Monday, April 16, 2012

Olga - my first night in my own office.

 Here's my first night in my own office. Before the eyes are the images of all the seven bosses. Meeting held for me exciting. I kept trying to figure out - who are, well, who of them fucked me? like this a mystery! Which of the big bosses fucked me and  saw a stormy  my orgasm. I called my boss. Well, I immediately succumbed   my reflexes. I unbuttoned buttons on  dress - and I is naked in front of their men. Yuri put his hand into my small pussy. Alex began to fondle my firm breasts(Firm Young Breast - Fresh firm young tits). Paul began lick my young vagina. Paul sank him tongue deep into the small vagina. Yuri stuck his penis in my mouth. I  removed the penis Alika.
Yuri fucked  penis in my mouth and started talking on the phone with his secretary. Me  had  pleasure from caress  tongue Paul. And besides, Paul put his penis in mine small pussy, and I hurried  to suck a penis Alika. I was even indignant that the Pasha slowly fuck me, A Jury without taking the penis out of my mouth,  see and  signed contract. Pasha hurriedly finished. And while he  cums  his cum in me, Yuri distracted me with questions on the contract. I'm fuck in young pussy, in my mouth cums with cum (Teens Desires - Young Teens Sex), and I meet with the contract. And suddenly I realize that Paul had finished. From penis in my mouth, I  trying to mumble. And Yuri pulled his penis - and the young man immediately put his penis in my young pussy. This has, I never had - in my pussy fucked young boy and then his cock with the smells of male sperm and my vaginal discharge - while saying, "Hello Olga Ivanovna, - I Vjacheslav. "And at the same moment his penis plunged into my mouth. And now Paul fucks my wet small pussy.
 - Olga - the guy said,  -  after  increasing the movement of his penis deeper into my throat,  - in the contract, you familiar with the terms of the ,a cottage and the requirements that will be to you in connection with such a gift from our company "
The scene was shocking even for me. I was struck by a discussion of an important document in such circumstances.
 And then the guy said that he  worried that so quickly finished. And he began to make excuses, that is always ready fuck me for hours. Indeed penis of  Vyacheslav became again . And all agreed that he lays on the table, I sit down on his penis on top, and Alex  say  about contracted  us  out loud. My consent was never asked.Paul once again finished in my vagina, and then began to lick my pussy to  guy of  sperm and him  sperm. I sat down on a guy's penis, so that the person looking at the door. At the same time around the table are two penis which I hold in hands. I have not had time to think about it, as the door opened and entered secretary is Kathy. Kate approached us. At the same time Kate has left the door open. The thought that now can pass along the corridor people and this me   excited.The guy really was not going to stop. His penis was becoming stronger and stronger. I'm tired as  fucks his penis.
 Excitation was immediately , several times walked the staff of our department. Topics time the guy was in addition to its penis in  ass began  drive their fingers. Kate  poured champagne. And I just turned around 180 degrees on the penis guy. He did not let  take out my own penis. Now I saw the guy's face. And in my hands was a glass of champagne. Yuri said a toast - , so that our the boss liked fuck  of Olga   and the CEO  too , when he will be to fuck her. They all drank. Kate ran to the next a bottle of champagne. But again, the cabinet door is not closed. Alex said, Thou  love Olga, what would  watching strangers as fucked   mans on the eyes  many men. I agree with Alec - yes you're right - I love much  penises. And before me was a happy young man's face, that I see for the first time in my life. I felt that someone puts me in the ass several fingers. My  boobs heaving on the guy. My  the anus fuck someone. The guy told me - Olga - I also want in small young ass to  fuck.
 Alex said of  Vyacheslav - helicopter for Olga Ivanovna - a common occurrence. Now you fuck lady in the vagina and the other in the ass. Then have a drink of champagne, and then you will be to fuck her in the ass, and the one who now fuck in the ass,  to fuck in  pussy would be. So Olga   in whirl between your penises until they take off in her from  helicopter orgasm. All to neighing. Champagne was poured by the glass. And a toast Alex picked up! And I'm not getting down with two penises, which me  fucked,  and i  drank champagne. With a new frenzy me fucked two penises. I felt the presence of spectators, who watch the orgy through the open door. And I wanted to see their faces when my orgasm comes. But if you now change position between the penis, the upcoming orgasm can retreat. So grabbed a guy that he will lead me into orgasm with another man's   to penis,   fucked-and-fucked me in the young ass(Small Young Ass - real teen ass fucked!). Apparently my passion felt not only the guy which fucked my vagina, but also one that fucked me in the small ass  And he - broke down and began to cum in me. This is what was needed. Since he  very hard to fuck me rude and screaming,  he began to cum and  descents    into the vagina  sperm. It was Gene.
