back to the front door .
 Yuri asked: "Yes, you to apart your legs,  your pussy is  wet - let's relax, when I tell  . "
I obediently leaned on the table. And Yuri  threw up my legs before the
men I immediately appeared in such a way that all had a good view, what are
my swollen sex lips and how excited my clit.
 Olga - do not be afraid - fuck   will be, will certainly not hurt you, 
- and it stuck in my vagina  all four  fingers of his hand
and fifth finger was toying with my clit. I began to lose composure. Olga -
well, let while you fuck Volodya - and we'll see. Alex threw me some kind
of blindfold. And after Volodya   you fucks, we verify as you learn which
of the penis,in this time    fucks. I will let down his hands behind his
head and push the legs very wide. It was very nice.  I started moving her
hips so, then both feet began to compress the body of Vladimir. Volodya is
facing him  was a my pussy, then pulled out his penis and insert the penis,
being back on me.  Hands, I could not touch, and Volodya therefore, readily
fucked in all possible poses.  I realized that as a well, that me fuck all the men.
All-all-all the men, often replacing each other. I liked this idea and now
I myself waited for the same it was my macho to pat his penis in me.
I wanted to cum  under his penis erupt   from orgasm. Yes! that's his penis.
I immediately once all vaginal  like  muscles  felt his penis.
But the man that was fucked  , did not moaned moan as my favorite macho.
But who? Yes, no matter me so enjoyed my orgasm, which is the to  other
mans are because   inserted into me  them penises and fucked   my pussy for
my endless orgasms.  Yes, you are now come into the office and  is unlikely
to guess who among the seven bosses of your fucked in all holes and in all
possible poses. We had agreed that if I do not know  - they  will continue
to fuck me. If I know,    that , who me fucked , as suprise  tomorrow  me 
will give  car. And mentally, I thought, why me a second car?

And a fabulous dream and a fabulous day! Part 1

In order to get up - I would have to climb over the guy. But my hand is
primarily reached penis . Penis was covered in semen and lubrication. I
caress his penis. My vagina   wanted the his penis. So I put  my hand between
my legs - i want  was   penis immediately. Well done guy - just woke up and
immediately to  inserted in me penis.  Fucks and cums  at me. And then I
felt another guy's penis just  to cums me into her mouth.   I was squeezing
his testicles. And then he yelled - hurt, bitch, what are you doing  ,slut!
Echoes resounded on all toilet slut , slut , slut . Here it is - here it is
a welcome loud, resounding acclaim.
Heard some applause, and straight on my face.  The strokes on the cheeks
and at the same time,  along with these   and my long awaited orgasm. Yes,
yes, yes  fuck me   , I'm your whore - I give all! 
Well, to fucks the same dear, I am yours. Apparently I very  screamed at
present, because it was in orgasm. I experienced the strongest pleasure.
And this is just a pleasure intensified by the fact that I really found
itself in the same position - on all fours in which I began to get an
orgasm. In my pussy continued to throb  a penis of  boys. The  penis that was
in my mouth only, that  began to cum.  I was in his apartment in the embrace
of two boys  their neighbors those who at this moment  cums to me  .
He only yelled - Olga my testicles crushed, and still to cums in my mouth. And the
second  guy me  really badly hit to mine face trying to lead me in a sense.
The continuation follows........
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 4

