Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ready-made answers How are we going to take another test !

ready-made answers  How are we going to take another test ! 
-Better think about how we lose virginity!  Their teacher's name was Oleg. The girls admired  that in  men, gray hair on his temples, a broad chest and correct posture.- What kind of folder is it?  - Answers? Girls looked at each other : -Today, I spend the night with you!   The house of Oleg Borisovich was not closed  door on the lock. The teacher was in a bedroom on the couch. Girls  clamped  their mouths with his hands, eyes  widened in horror. Penis Oleg Borisovich stood. The teacher was sleeping peacefully.Well, look closely - it is three times thicker than ours holes! .. What are you doing??  Zhenya saw that a MARY pulled her hand to the male penis. Mary stroked the huge penis. from this  caresses the penis  he suddenly shuddered, as if alive. But Oleg continued to bed, and girl again gamed with  the  penis. Eugeniya  tried to encircle the penis fingers, and saw that the penis is more swollen.  -Hold it! - Said Masha, when Eugene pulled the skin on the penis.  -Are you crazy! - Masha gasped, seeing that Eugeniya  touched the tongue of the penis.  -Take it in your mouth ... - Eugene licked her lips, watching closely as the  her tongue handles  penis. Mary opened her mouth wide and took a huge penis, and she began to caress, as best he can, with  the help  lips and tongue.  Then she glanced at her friend:  -And they say "suck dick".  But he's barely fits in her mouth -  as sucking  as a pacifier, do not get! - Give , I'll try!. Mary made her lips in a ring, while the penis enter  in  mouth. So the girls were amused, trying more and more games with a new toy. Hooked on a new fun, they did not notice that Oleg B. has long been all  sensed, and even moaned . And they were surprised when the penis is suddenly stiffened and threw a thick stream of sperm directly into person. The girls watched as the penis continued to give smelly cum, filling their faces. They were afraid even to move, and even blinking only when the elastic drops flew in the face. Oleg sat on the bed and saw in front of himself faces  in sperm . -What's going on here?  Eugeniya  is always very clever, she suddenly said:  -You have forced us to take by mouth for the responses of control tests!  -What-oh-oh?? A man was  alone - no one would believe that the girls themselves have decided to suck it. And furthermore, who believe that he did not wake up when it all began? The result , all on their faces.  -Answers in this folder - Oleg wearily waved his hand toward the chair.  -It's not all - Masha screwed up her eyes, picking up the idea of a girlfriend. -You do understand what you are doing? This is blackmail! - The teacher saw on the faces  students pleasure. -  What else? At me  have of money is less  than in  your parents.  -The money,  do not care ... you are depriving us of virginity, and teach a thing or two in bed! You're our teacher, that's and to began   teach! -Masha! - Zhenya was horrified, thinking that a Masha asks only for the top five all further studies.  Yes, you are crazy ! - Was terrified man, looking  on girlish figure.  Eugeniya, who came in after a girlfriend, deliberately said :  -They say that the sperm is very good for analysis of DNA. -Well ... first lesson. If the man had finished, but it is going to continue, he should be excited - talking teacher, caressing elastic roundness    Masha's  and not forgetting a little touch to  nipples, that  instantly hardened. Masha already trembling under the sure hands, touch her in various places, she stopped : -All! Zhenya now!  Seeing the confused girl, the teacher encouraged her:-Lesson Two. You have beautiful bodies, young tender,  with tight a ass hole , with elastic breasts.  Any man will be happy to see your naked body ... Do not be shy to show himself in all its beauty! Spellbound words of Oleg Borisovich, Eugeniya  took off clothes. The teacher was already there, his hands stroking a ass   hole of girl, and she started rubbing her vagina on man's penis.  Well, that's the result! - he  smiled, showing a huge penis .  Oleg B.   sat on the couch and asked the girls to sit on his knees on either side, facing him. -Open your knees wide. Lesson Three. For men there is no better gift than a woman's vaginal moisture and  the  it vagina  wetter than it  is the more expensive gift. With these words Oleg to  inserted fingers  into their vaginas of girls .  Masha arched, her breasts rose high, and Eugene moaned, biting her lip. -Lesson Four. Do not leave a man without attention. The more you give it, the more he  will do.  The girls began to fondle his penis. Meanwhile, Oleg began to kiss  vagina then  Masha   then Eugeniya .  Finally, the teacher realized that the girls are beginning to sit down on his fingers. He put the girls in front of him and tried to penetrate the vagina of every with help   his tongue. And each, moaned in hope that the tongue penetrate further.  - Lesson Five. - Said the teacher, when the girls in  his disposal ,  delivered a man and a aesthetic pleasure. -You may find it unnatural, when the mind ceases to control the body. For the last, Masha pleaded:  -I want to ... Please! -Lesson Six - the teacher said, shifting in the direction of Masha, so that his penis was in front of her vagina.  - Do not be afraid to show a man as you want. - Especially a man can be happy if you do enter it penis into itself.  And now, - said Oleg, when Masha met all of what he asked for - to send penis to yourself vagina . Eugenia  saw of the teacher introduces the penis in their vagina  of Masha. It seemed impossible that a huge penis fit into such a small hole. However, Oleg B.  panted,  his penis is  squeezed in a tight vagina. As the penetration of the penis  in vagina of Masha from  her  mouth was moans. She  wanted to ask:  "Just entered ?", But the feeling was amazing, and she even slightly pushed the penis by hand . When the penis rested against an elastic wall of  vagina , Oleg wiggled her hips a bit, causing the penis is almost fully entered. Eugeniya watched with admiration as the penis in entered from a small hole, then re-enters in  vagina  to stretching.  -Lesson Seven - Oleg growled. - Do not hold pleasure . Passion is wonderful! Sounds of women groaning under the man - the best music to his ears! He  felt moving  penis  inside the girl , Oleg felt that his penis in of her  own juices moves quite easily.His hands firmly gripped girl's thigh, and he abruptly took to strongest  pressure  this obstacle. Mary, this is enough to moaned, screamed and tried to get off the penis. But the man's hands, compressing the thigh, did not allow her to do so. When becoming a woman, Mary was silent, his fingers began to caress her  breasts and  he squeezed them. And finally, Mary began move  her ass to   meet exacting teacher. Oleg began a fuck  her . From his movements on the inside of the thighs of  girl reached out two red track - evidence depriving  virginity, but neither Mary nor Oleg did not want to stop. Masha, moaned in voice, and feelings from penis   did not last long. Her body has  start move  to the beat of shocks in the crotch. Mary sat down   on the sofa, and Eugeniya  have eagerly took  his penis in  itself.  At this time, the teacher and girl student are   began  to  finish about the same time. At first,  she  squealed thinly, bent even more. Immediately after it growled and Oleg. He pulled the penis, not paying attention, that of a girl too. Blood flowed in half with their juices. Streams of semen poured on each side, running down to the anus, from  flooding is still revealed to her vagina.  Masha and Zhenya walked  home. The teacher drove them into the shower before departing, but the panties were not on them - Oleg asked them on  memory.

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