And realizing that Gene fuck me like that, I rushed to catch up with  orgasm. In my hand was the third glass. And Gene pour  in my anus  a lot sperm. I just felt  orgasm  and I  began to shout loudly. The guy below me is kept, because I have a wave of contractions of vaginal muscles.  I  heard a toast. As Olga Ivanovna be able to go to  fuck  the  general   of our company.
   Alex continued his toast - Olga - you will fuck all the other big bosses. You  to fuck will all of them? I have an orgasm ,  I  holding a glass of champagne in his hand screaming - of course, I  will be to fuck everyone in our city. Gena , who finished in my young ass, had been drinking champagne. I began to drink too, but in the ass to me began to insert someone's penis.
In the hallway voices. And  like, who once another  took advantage of my ass. I still do not see who was watching from the corridors on  the ongoing orgy. After drinking champagne, I began to kiss a guy. I was admire the guy. He fucked me again, and I'm stronger vaginal muscles squeezed his cock deep into my the uterus.
Gena suddenly put me in the eye bandage. You can  to fuck all the heads, they are glad that them fuck. Olga began fuck  their penises. But the bosses do not wanted  you to know who among them. And now the guy's penis, that was in my young pussy now in my ass. Well  guy , and did not finish.This  a strong  guy .Man  that  fucked in the ass, put a penis in my pussy. Greedy hands of the chief, I  to felt on breasts. As he yelled! And  to  cums -cums , the depth of flooding my uterus his sperm. My orgasm  the occurred again. I did not even resist when  again in the ass, into  me entered a new powerful penis. And my wonderful boyfriend fucked me again in the vagina, and when he fucked me - he re- yelled as I squeezed his penis.
    The next man that I fucked in the ass allowed myself licking my vagina, and my young boy inserted  into my ass his tireless penis. There just are not words I had heard before he put into my vagina  his penis. This is very interesting for all viewers. At this point,  me caressed on all sides by a few hands. And someone has flooded my mouth with champagne.
And this man, too, to cums. And I have not seen it. Maybe it was just someone from our department? I do not know. I poured out  from himself vaginas all the seed and secretion.  Again  me  turned back. And again the same thing happened with the new and fuck of the new man unknown me. Penis in my   vagina   of course again changed. I sucked and sucked the  much penises  , another was fucking my  vagina ,  new  penises , which also varied in turn. But i did not understand - who was the next one. When the bandage unleashed. And Gene and Alex have been dressed. And no one were not. I was wet. The whole-whole-whole table was in  sperm. Gena said  of  Olga,that Peter, occasionally licking sperm  out of your vagina. After all, I am lying in a swoon. Stand by table it was hard. legs did not obey.
  Some particularly strongly moved apart my sex lips very widely in different directions, until someone else did fisting. Now all  my body  - all buzzing in me. As I said to Alex - and this was the time that the elbow thrust in you hand.
- There can be no!?
 Alex said to my husband saw  pictures where me  was so fucked hand. Alex even said that my husband insisted that to you have given to the all mans  of fuck.He spent hours listening to the groans of his wife and those who fucked  his wife,  and to cums into her  sperm. He  suggested that would be fucked, and Peter's ass next to you. But, nevertheless, Peter licking penises  that are fucked, and then out of your pussy to sucked. We came out of my office. We were alone with Gena. Gene said that me fucked, none of the participants meeting. Just do not you want to say - that there were several.Olga, that's it everywhere arranged cameras. Boys came from the special department. They enjoy thy orgies of video  . Fucked  and they are too. Olga, you    fucked  do not even know with  who. And many of these were:  I was naked, and therefore humbly waited for the arrival  I was not going to remove the bandage, I was happy.

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