The spectacle, of course, indescribable. Associated chest size of the fourth,
jumped as high as possible. I squeezed her nipples and began to pull in
different directions. Lena suffered and moaned. Only sometimes through the
groans I heard the word "More!" I thought it was time for her and  to
flogging. I took a belt and slapped on the chest, then her pussy. Her clit
was swollen and vagina was exposed, so that the impact fell exactly on the
clitoris. Before each blow she raised her ass, meeting the belt. I am again
struck heavily on the clitoris. It was at this moment from Lena poured her
juices. This I have not seen from her just beat the fountain. She confessed
later, such an orgasm is not experienced ever before, and did not think of
it may  to be less leakage. I untied her chest, but she  left lying with
stiff legs. I inserted two fingers into the vagina, they just went . I
added two more, it was   complicated, but they entered. I began to turn his
hand, it was not difficult, because everything was covered with her  juices,
in wet and slippery vagina. Shaking   hand, I began to add a thumb. Lena
spread her arms even wider your legs. My  hand  was of a easily in  vagina .
  I squeezed his hand into a fist and began to
turn them inside. This is again meant that the pleasure was to get over the
pain. She lay impaled on my palm and she   then to sated more deeply, then
spinning around my arm.  - Get on all fours, his hand will remain in you,
- I said.   She began to turn. Finally took the right position. Clenched
fist, I began to fuck  her of  two  hand and thrust her on elbow. Lena began
to scream. Every time I slapped the other hand her ass. I opened his fist,
and again sharply jerked his hand. My hand was all wet and I, using the
fact that Lena was able to orgasm, put your hand in its ass. Creek was
inhuman, and then only Lena lowed, and I fucked her with his hand in great
ass. I became moving faster and deeper and fucked his hand as a penis. Lena
screamed  from orgasm in her anus.  I lifted her hand to her face. 
- Suck   is well!  Lena began to lick my hand. On her face was an expression
 of complete satisfaction. From all this  me of course also wanted to finish.
 I put  in her  mouth with a penis on the tonsils. After a few seconds she
began to turn his head, but in response to this, I strongly slapped her
between the legs. And  ran down her chin drool, then I became brutally to 
fuck her mouth and beat her between his legs. It was a feeling that she
fucks  my penis, raised her ass that I would have hit her again. Finally,
began to cum, I pulled out a penis and filled her face, cum dripping on her
nose, chin,  in the eye.  Lena went to the bathroom, lifted her legs widely
parted them. Urine with a strong jet hit right on the face. Lena began rub
her on his face, chest,  she opened  mouth, that would catch the drops and
swallow them.     When she finished, I told her to stretch her  hands vagina.
 Lena willing to put in a two finger each hand and pulled to the side. Her
cunt began to resemble an open funnel. I began to urinate into it.  Soon
she was filled and urine ran down her stomach, her thighs. When I finished,
let her take a shower.   She had    everything it wanted. There is still
one day to continue our acquaintance.

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 3

Urine ran down on the face, hair, splashed in the wide open mouth, when Lena did not
manage to swallow it. Then she sucked my penis. So she drained every drop.
She slowly began to send  a bottle in  vagina. I watched the bottle, pushes
 her lips and disappeared inside. I squeezed her nipples began to pull them
down.  Lena, that would reduce pain in the nipples when I pulled them down,
sit down to become more deeply bottle.Suddenly she screamed and slipped on
a bottle, the thick part of the bottle was already in her vagina, Lena
quietly moaned. I tied her hands behind her back. Then i began to caress  her puffy nipples. When I slapped her tits, her breasts were jumping. A
few minutes later the entire breast was purple, her nipples were hard. By
the bottle that was in her vagina, her juices flowed. I poured brandy into
her mouth. Lena once again shook in orgasm. When she calmed down, I took
the bottle and pushed her up, Lena stood up. Lena began to jump on her ,
as   penis. I abruptly pulled the bottle out of her vagina. From this, Lena
cried.  I turned on the cold water and sent it to his chest. Lena began to
cry, red, hot breasts and ice water gave an excellent effect. But to remove
the shower she not could, her hands were still tied behind his back.  - And
now your ashtray will be puffy breast - I ordered and lit it. Lena raised her
breasts and squeezing them. I smoked and shook the ashes on her chest
between her breasts. Then Lena tries substitute for the ashes of the
nipple. I put a cigarette to the nipple and flicked ashes. The second time
the ash fell on the second nipple. all done on such a level of play, when
both a had in pleasure.
The continuation follows........
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She wanted to try fisting.....Part 2

