Thursday, March 22, 2012

I wanted to fuck

Their relationship has been far from ideal. And yet, she did not dare to break them. Lola dreamed that someone will come and snatch it out of this trap. At first she was fine with him, Oleg gave her pleasure.
 It was with him she got her first orgasm. But over time, sex with him became her everyday, she would try something new.
It is regretted that she chose this golden cage. Exchanging freedom for money. Her mother worked as a prostitute. The mother had no qualms about having sex with a man , and sometimes not one. It was from her mother and passed on a love for sex. Oleg  fucked  the Lola.   She did not resist,the mother drunk and Lola  did not want to home. Oleg was gentle with Lola, his little girl.  She  should be his. She squeezed all the juice out of it. On the day of her birthday, she moved to live with Oleg. Four years they lived together. She wants to novelty sensations, but he did not allow it. He leaves. She sleeps with the first counter and in bed with him she try EVERYTHING.
Cafe - Girlfriends - alcohol - club. Lola is already pretty drunk and going to go home. She was sorry that I went, because She wanted to find a man, a real male, rude, arrogant.
 At this point, she pours   in the face men contents of his glass, and briskly directed toward the exit, to avoid possible scandal.
He was lucky, no one machine was not, and she went on foot - he went after  her. It was still quite dark, and Max did not want to miss her , and therefore decided to catch up soon. When he was behind her - he grabbed her by the shoulders, closed her mouth with her hand and pressed it against the wall. He felt that she was afraid. Maxim became more difficult to restrain from excitation.At first, Lola was scary, you never know what he could do . But then suddenly a thought flashed through her mind: A Why not? She, Lola, so long dreamed of diversity, and sex with a stranger is one of the options.  She wanted her legs gave way to desire. Feeling his excitement, it look as if to say: Come on, Come on, take me. He abruptly pulled up her black dress, and was a little surprised that it was not underwear. But it's even better.  Unfastened the lock on his pants, he took
 the penis and inserted  in huge young pussy. low long she been waiting for this! Lola threw her legs on his belt! In my head there was not a thought, just sex hard sex. He was so rude that it was a pleasure bordering on pain. And no one and nothing could keep them at the moment. Time has stopped. He did not stop his rude jerks, and it was a deeper and tougher. More and more.Approaching the moment of orgasm. Lola is all tensed and began to moan loudly, not in his ear, at the same time - biting him. The teens huge pussy is beginning to squeeze his penis, and he could no longer restrain himself. He finished right into this young pussy. Maxim put her on the floor, and went back to the club - not to mention not words. Lola picked up the shoes that flew during sex adjusted the dress and tired, but went home happy.
- Morning. Well, yesterday I called the boss and told him that I could not go to work, as contracted. About I work now I can not even think. Yesterday was an amazing night. And it .......... I do not even know his name. I want more time to meet with him. I turned on only one memory about it. I want it, want to touch his body, to fondle his cock. She  agreed the evening will go to the same club, suddenly I'm feeling lucky, and he was there! It should be well prepared. suddenly today my dreams come true, even if not with him. All day she had spent the evening in anticipation of and preparation for it. Today it should look even better than yesterday. Shoes high heels, mini dress and no underwear.
I hope that today will be a good day. Vaughn is a nice guy, I wonder what he is in bed, no, does not initiate. I will look further. What is it, it seemed to me or not, yesterday that   he  had just entered to the WC. I do not know, I hope. She went after him.
It was him. During this time she was decisively and so began to kiss him with  in passion and desire. And then in an instant, she realized that she wanted him to immediately entered it. So they fucked right there, but not too many people. She looked up from his lips. Her fantasies have no limit, she was ready to pounce on him. She had no doubt a drop - in properly committed the act, not an ounce of embarrassment. As if for one night, it became slut , the girl providing services of an intimate nature, men for money. And she liked to feel in this way.
Once behind them slammed the front door, he picked her up and carried her into the room. There, Max threw on Lola bed. At this point, Lola took his huge cock. No skill, but a complete desire to learn - she grabbed his penis and gently begins to move his hand. She sucked with pleasure, swallowing his cock deeper and deeper, not forgetting his free hand to fondle his testicles.
Lola has all flowed from desire. Max picked it up off the bed and putting on all fours and began to fuck her. He moved then slowly, then faster, harder, then softer, do not forget to periodically slap her delicious ass. she is loud moaning - not wanting to hide their emotions. He felt what she wants from him and he did it. Therefore, it is well greased her anus lubricated slipped back a finger. He started to drive it back and forth, bend and unbend inside to give her ass get used to the new sensation. Excitement she did not even noticed that he had already set in motion with two fingers.
 When Maxim realized that Lola is ready - he rudely shoved his huge cock into her young ass.
-Oh yeah, what I wanted - to pass. What is not transmitted sensations. How long have I been waiting for this, as I used to live, do not you try this sex. She straightened up, thus giving him the opportunity to fondle her. one hand he caressed her teens breasts and the other fondled her puffy clitoris. His penetration was pretty deep, but it did not seem rough.They're both really were on top of bliss. She invited him to lie down, and she was quietly sit down on his cock. He gently stroked her thighs and young tits. Lola is completely admitted it  beginning to set the pace. She liked to be on top, because it is in this position, the process she  could manage it, and to do everything just as you want it. While all of these feelings were new, Lola knew that without them it is no longer able to. Max turned her back to itself, but in spite of the fact that it remained above. Him  was very good with her. he fuck  into her young ass, then at a furious pace, making the movement more sharp and deep, very slowly and quietly, to curb the wave of orgasm. And here he is in a moment she is under it. He wants them to be finished together. And he, his jerk almost to the pain, fuck her. His cock glides, and it feels like her whole body starts to tighten, as the pulsing the muscles of her huge pussy. She   to cum , and he could not restrain, not stopping, but just slow down - cums in her young ass.
Exhausted, they fell on the bed. And though the pleasure is not eased Lola, she realizes that there is she does not want to stay. After resting a bit, goes into the shower. And then, by writing his number is going to go home. now it for himself has not decided yet - see him   with her  ever again or not. It should be a good night's sleep and all think about it.
She  woke up in the evening. The species was tired and the whole body ached. She decided to lie down in the bathroom and think about their lives.
 She remembered her mother, childhood, adolescence, Oleg, and these two days without it. Lolita did not know that her life will be on. But what will remain with Oleg - she knew exactly, because she loved him, though, and realized it's just that. And it now it is just to persuade him to diversify their sexual life. A   telefon of Maxim she broke up, the more he did not needed.

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