Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taught in a "college".

In a strange new college team. 5 girls and 17 boys.  Me  was greeted by insults and indecent proposals. And at the end of the day, they all showed their true face. I hesitated and when I walked past them - grabbed me. After that, pressed to the desk and pulled up me skirt. I felt someone's hands on  my ass, stretch your buttocks, heard how they laugh and comment what is happening. They were shooting to mobile  almost naked classmate.The next day on the way to college I met all the girls and  they dragged  me into the toilet.  - Take off your pants  - Girls, do not please me, leave them to me ...  - Well, if you ask for? Then take it and  insert  them completely up your ass, and we'll leave them! They re-gripped my hair and started to pull from side to side. Then pushed  me to the floor.  - Thrust a whore! And then do all the clothes less, go home naked!   I picked up from the floor, panties, and began to push them to himself.  My  a ass  hot , but  are small panties  can easily fit.  - Great Whore, and generally get used to walk with bare-assed. And do not pull out! In the evening    protruded from the assholes like now. Well, boys, with their curiosity, and you can be patient, let peep that I feel sorry for? Yesterday, in fact anything wrong with me did not happen. Soon, her panties in her ass stopped delivering discomfort, and the day passed as usual.   After school the girls I was again taken to the toilet and forced to lie prone on the window sill with his hands to separate the buttocks. They wanted to make sure that the panties are still in me.I completed all that they said, and stuck in this position. The girls stared at my crotch, and discussed the structure of my genital lips. It was so humiliating shame that I was ready to sink through the floor. But what happened to me ? Once again, I felt pleasure . And when they decided to consider all the better, have pencils ,pens and dab in my  ass - and I did a bit her lip so as not to moan. Sponges were already wet from the moisture. Remembering the events of today and yesterday I was toying with my clit. Excitation flooded even stronger wave, and when I pulled the sticking out, panties  in ass,  me covered an orgasm so bright that I almost lost consciousness. The next day, I was wise enough not to put on her panties.  Svetlana  before the lessons scanned this fact, and no more inconvenience this day was not. In the morning a traditional inspection in the toilet, poking with a ballpoint pen into the anus and genital lips stretched to the sides. The girls liked to humiliate me this way. Svetka even took  marker to write on my ass something  bad. - Look, yes she likes! It is all wet! I  from shame buried her face in the window sill. And the girls continued to to study my crotch. Again, in the course went pencils and pens, which stretched my pussy lips.  - Exactly! It flows like a bitch! Masha, you're a real whore! Julia was inserted into my anus marker. There was little painful, but for some reason  me  even more excited by the penetration into   ass . In the corridor we came to the men's locker room, and when we passed it - me  was pushed inside.  I realized that the pictures made the girls were sold to the boys, and now dispersed to the hands. Shame I'm ready was to fall in place, it seems now my picture in the shameless attitude will  in  the whole college.Directly in front of my face, laughing, the boys were swinging their penises. I was ready to sink under the the ground in shame, but could only stronger is down to the corner . As I have clung  but several hands it is easy torn me  from the floor. I felt a bad . Panties on me  was not what caused the just a storm of jubilation. - Well, like a whore! Look, no underwear !  - And the inscription on the spot! Masha, well, you  slut!  They were bigger and stronger than  I . I was crucified on the floor  . It was not a bit nice, and very hurt. The boys, probably the first time have at their disposal the naked female body - were unconstrained. Me  hurts grabbed  chest, pinching them and crotch, trying to shove his fingers inside.When I started to cry - at  me  put  gagged hand, and when I tried to bite - slapped me so hard to breast that tears from his eyes welled, and threatened to beat  me  if I cry. In the end, I stopped biting, and they almost all huddled around my crotch.. My hands were released, and I buried her face in shame hands, and sobbed softly The boys also touched my vagina, fingering the folds of the labia, and the excited voices of discussing it device. Someone very educated on the issue - all showing where the clitoris. From his touching in  me started  pleasure.   - You see! She likes it when the   her  suck .! And the torturer began rubbing my clit with your finger. His second hand - walking in my genital lips, occasionally penetrating  inside. My wet pussy. When, in the light of the phone under his fingers shone moisture - all exhaled noisily.  - This means it is excited.   She  very  like when  well .., a slut. I probably was red with shame but  in my  abdomen is really raging fire. The proximity of many naked guys, the inability to resist, to avoid this , their fingers  on my pussy and clit,  tormenting  discussion of my charms - turns me on.  - And it is what ?  -  When women want to fuck, they have allocated grease, so that the penis inserted  easier! - So it is that wants to fuck she ?  - Strange ... virgin, and a whore and does not wear panties ....  Sergei fingers continued to play with my clit and I felt the from  impending orgasm. Discussions boys came up to me like a dream. All the attention was focused on pussy caressed by a lot of fingers.I could only moan, clutching teeth of the brush of his hand. But after a few seconds I was covered powerful orgasm. For me, at that time all event was so unusual. And orgasm is achieved with  fingers seemed to me then just magical. I gave a squeak and what that body against my will and I began  to cum. All the boys were afraid. They  left me  alone .... Patting me gently  on wet pussy, he said: - Well, the girl had finished ....  I lay there, exhausted, eyes closed, so did not notice what happened ....  - Listen to her all the fun: the she  saw the us  naked, and she finished .... I want too ....  It was the voice of Fame. Around me were all the boys in our class, and  began  they furiously to cum  near  my naked body, on  my wet pussy, on my chest , on my face..And suddenly the first of them, squirted out of his penis on me warm drops .... And then  started  to cum sperm  all  rest. It seems kind of semen on my body - was the final point .... A few minutes later I was sitting,  I was  all splashed with sperm head to toe. And the boys retreated to dress. Such a feeling that they are ashamed of the  each other. I was late to class because  I  laundered sperm from his body. I had to tell girls blushing as it was. They smoked and listened, and kept interrupting me issues. The fact that I was all bathed in the sperm had to tell what caused a wave of wild fun. They wanted  sell me to . To become a prostitute. Yes, and Money they give. After school, go home, I was not allowed, girls dragged me away . All my questions -  they said "You'll see," and an attempt to escape -  they  promised at   me hair  shave. I decided that if I would be force -  i do not  give , I'll bite, but not  . We came to  park.  - We will arrange your photo shoot ! Want to become a model? -  I wanted to become a model, but not  sex slave  like you need them. But did somebody ask me?

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