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 2
After these exercises was obtained i easily enter in wet
vagina, and even four fingers and  rotate the mine hand. The Lena started is
hard to breathe. Her vagina, which was visible to me, is opened, her nipples
began to resemble two large pea. And I'm certainly excited. So I beckoned
girl and She crawled over and began to suck the hard cock. She took
in her mouth it is not very deep, so I began to press  hand on her head.
Lena began to balk his nose into my stomach,  I again pressed the on  back
of the head and held her hand. Lena was planted at the very throat on her
chin began to flow saliva, she was bellowing. I could not resist  and loudly
slapped her on the firm puffy breast. She flinched, but did not pull away. When we
drank, I lit a cigarette.  When a cigarette is a little burnt, I stooped
and flicked the ashes between her buttocks. Lena cried and wanted to
straighten up, but again I clicked on her head. I smoked a cigarette,
constantly flicking ashes on her ass.  Suddenly I found that from  that
Lena began to cum. She  shiver and she swallowed my penis into the throat.
At the pace I have just dripping juices from her vagina. Then I finished it
in her mouth. Lena had swallowed all the sperm.   - You're a whore, here
and sit in the semen. Lena nodded obediently. In her eyes there were tears
from the fact that the penis is long and was deep in her throat and she
almost choked when I finished. We sat, talked again, drank, I was very
excited the show ,sitting in front of me naked woman with large firm breast, nude legs
wide apart, chin dried semen. Lena climbed into the tub. I began to urinate
on her tits, then to the face. Lena opened her mouth eagerly.
 The continuation follows........
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She wanted to try fisting.... Part 1

Lena, was surprised to me. She liked almost everything associated with
submission and humiliation. Quite a lot of she is described how
experimenting at home. And hang a clothespin on her nipples, the clitoris,
trying to shove themselves into the vagina a variety of items, including
bottles. It is she wanted to try fisting for this in advance, Lena have
developed a vagina, that would not hurt for the first experiment.  Just took
care of her ass for first man . She especially liked to pour yourself your urine. She lay
on her back in bath and lifted up his feet to the shoulders, and as a
result of pissing itself. In general, after such conversations, we decided
to meet  - Well, let's go to the hotel.  - Not afraid to go? To a stranger,
do not know why - I ask her.  - I wanted to try. It's even exciting! - With
these words, Lena opened her legs slightly. Without hesitation I dive back
hand under her dress. Her pussy is wet. I  squeezing her
clit which increased in size. Lena was excited by, my hand in the vagina
just poured her juices. Yes, and I was already excited, because we know
less than an hour, and I caress her, all in a taxi. We bought a couple of
bottles of brandy, and I chose the form of the bottle to the neck was long
enough, gradually thicken. Lena knew immediately that these bottles will
take place in her young pussy and tight ass.  In a hotel room, I immediately sent her
to the shower. As I like to look at her big firm breasts(Firm Young Tits Here) ! They drank for the
meeting and acquaintance. - I want to carry out orders, and feel a whore,
to feel the pain with pleasure, humiliation - Lena smiled.  - Tell us how
you developed vagina, which insert themselves into?  - Insert into the
vagina a few fingers, then a bottle of deodorant. I spray in the vagina
and  went to work  Very excited that no one suspects that something in my
pussy sticking out, - she continued to talk. - Then I took a rolling pin at
home, she entered already difficult, but I put  I have tried as far as
possible to sit on it.
The continuation follows........
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Girl..... Part 3

Girl..... Part 3
Opening his mouth, that there are forces, I tried to shove   a piece by
help tongue . Finally, I managed to get rid of the gag. I hope for
liberation. Water, its cool, slightly calmed the heat of my body from burns
has cooled my vagina, which burned with fire. I swam to the opposite shore.
I sat bare ass down on the ground. Then I remembered  about the nettle
leaves. I looked at   vagina - sex lips swollen and red, pain combined with
a terrible itch. By entering into vagina two fingers, I grabbed them and
pulled out the nettles.  It is not clear how many  nettles  leaves  in
vagina   put  in   me    this pervert. But since I do not get them exactly.
Just typing the whole hands could pull the nettles. After all, I completely
naked! I wept bitterly. I was so sorry for myself that I did not feel that
someone is rough tongue licking my hand. Looking up, I saw a dog beside .
It Laika licked my face,  and held me  to my house. 
Girl..... Part 2
But gradually, the main
focus of the pain moved to the vagina - the man focused on the stroke
in of my pussy.  He caress her with nettles, lashed with all forces. He
took all of the new stems, and went on to beat     my tender pussy lips,
between the legs. I writhed in the pain, but the hands and feet bound were
not given opportunities to change the situation. - I'll show you how to run
around naked -  angrily said the man. He clearly felt that   was not 
much quite this flogging. He took a bunch of nettles, and began to try to
shove it to me in the vagina. My vagina to  burning and  lips swollen on
the   nettles  , was now burning inside. And  he continued to stroke  ...
the man continued to shove    deeper and deeper beam nettle in my vagina .
Rough, prickly stems tore everything inside me. He began to fuck me of
pencil  with nettles, pulling and pushing it back into me. Soon, it was not
enough. He became pluck the leaves from the nettle and push through into my
vagina. All new and new portions of nettle leaves disappeared in me. I was
crying from the pain and helplessness. I do not know how long it lasted,
but the nettle has ended. come a break in my agony . The man had gone
for a new nettles. .
The continuation follows........
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Girl..... Part 1

