Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet loss of innocence.

Finally, I'm ripe! I curiously examined my penis. He had grown and strengthened. I openly admired my penis. This was a real man's cock, which one would envy. Once I began to measure his penis with a ruler. I do not even notice how my father came into the room.  - And how measured? - He asked quietly. - Nineteen! .. - I said.  - Yes, it is great! .. He grew up! .. In the summer you go in the village, you will be helping on the farm his grandfather. I came to the village, when he had to stock up for winter hay. As a reward for my hard work my grandfather gave me permission to the  idleness. And I soon became bored of the city, but then it appeared... Her name was Tanya. She was older than me by seven years. Tanya stopped off for a week in the village. She  it was considered Grandfather's niece, and, therefore, to me - my aunt. I had seen her, so soon ceased to be bored. When she is not looked at me, I looked at her slender figure. At that moment, when she  showed a beautiful hip or heavy breasts, I felt terrible excitement. My penis was unconscionable. Tanya saw and understood it, and it is, apparently, gave a great enjoy her  . And before leaving Tanya decided to take a shower. Grandfather in a wooden bath-house has flooded the stove. I had to put  water in the bathhouse. I was in love with Tanya, and she worried  me as  woman. It was getting dark. I watched her.   I see all her movements.  - Darling  boy - Tanya sang softly, looking over the half-open door. - Bring me, please, some more water.  - What are you, my boy, are you silent? Naked aunt had never seen? - Well, go on, ! What Grandpa is doing out there? .. It is desirable that he did not see ... From these words I  frightened . But I well remember how Tanya  began undressing me and kissing sweetly moist mouth, lips, caressed my body  her delicate fingers. While in the bath was hot, I was shaking. - My boy! - Tanya said quietly. - Go here! Calm yourself, my good!  Her soft sweet voice acting for me, and I have already replied to kissing. I caught the tongue and sucked into the mouth. I was very nice, and I'm thrilled.  - Tanya, I love you! I love you very much! .. And for some reason I could  help crying, and tears rolled down my cheek.  Small  boy ! - Just like my mother said Tania and patted me on the head. - I thought that you  a great,  my small boy  ! Would you like boobs? .. Here, take my sweetie! .. And she really gave  into my mouth  a hard nipple. I began to suck as an infant, and I liked it, and I enthusiastically drew the nipple into his mouth. Tanya, her eyes closed, panting, and her graceful hand gently sank her fingers into hair   abdomen. And lo and behold, my penis up and I shamefully took   his in   hand. Tanya  to  opened my legs, penis jumped. - Lie down, lie down! - She whispered excitedly, laying on my bench.  She sat down at my feet on the bench and  elastic  breast  hugged my   penis. I'm excited, so that felt a wave of sweet hot to the testicles, and I suddenly poured   the transparent-white liquid. The jet hit  in her  chest, neck, chin and dripped on my stomach. I was frightened and anxious   looked at Tanya. Tanya smiled and gently stretched out her hand and gently stroked my head.  - Oh, my sweet, what are you fast! It's okay! .. What is it you have a nice! .. Cool! ..Odor of my liquid excited me, and I once again felt the sweet languor of the abdomen. My penis   stood  again, and increasing in size, ran into Tanya's flat stomach. - Oh, my sweetie! - She sang happily and gently put her fingers on   penis. - But what you .. I did not know to whom she spoke these words me or my penis, but it was still nice. I both hands began  caress   her  elastic chest and hard nipples. Tanya, stroked my hard penis. Tanya leaned and  took  my penis was in her mouth. I got scared and jerked. Tanya raised her head and looked at me anxiously. -   Boy , so uncomfortable? - She asked.  - I do not know - I said timidly, - in fact it ... - I could not find the right words - ... taken into the mouth ... contrary, perhaps?  - Fool! - Simply and tenderly she said. - It's a French love! .. I relaxed , and Tanya caressed so that I felt dizzy, and I even seemed  to lose a few times consciousness. - My boy, my sweetie! - Kissing passionately she whispered. - Want to become a man? .. You're no longer afraid of? .. That's good! .. You just do not strain, and be quiet! And do not hurry, do not finish it fast! .. You are now a little distracted, think about something else! Good? .. I closed my eyes and very distracted. But I felt my hard penis slowly sunk into something soft and cozy, and some divine warmth, suddenly swept down the whole, gave me an extraordinary feeling. I opened my eyes. Tanya sat on me, and, resting his hands on my breasts, gently moved her hips. My excited cock, like a pump, then  immersed    in the Tanya, then show up. She moaned softly, and with each thrust more and more squeezed the head of my penis. I felt a warm wave approximation, and me  gripped the fear that I finish early, and    tensed all body. Tanya, being with me in close contact, caught my anxiety.  She just pushes in the ass a rapid pace and whispered:  - My sweetie! .. All ... Do not limit yourself! .. Stop it! .. All, stop! .. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! .. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! .. Tanya sat on my penis  all the way, she was  very tense, holding his breath, is something incoherently mumbling to himself.  And at that moment I felt a hot  surge , as if inside of me suddenly exploded volcano, the epicenter of which were my swollen testicles.  - Oh-oh-oh-oh! .. - I cried, not from fear, with pleasure, clutching frantically round Tannins buttocks.  - Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! .. - The second was Tanya, pressing  at me his body. Tanya, gently smiling, poured me out of the bucket and gently washed my body relaxed. I'm  from love watched her, and me   nothing wondering, too, smiled.  - My  small   man! - Seriously Tanya said and kissed on the lips. - What are you sweet boy! .. No, no! You   already man! .. You're  very  sweet man! .. Always, when you're making love to a woman, give her the opportunity to finish, then always be a favorite! Remember this, my sweet man ! I do not remember how to get to bed, I was sick and swayed, but still it was very nice. It is only touched bed and fell asleep. I woke up from some anxiety, penetrated into the soul of anxiety pressed on the stone love with the heart.  - Tanya, Tanya, my! - Flashed through my head. - She's going away from me, going away for good! .. I quickly jumped up and ran out into the yard. In the courtyard his grandfather smoothing network. - Father, where Tanya? - I asked anxiously.  - Tanya? - Calmly asked his grandfather. - Tanya has gone! .. Are you really not know? - And he smiled slyly. - She you said goodbye when you still slept like a log. She kissed you sleep in the lips and said: let sleeping sweet man! ..  And the old man turned away, pulling on the network.

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