Friday, March 16, 2012

The path correction

Il is ready to love  any man who fucked her well. She is divorced and is now ready to fuck with everyone. Ira immediately started stroking between my legs and my penis got hard instantly.  In the store we bought two bottles of champagne and a bottle of brandy. I, Il and our chief Svetlana are  went to visit to Ira.- So, guys, let's agree not to be shy and make yourself at home, - said Irina, when we entered her apartment.  - Well, - we replied at the same time with Svetlana Sergeyevna.  - Caress my tits, -  said the Il. I sucked on her big tits. I do not have time to finish, as entered Svetlana. She did not know how respond to the situation.  - Come on, go take a shower, - Ira slapped my ass and I went to the bathroom. In the washing machine were things Svetlana: skirt, blouse, stockings, bra. I liked the smell, it smelled of expensive perfume. But a greater surge of excitement and pleasure me brought the smell of tights, which smelled of female perineal secretions, such a delicate flavor, which I would not attributed Svetlana Sergeyevna ever. Svetlana was in form in his forty-six. Do not thin, medium build brunette hair  to the shoulders.  - You have beautiful breasts. Turn around - I said. -  And  ass too.  - Thank you, - said Svetlana.  I hugged the woman from behind and took her breasts with both hands. - Drink up. Svetlana S. We drank in one gulp, and then merged into a kiss.  A minute later we were sitting naked.  I really liked the neat rim of black pubic hair, Svetlana and Svetlana and Irina  look on my penis. Svetlana came to me. The woman took the penis to her vagina and then slowly sat on it. - You're so wet - I said. Ira approached began to suck my balls and lick Svetlana ass.  Svetlana jumped on my penis, tits slapped my face and I tried to catch her big mouth nipples. Irina has worked diligently tongue, trying to pleasure me and Svetlana, who is now shamelessly moaned and clung to me. Ira climbed onto the table and took  head  , Svetlana. Now the head of a woman, tilted over my shoulder, Ira was between her legs. Now the work is not only the in vagina of  Svetlana, and her lips, which caress the vagina Iry. I slapped on the ass, Svetlana, and she liked it, besides, I fuck   her vagina   . She sucked for a long time vagina Ira. Now, Ira was in place, Svetlana, a hole of her vagina took my penis into itself. Svetlana  with open mouth and I began to cum to the woman in the mouth.Svetlana pounced on the penis like a hungry. She sucked out of him  all, until the last drop, but I could not get and very long thick cocktail was thrown into her mouth.  - Good girl -  Il whispered, encouraging boss, one hand stroking her breasts, and another leading into the perineum women. Ira lips clung to her lips and began kissing Svetlana , licking the remnants of the sperm tongue and lips.  Svetlana smiled and was in seventh heaven.  - I have never been this, - said Svetlana, - And the girl is not licked me. Five minutes later, everything was tidied up and now Ira lay on her back legs spread on the table. Svetlana over  face Ira putting    vagina   and she caressed her  tongue . Ira was moaning and her moans were intertwined with Svetlana moans and pleas "More!".Il a long time I was fucking in that position until she tired to keep your feet apart in all directions .  Ira on fours and I  put a penis near her ass and then spit on her hole and slowly began to try to penetrate into it.I began to push the head of the penis in her anus and began to move rhythmically. Ira shouted with delight, and Svetlana was sitting on the table, substituting her my vagina. My penis is already freely entered the ass  Ira , he was in  the anus girl is quite deep.Her  ass moves on my penis. I pulled the leg of the girl and put her knee on the table. from the changes provisions she moaned even more.  - Come on. Oh, and good in the ass - moaning Il.  Svetlana  looked at me enviously.Ira is in full cry. I am hard fucked in her ass and wanted to finish, but could not. But unable to Ira. She   shaking, Ira pushed the hands of his buttocks with all his might, and it seemed to me that she trying to break myself in two. From Irina vagina dripping on the floor, and now she was rubbing clitoris by hand. - All that's enough, I implore you - asked Ira - I'll Die. But I did not stop.  - It is better to fuck in the ass, I can not, - prayed Il. A second later it began to shake because I was scared. She has more hammered on the table all over and yelled,  then , slumped and began to slide off the table. - All, I have enough - said Ira , leaping from my penis  and crawling on all fours to the bathroom.  I pulled off the table, Svetlana, and put as lay-il. After I caressed a tongue to anus woman, she  flinch. Then I put a penis  in the  her ass.The penis is gently slid inside, and Svetlana tried to get off my penis. I threw on the left leg of Svetlana table, and quickly earned her hips,to  driving in her undeveloped ass. Svetlana screamed and moaned, and wagged her ass, helps me. So I fucked Svetlana and I  finished. Svetlana helplessly lay on the table, allowing you to fill out her ass my sperm. My penis jumped out of the hole of Svetlana. It was an anal orgasm. My penis was again ready.  - Super - said Svetlana and was on his knees in front of me - let me Between the boobs. Svetlana gave  tits and began to pass between tits   my penis and occasionally she  took the head of the penis in her mouth. Now Svetlana sucking my penis the , gently licked the shaft of the penis and testicles.  -Suck me - she said, and lay down on the table. I sucked on her labia and began to bite them roughly, and then sucking the clitoris, which was large size. Svetlana moaned and arched. I sucked on the clitoris and labia of a woman who writhed under the pressure of my lips and tongue.  I put in a hot and wet vagina of Svetlana  his penis and began to move quickly. Bending down, I began to kiss lips of  Svetlana, who tongue licked my sperm . Now, Svetlana was on fours and groaned under the blows of my strong  penis. Svetlana  got  enjoyed. I finished in the Svetlana and I  fell exhausted. As soon as Ira wanted  she began  licked  of Svetlana vagina in my semen. Again  Ira sucked me  penis  , Svetlana  sucked her vagina. I finished by oral sex with Ira, and ended by shooting her in the face of my sperm.  Svetlana immediately lapped up every drop. After I continued to stretch the ass hole of women , she  screamed as to  pain and pleasure. Now I take turns fucking them in ass, forcing  them  to lick and then penis, continuing at this time to fuck with their hands in the vagina and ass. On Monday I ran with Svetlana at work. Her face expressed nothing. She was, as always serious and bitch. I caught her by the arm and dragged to the bathroom and shut the door of the castle. I  fast motion Svetlana face to the wall and pulled up her dress. At Svetlana was not cowards, and the vagina was already wet. - That's what I wanted - said Svetlana, and I'm even more excited. But I did not want to disturb the vagina women, which today looks wonderful: beautiful makeup, expensive clothes, high heels and black stockings. Therefore, licked her anus, groin which gently and slowly inserted his penis into it.Half an hour, Svetlana groaned under the pressure of my penis, which fucked   her ass. I rubbed a hand her clitoris, and she clamped her hands Svetlana his mouth to keep from screaming. I finished in the ass woman and hugged her  The woman sat on the toilet and began to blow  ass out from sperm, which was quite a lot. After half an hour internal phone . - After five minutes, fuck me, where has just fucked  Svetlana - it was Ira, - and I want  also in the ass....

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