Girl..... Part 1
I  lay sleeping. I crouched down, hiding behind a rock. When I awoke,
 I found myself lying on the stone. Hands and feet were moved apart and
 tied to the two bushes that grew on both sides. My mouth was tightly
have cork a cloth and call for help I not could.Turning my head, I saw a
huge   nettle. Its stems caused a feeling of horror. My kidnapper was
standing next to nettles. It was a thin man, age 60 - Well, woke up girl?
- The evil he said - I felt   on a pussy flash ... He slowly began to move
the  stems nettles to the abdomen to the vagina ... ... thighs.Following
the movement of the nettle stretched the red trail. My vagina was on the
stone and legs were divorced  , pussy, lips were wide open ... nettle stalk
beat  on him. He continued, "pat" my body nettles. pressing stem of a
nettle in my vagina, he batted my lips, and the stem was trapped between
the sex lips. Then he strength, missed by the entire stalk in of my vagina 
My vagina is  fire, exploded! The man took    bunch of nettles, and
began his stroll around the body. A thousand needles to piercing me. All
these shots have merged into the powerful pain. I mooed in pain, unable to
say no words   . The man  picked up a new bunch of nettles, and began to
stroke them with    me. Strange feelings: pain most strongly felt in the
place of attack, soon my whole body turned into a continuous pain. Hands,
breast, my legs, my stomach - it was all covered with nettle burn.
The continuation follows........
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Friday, May 25, 2012

History of girl. Part2

First holder of the penis immediately replaced by another, and again in my
throat was a new penis.
 - Do you want to cum on your face?
 I immediately got a full charge of sperm in the nose, cheeks, eyes. I had
 to pull the nose of the sperm and swallow it. They it is noticed and
neighing.I continued to spread across the face sperm. Me  hit a few more
times down, then grabbed by the hair.
 - You have to suck and suck. You're a whore.
 I took of  third penis  in the mouth . In  my ass  i felt the finger 
second  guy   and he began to fuck into my small anus. Me already fucked in the
two penis. And    four guy fuck me:  ... in the vagina was joined by
another, and now I suck two penises, and one fucked   in me anus. They
brutally raped me for another half hour. Then, all in the semen, made to
lie on the floor and began to poke of   shoes in my  genitals, thrusting
into the vagina until the middle of shoes. I had no strength to cry. I just
 moaned in pain and humiliation. Imagine my state! They  went . And i lay
on flor.  On foot i can not go, remained an elevator. I called and entered
 the cabin. In my floor of the elevator stopped and I waited in horror,
now I see someone standing in front of doors. And so it happened!
A man of forty in a light jacket, stood in the doorway with a trash can in
his hand. Incidentally, I have managed to escape from elevator. Silent
scene lasted about a minute.
 Beautiful naked woman with disheveled hair, with traces of semen on face
and body and a man whose first dumbfounded look, began to be filled with
frank lust.
The continuation follows........
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History of girl. Part 1

