Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am teen virgin girl lose virginity with two boys!

I am teen virgin girl lose virginity!
 The girl saw Sasha and Dima . These two guys were are brothers .Sasha has already pulled out his hard young cock.  The small teen girl was startled by its size(lose virginity). It was a thick penis with dark skin and vein protruding from the side, and  head of penis  was burgundy.
 - Hey, let's suck mine cock - and he ordered .
 the two boys make virgin girl suck! He abruptly pushed me onto the bed.
I felt like a real slut  and my  teens vagina  fuck for two men at once. I experienced at pleasure the thought  as  now to be fucking  me  two stallions. I want  them  huge thick and long penises, which are all hairy as an ape. I was scared. They held me tight and moved apart my young buttocks.
Sasha from  force pressed on me, pushed the hands of  anus , in  which is already   inserted   head of the penis. I began to choke from the feeling of fullness in my small ass. The first time  me inserted in the young ass ,   not for  my request and with force. Dima was fucking my small ass like a whore in front of her husband! Soon I myself did not understand how the i  sat  to the entire length of the penis in my ass.Dima breathed with pleasure, clenching his teeth. He squeezed my young tits to the pain . I myself could not understand how this called, but me struck  very  by the thought that I am sitting on a big cock. Sasha  call me a whore with a ass, but I felt the vibrations to an orgasm in my  small ass, which  to fucks .  I felt like , as he a lot of spit in my  anus and  with a huge cock is inserted, as he drives out there with your  fingers. I could not, only humbly lay on his hairy chest and stomach of  brother, is still second penis Sasha inserted in my taut anus.It was painful, but I almost did not feel pain after a couple of moments, as soon as the first part of the penis by Sasha intruded into my ass. I pressed my fingers, buttocks even further, I  beginning to comprehend the pleasure, feel in me  a great big penis and second brother   filled my  anus! Oh,  wet  out of the virgin pussy! I'm almost finished! I almost to cum from  second the penis, which climbed to the my recent virgin ass !I moaned loudly, without fear of neighbors who will understand that I did not scream from her husband, because for ten years, this not  was  with us never! Dima and Sasha stuck in me, as they wanted!
I was a virgin  with open small pussy, which fuck just two large cock,  in smelly current secretions, bathed in sperm  and saliva. I'm wet , because me  fucks.  One one of them began to pour into me deep inside my anus, his fat throbbing penis. I guessed from his hands, which squeezed my small tits .
He started to run my hands, moving his hips back and forth, and then poured hot cum inside my poor anus. . I felt both two  large penis in me. They have played enough with me and unceremoniously dragged out of me with the sound of penises and threw me like a useless thing.
In my vagina penis  entered . He was still in the semen and slid into   wet vagina, it sounded as loud as the rain in the puddles. His brother took me by the hair and offered to  lips his penis. My  nose smelled the odor-resistant sperm. Smelled very strongly, but  me forced  through the lips  took in her mouth penis. I obeyed, he cram down your throat a penis. I coughed, choked, and  was   sickly , but he brazenly inserted into my throat and cheek on his penis as if it had been lifeless hollow. In   chin slap saliva on  flowing, Dima spat at me from above and it all fell in her open mouth and  he wildly inserted   the penis, reeking of my ass. Behind in my soaked vagina fucked Sasha and I quickly finished. I groaned  , as if pissed, in the throes . I wanted to lie down, but they wanted  in a two-hole. How do they deride - they fucked another man's wife in the mouth and ass! They were brazen in all holes and mockingly deride in me   brutal lust. I  gave  them all the holes, feeling like a smelly whore, only to have them there were from  large penises. And they would be inserted into all my holes and even a former clean mouth, which I eat and kiss his daughter. One had finished my down, making it a sticky and calling me - the old stinking whore, and Dima has just fucked me on the cheek and Then, too, began to finish. He squeezed hard dense clumps of sperm and it filled my whole mouth. He ordered to swallow, but I could not help because I drank from the penis, but i  would be choked and sperm into my  throat trickled down all by itself.

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