Friday, March 16, 2012

They are sisters, young virgins.

First one  taken showing me her height, face, skin, shape.  The girl held her head proudly. Her body was close to ideal body which all men admire. She was high growth, a third the size of the breasts, shapely legs, slim waist, long hair. Strong buttocks and trim ring of the anus.  In the sister was more short hair, blue eyes.   - You need to freshen up, wash well  vagina and anus.. Liia do not forget to rinse your mouth. - Well ... - I smiled slyly, - now you pee in her mouth. Leah all you have to drink and lick after clean the vagina of her sister. If you spill something on the floor -   to drink with floor. Since that day so all do collars on neck  were forcing them to carry out my instructions. Loy stiffened, and her sister to  move tongue up and down, swallowing the golden liquid sisters, she licked the crotch  her  tongue . Leia looked into my eyes, put his hands on my penis. I did not interfere with her action, giving her an opportunity to lose her virginity. My penis stood  pointing to her vagina. She did not hurry, and began to slowly lower your hips. So I felt the head of the penis on  of her labia, moisture. Me  burned  penis her vagina. My penis is slowly sinking into the depths of her, she held the instantaneous   penis on her vagina . Virgin vagina  abruptly took my penis . Her hand tightened on my shoulders, and the nails cut into my skin, but it did not change anything. She became a woman and her vagina throbbing and  she  wanted to continue. Clasping her ass hands I started to raise and lower her , delivering a pleasure nice fucking her virgin vagina. After a couple of minutes, she became more active, she began to move and  compress  the wall of the vagina.  All this led to that ,to my penis has given sperm deep into her vagina. My penis was still stood , so I decided to try another hole Loi and take Leia.  - Loy, gently enter my penis into her anus.  - No, do not ... - She whispered, but the collar on neck  of her compelled to carry out my instructions. She took my penis and held it to her  anus and began to slowly enter the penis. In any case, collar on neck to work, and Loy took me into his anal passage. She warmly embraced me,   her  anus pulsing around my penis.  Lois uttered moan, it was clear that she gets from  fucking into ass  is much more pleasure than vaginal intercourse. Finally I felt to  her soft buttocks was   blood. Loy moaning, her ass trembled and felt that she wanted to get even more fun.  - Loy - I began to whisper to her - because you loved your sister when you licked? No Leah, do not be distracted, keep playing with it, but do not deprive yourself of virginity, - said I  to move to the  Loi ass,  which sat on my penis, - do not forget to pay attention to her breasts, too. Hands Leia obediently lay down on her intimate zone, the left hand rested on her clit and her fingers began to go through her moist folds , the right hand on his chest and fingers began to play with already hardened nipple.  Loy also started moving  ass faster she moaned, - deprived of my vagina virginity, and after finished with me. Loy divorced  fingers wet  in grease and sperm lips, - the sister of ... I wish that would  again  tongue caressed my ass.She got on her knees and leaned his lips to the vagina's , giving her a deep kiss in the  vagina . Its my sister is moving on my penis. One hand she  was still stroking his crotch, severing her  from the other breast  She gently took my balls and began massaging them. A little later, she started licking my balls, periodically took them into his mouth. Anus my slave  began to shrink, as if saying that Loy is close to orgasm. I tried to raise her  as high as possible with my  penis and dramatically to  lowered. Leah spent a tongue in my trunk of penis . And now, planted penis as deeply into ass of Loy  she as I myself growled, and I make  erupting in her ass. Loy twitched slightly on me and got her first anal orgasm. My penis was still in  hot anus. At this time, her sister licked her vagina, periodically paying attention to my penis. ..

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