 My name is Anne. I'll tell you stories, and it will be clear to what
 extent can destroy a young mentally Woman. The guys said me work  at
  ten thousand dollars.
At 10 degrees outside, and I'm almost naked. I went out and immediately
felt  cold  stung my  clean -shaven pubis. I see the views of interested
people. Of course, a whore and nothing else. I am figure model and have very
beautiful young face.
 - Please fasten my coat and attach stockings, but how can I go. Moreover,
 in the place where me wait, is paying attention to the appearance,  slut
 and all ...
I was no stranger to sex and I no guess that happens a few minutes.
 They called the elevator and  in  cabin the boys jumped to me. My small nude breasts to
 caressed four hands, two more were touched to mine untouched pussy. In the anus poked
fingers in the pussy, sexy lips and clitoris. I profusely flowed.
 - It hurts, really - I wailed. - Spare my nude small body, I beg you.I was pushed
into the attic. I fell on the dirty floor. They stood over me with drawn
  them   penises.I was pushed into the attic. I fell on the dirty floor.
 They stood over to me with drawn  them hard cocks.
 - Get up bitch - scared they shouted.
 I got up . I opened mine mouth and  cocks  stuffed my mouth. It is a huge cock. He immediately began to fuck in my throat. I was gasping for
 breath, but suddenly in the throat spurted a jet of sperm and I began to swallow it.
The continuation follows........
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I let them do it Part 3

  - In mouth take it! - He shouted and inserted his  so that half of the penis has broken her parted lips and put him in the cheek. My wife began to cough, but it started to suck, and the man only accelerated the movement, his hands guiding her head. Pulling her hair, he fucked my wife's mouth, his  penis is fully entered in her throat, cheek.  The second a man beat in her cheeks and neck with,  and his hands held   my wife. Irina  began coughing and moaning.He finished much faster than the first, and poured out his  sperm on my wife's face ,on her face he  poured  thick jets. Her cheeks, nose, mouth  to opened for catch  sperm, and dripping from his chin to his chest. I looked her in the wry mouth with smeared lipstick and saw a white tongue, stain on  teeth with sperm of another man. So she took in her mouth, but not me .
-  To swallow, bitch, - said the man. My wife is curved, but swallowed.
 - I have a penis is stood again! Come on, bitch to  fuck in the young ass, - said the bald man.
 I saw his hand , he  took  of  my wife's in vagina, then collected semen which  was inside her vagina  and entered   wet palm in her  young ass . The second man moved apart large buttocks and his finger stuck it in the ass.
 - Now you will be to fuck in the ass!
 - Come on,to groan, bitch! - said  a man full palm and smeared his semen and saliva on her anal hole. Following, I just saw his hairy ass, which began to fuck into the soft ass my wife. She was moaning very loudly. The second clamped her mouth and laughed. I saw this show. I hated myself, but I was standing. I'm afraid that will visit here . Will be seen not only as disgusting rape my wife, happy bald man fucks her into mouth  and another man fucks of her  ass! I - her  husband, that just looks and says nothing.  They took  her virginity ass and took her mouth!
 The man who fucked in the ass  of my wife praised:
- Bitch, what you have nice big ass, to fuck a pleasure. She mooed. I made the radio louder. He finished out loud, calling my poor wife a whore and bitch. Another took her over her breasts.
 - This for  a remembering , her husband! - One guffawed and threw me a dirty towel in their semen.
 The second took away all their money and ours money too. Then he came up to me. I was afraid of him. From him  stank of semen, the smell of sweat, my wife  used as smell between her legs.
 - Five dollars more  your  bitch is not worth it - he said and put my money.
 They  gone. I lay there and kept looking at his wife. She stood . Do not to cry, but of huge red hole behind (also no longer any  my past and never in future) dark streaks running down a man's sperm. I'm crying, I go, but she heard it, climbed sharply on the shelf and closed with a head under . Everywhere the smell of stank  abusing of my wife and pouring semen. I knew that  is -my wife, which  they  fucked  in all the holes. I know she hates me, as I myself. I felt sorry for her,  wife , which gave birth to my two children ... I started to cry. I pulled her panties in his hand to his nose. So I tried to console myself, but very quickly after a few seconds, I finished. I became even more sick and disgusting ,i  lie down with a wet hand, with his wife fucked in one compartment and sniff  her  briefs ...In the morning we got off the train. We are not talking. First, we bought the soap in the store, I knew that we buy it, soap to my wife  her vagina, from sperm others   to who fucked her like a whore. And I just looked at them. I knew that I was going with my wife, but I was not her husband. Not any more. And only scorn in her eyes. In the bathroom I could cry. There, I could not restrain himself and to cum  the sperm into the toilet.
   I let them do it with his wife, who bore me two children and has never changed  for me . So far I have been living with her, with his wife, which in my eyes fucked in all holes, and I let them do it on of fear. But what could I? Would you also do not could as  watched your wife fuck all the holes . You have just will  waited until they fucks with your wife until you have finished in her  and released. And then will live again , but spoiled whore in three places. And I live with my wife, which made whore in my eyes. She knows it too and lives with me. This is something we never spoke, because she was ashamed and me too.
  I am ashamed of such a wife for himself, and she, too, am ashamed of myself and a husband like me. That's the way we live after that the case for five years. And we will still appear in the eyes of others the perfect married couple with two children. She told me not to changing me. I know it. But I know if her  will fuck again, then I'll give it to them. I can not protect his beautiful a wife with long blond hair and large soft breasts. They have played enough with my wife as they want, and released her and I'll continue to live with her, to educate children earn money and give credit for an apartment. But her  will be to fuck, when she to wanted this was.. . This is a matter of time. I look forward with fear this. I still have is the thought, and I'm cums  to hand, when my wife falls asleep.
     I wrote all this to support you mans, who also take beautiful women at the time as only to fuck  . This is not a tragedy .. It's just we know that allows you to use our wives, and for the neighbors have a normal family. Take my example, if your wife a whore made on your eyes, this is not a reason for divorce. Divorce is for wimps.

