Monday, April 16, 2012

Olga - my first night in my own office.

 Here's my first night in my own office. Before the eyes are the images of all the seven bosses. Meeting held for me exciting. I kept trying to figure out - who are, well, who of them fucked me? like this a mystery! Which of the big bosses fucked me and  saw a stormy  my orgasm. I called my boss. Well, I immediately succumbed   my reflexes. I unbuttoned buttons on  dress - and I is naked in front of their men. Yuri put his hand into my small pussy. Alex began to fondle my firm breasts(Firm Young Breast - Fresh firm young tits). Paul began lick my young vagina. Paul sank him tongue deep into the small vagina. Yuri stuck his penis in my mouth. I  removed the penis Alika.
Yuri fucked  penis in my mouth and started talking on the phone with his secretary. Me  had  pleasure from caress  tongue Paul. And besides, Paul put his penis in mine small pussy, and I hurried  to suck a penis Alika. I was even indignant that the Pasha slowly fuck me, A Jury without taking the penis out of my mouth,  see and  signed contract. Pasha hurriedly finished. And while he  cums  his cum in me, Yuri distracted me with questions on the contract. I'm fuck in young pussy, in my mouth cums with cum (Teens Desires - Young Teens Sex), and I meet with the contract. And suddenly I realize that Paul had finished. From penis in my mouth, I  trying to mumble. And Yuri pulled his penis - and the young man immediately put his penis in my young pussy. This has, I never had - in my pussy fucked young boy and then his cock with the smells of male sperm and my vaginal discharge - while saying, "Hello Olga Ivanovna, - I Vjacheslav. "And at the same moment his penis plunged into my mouth. And now Paul fucks my wet small pussy.
 - Olga - the guy said,  -  after  increasing the movement of his penis deeper into my throat,  - in the contract, you familiar with the terms of the ,a cottage and the requirements that will be to you in connection with such a gift from our company "
The scene was shocking even for me. I was struck by a discussion of an important document in such circumstances.
 And then the guy said that he  worried that so quickly finished. And he began to make excuses, that is always ready fuck me for hours. Indeed penis of  Vyacheslav became again . And all agreed that he lays on the table, I sit down on his penis on top, and Alex  say  about contracted  us  out loud. My consent was never asked.Paul once again finished in my vagina, and then began to lick my pussy to  guy of  sperm and him  sperm. I sat down on a guy's penis, so that the person looking at the door. At the same time around the table are two penis which I hold in hands. I have not had time to think about it, as the door opened and entered secretary is Kathy. Kate approached us. At the same time Kate has left the door open. The thought that now can pass along the corridor people and this me   excited.The guy really was not going to stop. His penis was becoming stronger and stronger. I'm tired as  fucks his penis.
 Excitation was immediately , several times walked the staff of our department. Topics time the guy was in addition to its penis in  ass began  drive their fingers. Kate  poured champagne. And I just turned around 180 degrees on the penis guy. He did not let  take out my own penis. Now I saw the guy's face. And in my hands was a glass of champagne. Yuri said a toast - , so that our the boss liked fuck  of Olga   and the CEO  too , when he will be to fuck her. They all drank. Kate ran to the next a bottle of champagne. But again, the cabinet door is not closed. Alex said, Thou  love Olga, what would  watching strangers as fucked   mans on the eyes  many men. I agree with Alec - yes you're right - I love much  penises. And before me was a happy young man's face, that I see for the first time in my life. I felt that someone puts me in the ass several fingers. My  boobs heaving on the guy. My  the anus fuck someone. The guy told me - Olga - I also want in small young ass to  fuck.
 Alex said of  Vyacheslav - helicopter for Olga Ivanovna - a common occurrence. Now you fuck lady in the vagina and the other in the ass. Then have a drink of champagne, and then you will be to fuck her in the ass, and the one who now fuck in the ass,  to fuck in  pussy would be. So Olga   in whirl between your penises until they take off in her from  helicopter orgasm. All to neighing. Champagne was poured by the glass. And a toast Alex picked up! And I'm not getting down with two penises, which me  fucked,  and i  drank champagne. With a new frenzy me fucked two penises. I felt the presence of spectators, who watch the orgy through the open door. And I wanted to see their faces when my orgasm comes. But if you now change position between the penis, the upcoming orgasm can retreat. So grabbed a guy that he will lead me into orgasm with another man's   to penis,   fucked-and-fucked me in the young ass(Small Young Ass - real teen ass fucked!). Apparently my passion felt not only the guy which fucked my vagina, but also one that fucked me in the small ass  And he - broke down and began to cum in me. This is what was needed. Since he  very hard to fuck me rude and screaming,  he began to cum and  descents    into the vagina  sperm. It was Gene.
