Sunday, April 1, 2012

Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 2

Michael  licked her small young tits. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back ... He tormented her which  nipples ready to burst from the strain, her moans became louder and louder ... and his hands  traveled through her teen body. She stood before him naked, excited. Her hair fell over her shoulders by  chocolate flow. She is very worried - and wanted sex. Silence and tenderness seemed to him sacred. Sighing, she opened her legs. Her virgin pussy ... it was wet. At other times, Michael would be very fucked her vagina - but now him only wanted to enjoy her  indefinitely. A  pussy enveloped his penis with the drops, and Mike closed his eyes. He fucked her gently, slowly, savoring each millimeter of her juicy flesh vagina , every second of movement in her pussy,  his penis was  wet from nectar. His penis was tightly in pussy, gently and sweet as ever in his life. His hands squeezed his chest hot like a feather bed, letting her nipples through her fingers. His long penis was already immersed in emptiness of the uterus. Mike never thought that there is such bliss.  My penis  immediately disappeared in  Mary , he  broke into her   vagina and I  to cum his sperm.  - You have a month? Were you hurt? - Mike wiping his penis, red with blood.  - No, not menstruating - a barely audible voice she answered. - Was a girl ...  - How old are you?  - Twenty! And you still do not ... How did that happen? How come you're such a beautiful, sexy girl ... a woman ... until now no one was sleeping? Suddenly he remembered that Mary has not yet been granted of orgasm.. He was ashamed, he went down to her pussy and took her . Mike gently licked her pussy, bitter and salty from the blood, and thought it was a very painful? Why are none of the previous his girlfriend is not doing so? .. Mike came to his senses only when Mary is screaming and moaned under his mouth. Desire burned her, but she did not could to cum , and Mike once again entered her for the most balls, hand massaging her clitoris. He fucked her hard, assertive, feeling, what she wants, and soon Mary frantically moving to the beat of his tremors.His hand ruthlessly massaged her clitoris and her vagina filled with sperm for a second time. Mary finished in a strong orgasm.  - You are my sweet chocolate.
Continuation further.....

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