I let them do it Part 2

 I saw another man holding a white panties my wife. Sniffs them, snorting
 - I'll show your wet pussy smelly as it is necessary to fuck! - He promised.
 - They took off my panties ... Why are you lying? Help me ,- asked my  wife.
I opened my mouth, seeing the shiny wet breasts my wife's from another man at
whom she was in full power on my eyes. She did not cry, but seeing as it
threw for me panties , and I'm not doing anything -  she sad roared  from
The  second man is placed My wife's on his huge cock, her nude legs moved apart. She
 did not resist. I watched.
 - Come on, fuck this girl, - said the man, who was holding my wife.
 -Oh, bitch, fuck it! - He boasted with anger and pleasure, getting to my
 wife. His big cock brutally  fucked her vagina , throwing her  on
the edge of the table.
  He fucked my wife! Her vagina completely is  fucked of  his enormous
penis. She looked at me through her tears. The second took her by the hair
and tried to shove his penis into her mouth. I was disgusted, it hurts, but
 I seen as arrogant man fucked my wife that her firm breasts were shaking. I was
excited at the same time humiliating this spectacle. I have seen and felt,
 as  my penis stood. He fucked my wife for a long time. I just watched as 
penis  moves in  vagina of  my wife's , another man was clutching his chest
 with his fists and beat her on the cheek and buttocks. He stuck his penis in of her mouth. . He was covered with his thick sperm that flowed from the my wife's vagina.
- Let you now your husband is in pussy fuck - he disdainfully tossed.
 - Suck, nipple! From fear, my wife tried to embrace her lips his penis,
 but it turned out (she did not previously sucked, saying that can not )............