And realizing that Gene fuck me like that, I rushed to catch up with  orgasm. In my hand was the third glass. And Gene pour  in my anus  a lot sperm. I just felt  orgasm  and I  began to shout loudly. The guy below me is kept, because I have a wave of contractions of vaginal muscles.  I  heard a toast. As Olga Ivanovna be able to go to  fuck  the  general   of our company.
   Alex continued his toast - Olga - you will fuck all the other big bosses. You  to fuck will all of them? I have an orgasm ,  I  holding a glass of champagne in his hand screaming - of course, I  will be to fuck everyone in our city. Gena , who finished in my young ass, had been drinking champagne. I began to drink too, but in the ass to me began to insert someone's penis.
In the hallway voices. And  like, who once another  took advantage of my ass. I still do not see who was watching from the corridors on  the ongoing orgy. After drinking champagne, I began to kiss a guy. I was admire the guy. He fucked me again, and I'm stronger vaginal muscles squeezed his cock deep into my the uterus.
Gena suddenly put me in the eye bandage. You can  to fuck all the heads, they are glad that them fuck. Olga began fuck  their penises. But the bosses do not wanted  you to know who among them. And now the guy's penis, that was in my young pussy now in my ass. Well  guy , and did not finish.This  a strong  guy .Man  that  fucked in the ass, put a penis in my pussy. Greedy hands of the chief, I  to felt on breasts. As he yelled! And  to  cums -cums , the depth of flooding my uterus his sperm. My orgasm  the occurred again. I did not even resist when  again in the ass, into  me entered a new powerful penis. And my wonderful boyfriend fucked me again in the vagina, and when he fucked me - he re- yelled as I squeezed his penis.
    The next man that I fucked in the ass allowed myself licking my vagina, and my young boy inserted  into my ass his tireless penis. There just are not words I had heard before he put into my vagina  his penis. This is very interesting for all viewers. At this point,  me caressed on all sides by a few hands. And someone has flooded my mouth with champagne.
And this man, too, to cums. And I have not seen it. Maybe it was just someone from our department? I do not know. I poured out  from himself vaginas all the seed and secretion.  Again  me  turned back. And again the same thing happened with the new and fuck of the new man unknown me. Penis in my   vagina   of course again changed. I sucked and sucked the  much penises  , another was fucking my  vagina ,  new  penises , which also varied in turn. But i did not understand - who was the next one. When the bandage unleashed. And Gene and Alex have been dressed. And no one were not. I was wet. The whole-whole-whole table was in  sperm. Gena said  of  Olga,that Peter, occasionally licking sperm  out of your vagina. After all, I am lying in a swoon. Stand by table it was hard. legs did not obey.
  Some particularly strongly moved apart my sex lips very widely in different directions, until someone else did fisting. Now all  my body  - all buzzing in me. As I said to Alex - and this was the time that the elbow thrust in you hand.
- There can be no!?
 Alex said to my husband saw  pictures where me  was so fucked hand. Alex even said that my husband insisted that to you have given to the all mans  of fuck.He spent hours listening to the groans of his wife and those who fucked  his wife,  and to cums into her  sperm. He  suggested that would be fucked, and Peter's ass next to you. But, nevertheless, Peter licking penises  that are fucked, and then out of your pussy to sucked. We came out of my office. We were alone with Gena. Gene said that me fucked, none of the participants meeting. Just do not you want to say - that there were several.Olga, that's it everywhere arranged cameras. Boys came from the special department. They enjoy thy orgies of video  . Fucked  and they are too. Olga, you    fucked  do not even know with  who. And many of these were:  I was naked, and therefore humbly waited for the arrival  I was not going to remove the bandage, I was happy.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am teen virgin girl lose virginity with two boys!

I am teen virgin girl lose virginity!
