Sunday, April 1, 2012

Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 3

Where did you get the beatiful   hair? It's a miracle of nature, - said Mike.  He filled the bathtub hot chocolate - it's a surprise for Mary. They writhed in a love dance, and drowned in melted sweet chocolate..Chocolate was everywhere - on them and within them, in the skin, hair, mouth, and he dissolved them into itself, and it was nice. Mary moaned when Mike squeezed her firm breasts through the chocolate, or squelched in her sticky pussy ...  - Come on get out, my chocolate. Lie down on your stomach. Chocolate streams flowed from it. Mike, gently stroking the whole body, climbed into her small ass(more small young ass here) ... Mary paused, unable to speak. Mike caressed her skin around the anus, filling it with pleasure chocolate, like flying in a dream. Mary felt like her ass is pliable. Mary wanted to open the buttocks, put into the hands of Mike and he fed her ass of  chocolate. Mike tormented her, gradually climbing into a tight hole with his finger .. - Be patient! Be patient, my  chocolate! Her anus was already two fingers. It was not painful, but only the acid in your mouth, mixed with bitter chocolate ... fingers stretched her anus, which has become soft. Penis smeared with chocolate, it is easy plunged into the narrow hole ... It is already fully included in the ass, and now Mike slowly fucked her. Chocolate was an ideal lubricant for this game, besides, he doubled the experience: sticky  penis, arching her vagina.Mike scooped palm chocolate, poured it between the buttocks Mary - and began to rub it into the skin around the anus. it it was so unbearably happy that she was wailing and crying. Mary trembled in painful orgasm while the penis bursting her defenseless ass. Tears mixed with chocolate, slapped her eyelashes - and then, when all was over and she lay exhausted, Mike licked  on her face sweet and salty drops .. - Now we're a real sweet couple - he whispered. They fell asleep, smeared with chocolate.  You still smell like chocolate - Mike whispered, licking   her velvet skin Mary. Suddenly he threw her on the big  sofa. He fucked her, she  moaning already so that could be heard outside the door - fucked harder, assertive, with a force spitted her vagina  over on penis.  When it was over - their bodies have relax from   pleasure. - Soon you'll be pregnant.  - Why is that? ..  - Because. I have poured into you as much sperm as a rubber vagina   - Marry me - quite unexpectedly shouted Mike, looking at Mary. - Do you agree?  - I agree - she said suddenly. Quietly and clearly.
Continuation further......

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