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I let them do it . Part 1

 I'll tell you about our vacation. We rode the train and drank. My wife has
 never changed of me. Beautiful, with great ass , a good cook, good and
faithful . My wife and I were sitting in a compartment on the opposite side
 of the table and our two companion squeezed us to the walls. One next to her , the other
 next me. They introduced themselves: Makar with a mustache and no Vano
mustache. For them  are was fifty years old. Vodka was over quickly. These
 two men were healthy , and I was drunk. We started to play cards for money.
 Money to given gamble. I see to my wife liked it when I have money higher .
 The amount left is big. And then all this money to my wife took. Here she
is happy!
 - It is not good to leave the game. We should also play. - Said the man.
My wife agreed, but left the money for himself. These guys   have  a lot of
 money. In short, we played more, but me Card did not go. And my wife was
not possible - only the money appeared, they immediately went to one of the
 men. I tired, but   drank more than usual. A wife has just entered in  gamble.
 But   I said I'm out of the game. Then a man caught me,  easily pushed me
to   lie down on the top shelf.
 Irina, all the money will not spend a - I said.
 - Fear not, then I can win on the new boots - it is justified.
  The game was even half an hour may be, suddenly a guy folds and tells the
 second, that this woman is -  sharp to us  . I see a man grabbed her by
the youn legs and keeps the ,second hand squeezed her nude breast.
Are you guys? - I asked.
 - To  Lie down there, bitch, and then in  face gave.  I stayed there. It was scary.
 I am also a drunk, and them are bigger was,.   - She is my wife - I said.
This bald, with  brazen laughter to  gave advice:
 - Then make the radio louder, if you do not want to hear , as
 we fuck now  your wife .
 I trembled with fear and jealousy. A wife's firm breasts fell out and hung two
firm white balls.
She resisted, but her nude legs are held firmly a  man , and the second hit her
 He hit hard, and I saw a  my wife's tears. But she did not cry. She
quickly looked at me and asked for help:
 - Bob, help me, they want to fuck me ...
I wanted to get up again, but ... did not got up.  I lay there and wept,
but did not got up to help  beloved, faithful   wife ... I watched as this
 man fondles the firm breast of my wife , his large hands caressed  then licking
 their tongue and brazen loud sucking on her nipples to redness. .......  The continuation of this history will be later:)

In the mist of love Part 3

A few moments, and has two cocks, then one  penis in her small vagina  , then two  fucked in  a two  her holes . Lisa, as she could, and helped her partners to enjoy her nude tits and young body. The Englishman, change the angle of shooting and he was exhausted from the excitement. The room never been indifferent, the musicians themselves were ready to join. No sooner had the guy who fuck heryoung  ass top , pulled the penis and sperm flow on her  young ass. As soon as the other took his place and actively fucked her in the ass. A few minutes later, the guy just exploded rapid flow of semen and poured on  the face of Lisa.
The third guy smooth movement entered her .  Two large penis filled her to the limit, Lisa began to move herself ass. Two cocks that filled Lisa and fucked into her like pistons. Accelerated the pace, came the cries of Lisa and the guys.
Black slapped her several times on the buttocks. The top guy sharply several times drove his cock on the depth. Liza in move ass helped him finish the full flow of sperm into her anus.There remains a Black and an Englishman who has not yet been poured out  in her pussy Lisa. I was amazed exposure Negro has already passed an hour, as Lisa sits on his penis. Negro dug his fingers into the buttocks of Lisa, and she rapidly earned her hips.His chocolate penis stiffened, and  in the vagina, there were several emission of semen. She has several times dipped his penis in her mouth and then looked toward the operator. In the Englishman stood a penis. Lisa went to the him, and took a penis in her mouth. A few seconds and the operator has already poured semen into the mouth of Lisa. She swallowed skillfully and arose.
 Max sat at the bar and drank. The three of us went home. Max  took  her to face him, his wife sat on the sofa, and the went down to her feet. A moment later, his tongue is licking her vagina. I was wondering, did he not feels that more recently in her vagina, the penis of another man's semen poured out. And just when Max pulled away from her , I saw between the sex  lips  of Lisa oozing sperm. So Max, knows everything, and he likes his wife's adventures. I'm not paying attention to Max, put his penis in her vagina and slowly planted  penis to its full length. Liza moaned. My movement came up against  in takt  motion of Lisa, which was accompanied by my soft cotton on  her ass. Max sat down, watching  on us. I restrained myself, she whispered: - Yes, in  me  pour  their semen, from the fact that   poured into me, I also finish. And a powerful jet of sperm hit in her vagina, then another and another. My body shook. At some moment  penis jumped out of the Lisa and Max took him  in  hand. And Max has sent it to his mouth, and immediately received the last discharge. I realized that Max swallowed the last drop of sperm. Max turned to his wife, and the tongue began to lick their wet vagina in my semen. Such sexual pleasure, I have never in my life have not yet experienced. Her firm young breasts pressed against mine, her lips came together, hands
intertwined, and we dissolved in a prolonged kiss. I kissed her, as if it were me the first time, and seemed to This was nothing. No group of men, neither sex nor her husband.
 Lisa turned and pressed her ass on my penis. A   big  head of my penis slowly disappeared inside, and then the whole penis. Lisa moaning bent even lower and took my testicles in his hand. I progressively started to stick her ass in the on his cock, speeding up the pace. Another moment and then continued at the same rate, so that with  her ass has   droping of sperm.
 I said with a smile - Max, I'm sorry, but this is beyond me. I'm just delighted with your wife.
 I hope that passion, who was born in moments of our conversation,waits, hoping to break free again.
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In the mist of love Part 2