 The girl saw Sasha and Dima . These two guys were are brothers .Sasha has already pulled out his hard young cock.  The small teen girl was startled by its size(lose virginity). It was a thick penis with dark skin and vein protruding from the side, and  head of penis  was burgundy.
 - Hey, let's suck mine cock - and he ordered .
 the two boys make virgin girl suck! He abruptly pushed me onto the bed.
I felt like a real slut  and my  teens vagina  fuck for two men at once. I experienced at pleasure the thought  as  now to be fucking  me  two stallions. I want  them  huge thick and long penises, which are all hairy as an ape. I was scared. They held me tight and moved apart my young buttocks.
Sasha from  force pressed on me, pushed the hands of  anus , in  which is already   inserted   head of the penis. I began to choke from the feeling of fullness in my small ass. The first time  me inserted in the young ass ,   not for  my request and with force. Dima was fucking my small ass like a whore in front of her husband! Soon I myself did not understand how the i  sat  to the entire length of the penis in my ass.Dima breathed with pleasure, clenching his teeth. He squeezed my young tits to the pain . I myself could not understand how this called, but me struck  very  by the thought that I am sitting on a big cock. Sasha  call me a whore with a ass, but I felt the vibrations to an orgasm in my  small ass, which  to fucks .  I felt like , as he a lot of spit in my  anus and  with a huge cock is inserted, as he drives out there with your  fingers. I could not, only humbly lay on his hairy chest and stomach of  brother, is still second penis Sasha inserted in my taut anus.It was painful, but I almost did not feel pain after a couple of moments, as soon as the first part of the penis by Sasha intruded into my ass. I pressed my fingers, buttocks even further, I  beginning to comprehend the pleasure, feel in me  a great big penis and second brother   filled my  anus! Oh,  wet  out of the virgin pussy! I'm almost finished! I almost to cum from  second the penis, which climbed to the my recent virgin ass !I moaned loudly, without fear of neighbors who will understand that I did not scream from her husband, because for ten years, this not  was  with us never! Dima and Sasha stuck in me, as they wanted!
I was a virgin  with open small pussy, which fuck just two large cock,  in smelly current secretions, bathed in sperm  and saliva. I'm wet , because me  fucks.  One one of them began to pour into me deep inside my anus, his fat throbbing penis. I guessed from his hands, which squeezed my small tits .
He started to run my hands, moving his hips back and forth, and then poured hot cum inside my poor anus. . I felt both two  large penis in me. They have played enough with me and unceremoniously dragged out of me with the sound of penises and threw me like a useless thing.
In my vagina penis  entered . He was still in the semen and slid into   wet vagina, it sounded as loud as the rain in the puddles. His brother took me by the hair and offered to  lips his penis. My  nose smelled the odor-resistant sperm. Smelled very strongly, but  me forced  through the lips  took in her mouth penis. I obeyed, he cram down your throat a penis. I coughed, choked, and  was   sickly , but he brazenly inserted into my throat and cheek on his penis as if it had been lifeless hollow. In   chin slap saliva on  flowing, Dima spat at me from above and it all fell in her open mouth and  he wildly inserted   the penis, reeking of my ass. Behind in my soaked vagina fucked Sasha and I quickly finished. I groaned  , as if pissed, in the throes . I wanted to lie down, but they wanted  in a two-hole. How do they deride - they fucked another man's wife in the mouth and ass! They were brazen in all holes and mockingly deride in me   brutal lust. I  gave  them all the holes, feeling like a smelly whore, only to have them there were from  large penises. And they would be inserted into all my holes and even a former clean mouth, which I eat and kiss his daughter. One had finished my down, making it a sticky and calling me - the old stinking whore, and Dima has just fucked me on the cheek and Then, too, began to finish. He squeezed hard dense clumps of sperm and it filled my whole mouth. He ordered to swallow, but I could not help because I drank from the penis, but i  would be choked and sperm into my  throat trickled down all by itself.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taught in a "college".

