Sunday, April 1, 2012

Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 1

In  Mike had a lot of women. Brunettes, blondes, tall, short, fat, slim - something they all had is ... both Barbie and the kind of interesting,  and the prices are different, and at the same time - all the same.  Mike got so angry that he  drank a cocktail. And at that moment he saw the virgin girl that came  into bar. This  a teen girl was beautiful. Max knew that she was young,   teen girl was beautiful not  as usual, not as  local girl. The girl walked into a bar the first time in her  life. So, decided to earn a girl, thought Max. For the first time, so ...  - What the lady deign to order?  - "Bloody Mary"! - Blurted out, lady. - It is clear: why go to waste such beauty? It is better to sell her , and more expensive. Soon these fingers  in  brilliant  , golden ..  "She was a brunette - not painted, this, curly hair chocolate tones. taste of this beauty  - Bitter, like expensive chocolate. Max felt a sweet sense of defilement and pity for the virgin girl he will soon be to fuck in all small holes. Today, this virgin girl will become a whore, and pleasure in him was  even more ...  - Carry out some time together? What do you think?  - Do you see these wild males, these males? If I do not spend  near you  at least until you exit, they ... know that they you do? It can not be that you came here and did not know that you are fucked right behind the counter?. - Come to the park! There is next to the park?  - Park? ..  - By nature, the trees! Come on! ..  For the first time Max was walking with a girl in the park. More recently, he wanted only one thing: make haste to fuck her - but now He found great pleasure in walking .Mary kissed Max's  in cheek. For the first time in many years, Max went cold from female affection - as  since first prostitute in his life,  when took his penis in her mouth. It was boiling with excitement and fear: he now fuck this young girl, will strip her naked - and will to fuck, to fuck her wet pussy  and in the yoiung ass and virgin mouth - as much as he wants, and how much She wants to ...This sweet thought was somehow eerie and  Mihael  tried to justify himself, that he would pay her a lot, a lot of money for it her initiation into the whore ... It was not the case, as he thought. She was quite inexperienced in love, and  her affection more looked like a puppy which  licking . His penis was ready to burst from every touch. After  they undressed and   almost naked. - Do not worry - he said. What you're beautiful! What are you ... it's just incredible! - He whispered, stroking her body, his hands Aversion to the women was forgotten.
Continuation further......

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