Monday, March 5, 2012

The teacher

Nina was beautiful, intelligent girl. She hired a tutor in mathematics. The teacher was a young man 22 years. Nina liked it immediately. The teacher  named Sergei. He came every day and they were together. He  want spend the night with   Nina at the weekend. While Nina walked, Andrew layed into  coffee a little bit of sleeping pills. Nina has brought candy, drank coffee and went to bed. When the hypnotic powder acted  Sergei to the bed  tied her hands.  -Sergei, untie me. -said the girl.  - Because I want you. Do not you want this? - Sergey asked  and taking   off his  pants.  Yes,- the girl said .  -Well then, do not yell, 'With these words the tutor said,' You  virgin ?  Yes, - said Nina. Sergei began to massage her small tits. Then the tongue began to lick her tight nipples. A gentle moan issued from  her  lips  , she  has never experienced such a pleasure. Then he spread  to  sex lips  her vagina . Andrew began to caress the clitoris tongue. After you went down below and put his tongue into her vagina. Nina could not stop moaning all the time. After enjoying  of the sweet nectar of virgin vagina, Sergei ordered to take his penis in her mouth. She refused. Then he realized  that  Nina is not ready for it. Sergey has decided to caressed  her  clit .   He decided to bring a girl  at  maximum pleasure. He ordered her to raise the legs and bend . Once swallowed her clitoris. Ston was prognostic of what her is very good.  Sergei  did not stop to caress her clit tongue licking it, sucking labia girl  and thrust his  tongue as deeply into her vagina.  The result was not long in coming. The girl moaning,  this was  sounds of lust. Such a divine pleasure she could not even imagine. Nina herself sent to his penis in  hot and wet vagina. Sergey quickly untied the rope and planted a girl on his penis. From the her  vagina   was bled with secretions and then finished Sergei. Then Sergei dressed and left. Nina wash off everything. And next weekend, they did it again.
 Real Act of Defloration! Video!

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