In a strange new college team. 5 girls and 17 boys.  Me  was greeted by insults and indecent proposals. And at the end of the day, they all showed their true face. I hesitated and when I walked past them - grabbed me. After that, pressed to the desk and pulled up me skirt. I felt someone's hands on  my ass, stretch your buttocks, heard how they laugh and comment what is happening. They were shooting to mobile  almost naked classmate.The next day on the way to college I met all the girls and  they dragged  me into the toilet.  - Take off your pants  - Girls, do not please me, leave them to me ...  - Well, if you ask for? Then take it and  insert  them completely up your ass, and we'll leave them! They re-gripped my hair and started to pull from side to side. Then pushed  me to the floor.  - Thrust a whore! And then do all the clothes less, go home naked!   I picked up from the floor, panties, and began to push them to himself.  My  a ass  hot , but  are small panties  can easily fit.  - Great Whore, and generally get used to walk with bare-assed. And do not pull out! In the evening    protruded from the assholes like now. Well, boys, with their curiosity, and you can be patient, let peep that I feel sorry for? Yesterday, in fact anything wrong with me did not happen. Soon, her panties in her ass stopped delivering discomfort, and the day passed as usual.   After school the girls I was again taken to the toilet and forced to lie prone on the window sill with his hands to separate the buttocks. They wanted to make sure that the panties are still in me.I completed all that they said, and stuck in this position. The girls stared at my crotch, and discussed the structure of my genital lips. It was so humiliating shame that I was ready to sink through the floor. But what happened to me ? Once again, I felt pleasure . And when they decided to consider all the better, have pencils ,pens and dab in my  ass - and I did a bit her lip so as not to moan. Sponges were already wet from the moisture. Remembering the events of today and yesterday I was toying with my clit. Excitation flooded even stronger wave, and when I pulled the sticking out, panties  in ass,  me covered an orgasm so bright that I almost lost consciousness. The next day, I was wise enough not to put on her panties.  Svetlana  before the lessons scanned this fact, and no more inconvenience this day was not. In the morning a traditional inspection in the toilet, poking with a ballpoint pen into the anus and genital lips stretched to the sides. The girls liked to humiliate me this way. Svetka even took  marker to write on my ass something  bad. - Look, yes she likes! It is all wet! I  from shame buried her face in the window sill. And the girls continued to to study my crotch. Again, in the course went pencils and pens, which stretched my pussy lips.  - Exactly! It flows like a bitch! Masha, you're a real whore! Julia was inserted into my anus marker. There was little painful, but for some reason  me  even more excited by the penetration into   ass . In the corridor we came to the men's locker room, and when we passed it - me  was pushed inside.  I realized that the pictures made the girls were sold to the boys, and now dispersed to the hands. Shame I'm ready was to fall in place, it seems now my picture in the shameless attitude will  in  the whole college.Directly in front of my face, laughing, the boys were swinging their penises. I was ready to sink under the the ground in shame, but could only stronger is down to the corner . As I have clung  but several hands it is easy torn me  from the floor. I felt a bad . Panties on me  was not what caused the just a storm of jubilation. - Well, like a whore! Look, no underwear !  - And the inscription on the spot! Masha, well, you  slut!  They were bigger and stronger than  I . I was crucified on the floor  . It was not a bit nice, and very hurt. The boys, probably the first time have at their disposal the naked female body - were unconstrained. Me  hurts grabbed  chest, pinching them and crotch, trying to shove his fingers inside.When I started to cry - at  me  put  gagged hand, and when I tried to bite - slapped me so hard to breast that tears from his eyes welled, and threatened to beat  me  if I cry. In the end, I stopped biting, and they almost all huddled around my crotch.. My hands were released, and I buried her face in shame hands, and sobbed softly The boys also touched my vagina, fingering the folds of the labia, and the excited voices of discussing it device. Someone very educated on the issue - all showing where the clitoris. From his touching in  me started  pleasure.   - You see! She likes it when the   her  suck .! And the torturer began rubbing my clit with your finger. His second hand - walking in my genital lips, occasionally penetrating  inside. My wet pussy. When, in the light of the phone under his fingers shone moisture - all exhaled noisily.  - This means it is excited.   