 I so much wanted to lick her vagina,and  my  tongue was between of her
sexual lips, penetrating deeper and deeper. She beat my ass  and my tongue
 was moving  under her  moaning. I was holding Lisa's ass and licked  her
lovely young ass  hole.
Max took her his chest, then Max took my cock in him  mouth and started
sucking. I felt his tongue moving for  my penis, wetting  him  and allowing
 deep penetration. The penis is put in the throat by Max's, I see that Liza
 wanted ever more. . Such bliss, mixed in with the madness, I have never
experienced in my life. My penis located deep within the throat of Maxim.
The slow movement began to accelerate and I finished Max in his mouth. All
this was accompanied by groans. He swallowed All flows that erupted from
the penis. Such bliss I had not experienced ever before. Lisa pressed her
 lips to the Max with a prolonged kiss. They were kissing passionately.
Then we went to a private club.We drank with Max and Lisa went to the booth.
  Her  not  been a long time and I decided to find her. She was lying on a
white couch back to the door, her head was on his knees at the Black man, who
gathered red hair Lisa in her hand, in  her mouth   was him enormous cock.
Black man to fucked her into mouth   and Lisa    moaned. The Englishman stood
beside him and took off what is happening on camera.
   A few minutes later, the Black man  pulled over, and I saw the lips, the
wife of my friend, began to suck the powerful of the penis nigger.
 Indescribable beauty and incredible excitement came from the two bodies,
 which have merged  together, my cock was standing on the voltage.
Lisa did not even guessed that I was now near. Black man gently fucked  Lisa
in the small vagina, and  raising  her  on  the top of the penis and then slowly
 lowered to its foundation. His penis was so large and so tightly to the
walls of the hole that the reverse movement, accompanied by disclosure of
rose petals, which allowed the operator to look into all the folds of her
body. The Englishman wet your finger and slowly put   into her young ass.
Lisa did not resist, she just bent even more to be comfortable. The
Englishman at that time, already with three fingers massaged hole Lisa.
Black man stick her on your penis, and it seemed that no end.
    Suddenly, someone  called an Englishman. Got up  guy and went back to
Lisa, spread her buttocks and put in her ass of his cock in a dampened
hole. It  that now her  will become  yet  another of  penis to fuck ,
Lisa turned look at its owner. But her eyes rested on me. Once the guy
started to introduce  cock in the young ass Lisa, she pulled herself   spread
 her buttocks
The continuation will be later:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In the mist of love Part 1

 I was to  take three trips to Turkey. Me have  met at the airport  my friend and his wife . I took her soft hand and kissed it. Immediately I fell into the arms of Max. She was sexy at all, even drinking, whiskey fascinated by all present. Even Max was not exception. His eyes, like mine, slid down her body. After a while I understood what kind of relationship between them. It happened after I dropped his eyes down and saw   from under the dress looks  of her pussy. My eyes stopped at this place still, Lisa felt the eyes of Max and myself. And her hand fell on my penis. She held her fingers gently across the length, smiled and said: - Impressive! ...
Max did nothing, even in a time when Lisa released the head of my penis and  her soft lips kissed him. After that, I was definitely sure that Max does not mind if his wife had behaved in this way. My hand down between her legs and fingers felt nice moisture on her pussy. Lisa pulled my head to him and for a long kiss on the lips. And when my penis was in the arms of Lisa's lips, I completely understood his role. Lisa sucked my dick while I fondled  to her wet pussy.
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