She  very  like when  well .., a slut. I probably was red with shame but  in my  abdomen is really raging fire. The proximity of many naked guys, the inability to resist, to avoid this , their fingers  on my pussy and clit,  tormenting  discussion of my charms - turns me on.  - And it is what ?  -  When women want to fuck, they have allocated grease, so that the penis inserted  easier! - So it is that wants to fuck she ?  - Strange ... virgin, and a whore and does not wear panties ....  Sergei fingers continued to play with my clit and I felt the from  impending orgasm. Discussions boys came up to me like a dream. All the attention was focused on pussy caressed by a lot of fingers.I could only moan, clutching teeth of the brush of his hand. But after a few seconds I was covered powerful orgasm. For me, at that time all event was so unusual. And orgasm is achieved with  fingers seemed to me then just magical. I gave a squeak and what that body against my will and I began  to cum. All the boys were afraid. They  left me  alone .... Patting me gently  on wet pussy, he said: - Well, the girl had finished ....  I lay there, exhausted, eyes closed, so did not notice what happened ....  - Listen to her all the fun: the she  saw the us  naked, and she finished .... I want too ....  It was the voice of Fame. Around me were all the boys in our class, and  began  they furiously to cum  near  my naked body, on  my wet pussy, on my chest , on my face..And suddenly the first of them, squirted out of his penis on me warm drops .... And then  started  to cum sperm  all  rest. It seems kind of semen on my body - was the final point .... A few minutes later I was sitting,  I was  all splashed with sperm head to toe. And the boys retreated to dress. Such a feeling that they are ashamed of the  each other. I was late to class because  I  laundered sperm from his body. I had to tell girls blushing as it was. They smoked and listened, and kept interrupting me issues. The fact that I was all bathed in the sperm had to tell what caused a wave of wild fun. They wanted  sell me to . To become a prostitute. Yes, and Money they give. After school, go home, I was not allowed, girls dragged me away . All my questions -  they said "You'll see," and an attempt to escape -  they  promised at   me hair  shave. I decided that if I would be force -  i do not  give , I'll bite, but not  . We came to  park.  - We will arrange your photo shoot ! Want to become a model? -  I wanted to become a model, but not  sex slave  like you need them. But did somebody ask me?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 1

In  Mike had a lot of women. Brunettes, blondes, tall, short, fat, slim - something they all had is ... both Barbie and the kind of interesting,  and the prices are different, and at the same time - all the same.  Mike got so angry that he  drank a cocktail. And at that moment he saw the virgin girl that came  into bar. This  a teen girl was beautiful. Max knew that she was young,   teen girl was beautiful not  as usual, not as  local girl. The girl walked into a bar the first time in her  life. So, decided to earn a girl, thought Max. For the first time, so ...  - What the lady deign to order?  - "Bloody Mary"! - Blurted out, lady. - It is clear: why go to waste such beauty? It is better to sell her , and more expensive. Soon these fingers  in  brilliant  , golden ..  "She was a brunette - not painted, this, curly hair chocolate tones. taste of this beauty  - Bitter, like expensive chocolate. Max felt a sweet sense of defilement and pity for the virgin girl he will soon be to fuck in all small holes. Today, this virgin girl will become a whore, and pleasure in him was  even more ...  - Carry out some time together? What do you think?  - Do you see these wild males, these males? If I do not spend  near you  at least until you exit, they ... know that they you do? It can not be that you came here and did not know that you are fucked right behind the counter?. - Come to the park! There is next to the park?  - Park? ..  - By nature, the trees! Come on! ..  For the first time Max was walking with a girl in the park. More recently, he wanted only one thing: make haste to fuck her - but now He found great pleasure in walking .Mary kissed Max's  in cheek. For the first time in many years, Max went cold from female affection - as  since first prostitute in his life,  when took his penis in her mouth. It was boiling with excitement and fear: he now fuck this young girl, will strip her naked - and will to fuck, to fuck her wet pussy  and in the yoiung ass and virgin mouth - as much as he wants, and how much She wants to ...This sweet thought was somehow eerie and  Mihael  tried to justify himself, that he would pay her a lot, a lot of money for it her initiation into the whore ... It was not the case, as he thought. She was quite inexperienced in love, and  her affection more looked like a puppy which  licking . His penis was ready to burst from every touch. After  they undressed and   almost naked. - Do not worry - he said. What you're beautiful! What are you ... it's just incredible! - He whispered, stroking her body, his hands Aversion to the women was forgotten.
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Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 2

Michael  licked her small young tits. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back ... He tormented her which  nipples ready to burst from the strain, her moans became louder and louder ... and his hands  traveled through her teen body. She stood before him naked, excited. Her hair fell over her shoulders by  chocolate flow. She is very worried - and wanted sex. Silence and tenderness seemed to him sacred. Sighing, she opened her legs. Her virgin pussy ... it was wet. At other times, Michael would be very fucked her vagina - but now him only wanted to enjoy her  indefinitely. A  pussy enveloped his penis with the drops, and Mike closed his eyes. He fucked her gently, slowly, savoring each millimeter of her juicy flesh vagina , every second of movement in her pussy,  his penis was  wet from nectar. His penis was tightly in pussy, gently and sweet as ever in his life. His hands squeezed his chest hot like a feather bed, letting her nipples through her fingers. His long penis was already immersed in emptiness of the uterus. Mike never thought that there is such bliss.  My penis  immediately disappeared in  Mary , he  broke into her   vagina and I  to cum his sperm.  - You have a month? Were you hurt? - Mike wiping his penis, red with blood.  - No, not menstruating - a barely audible voice she answered. - Was a girl ...  - How old are you?  - Twenty! And you still do not ... How did that happen? How come you're such a beautiful, sexy girl ... a woman ... until now no one was sleeping? Suddenly he remembered that Mary has not yet been granted of orgasm.. He was ashamed, he went down to her pussy and took her . Mike gently licked her pussy, bitter and salty from the blood, and thought it was a very painful? Why are none of the previous his girlfriend is not doing so? .. Mike came to his senses only when Mary is screaming and moaned under his mouth. Desire burned her, but she did not could to cum , and Mike once again entered her for the most balls, hand massaging her clitoris. He fucked her hard, assertive, feeling, what she wants, and soon Mary frantically moving to the beat of his tremors.His hand ruthlessly massaged her clitoris and her vagina filled with sperm for a second time. Mary finished in a strong orgasm.  - You are my sweet chocolate.
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Virgin teen is name Mary. Part 3

Where did you get the beatiful   hair? It's a miracle of nature, - said Mike.  He filled the bathtub hot chocolate - it's a surprise for Mary. They writhed in a love dance, and drowned in melted sweet chocolate..Chocolate was everywhere - on them and within them, in the skin, hair, mouth, and he dissolved them into itself, and it was nice. Mary moaned when Mike squeezed her firm breasts through the chocolate, or squelched in her sticky pussy ...  - Come on get out, my chocolate. Lie down on your stomach. Chocolate streams flowed from it. Mike, gently stroking the whole body, climbed into her small ass(more small young ass here) ... Mary paused, unable to speak. Mike caressed her skin around the anus, filling it with pleasure chocolate, like flying in a dream. Mary felt like her ass is pliable. Mary wanted to open the buttocks, put into the hands of Mike and he fed her ass of  chocolate. Mike tormented her, gradually climbing into a tight hole with his finger .. - Be patient! Be patient, my  chocolate! Her anus was already two fingers. It was not painful, but only the acid in your mouth, mixed with bitter chocolate ... fingers stretched her anus, which has become soft. Penis smeared with chocolate, it is easy plunged into the narrow hole ... It is already fully included in the ass, and now Mike slowly fucked her. Chocolate was an ideal lubricant for this game, besides, he doubled the experience: sticky  penis, arching her vagina.Mike scooped palm chocolate, poured it between the buttocks Mary - and began to rub it into the skin around the anus. it it was so unbearably happy that she was wailing and crying. Mary trembled in painful orgasm while the penis bursting her defenseless ass. Tears mixed with chocolate, slapped her eyelashes - and then, when all was over and she lay exhausted, Mike licked  on her face sweet and salty drops .. - Now we're a real sweet couple - he whispered. They fell asleep, smeared with chocolate.  You still smell like chocolate - Mike whispered, licking   her velvet skin Mary. Suddenly he threw her on the big  sofa. He fucked her, she  moaning already so that could be heard outside the door - fucked harder, assertive, with a force spitted her vagina  over on penis.  When it was over - their bodies have relax from   pleasure. - Soon you'll be pregnant.  - Why is that? ..  - Because. I have poured into you as much sperm as a rubber vagina   - Marry me - quite unexpectedly shouted Mike, looking at Mary. - Do you agree?  - I agree - she said suddenly. Quietly and clearly.
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