Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girl - thief.

I remember everything like it was yesterday - said Aunt Vera. - I turned 18 years, I was an adult woman, but still loved sweets as a child. Igor I also liked, and I came up with a plan to seduce him. Once in the store, I specifically had stolen a jar of honey, while the seller has not seen .. Igor. Before I stick  the bank under her skirt, as I suddenly felt that was someone  leaned over and said. "Something you have today, a strange gait, Faith," - he whispered. I cried. But Igor said firmly;  "Let's go in here," where you hid  fact that stealing? "I felt the blush fills my whole face. Igor came up to me, so  he  put  ass on  table, standing in the middle of the room. But Igor did not give up: "You  or   have do it for you?" I was so embarrassed that  I  could not say anything. But the next moment, Igor pulled up dress , so that her panties were the only thing that hide my nakedness. No man  me had not seen naked.  "So that's it! Girl Vera - a thief - he said, holding  the jar of honey. - I can say for it to the police?" - "Oh, no," - I whispered, trying to hide behind his hands, but Igor picked me up and   sat   me on the table. Then put  on my vagina his hand. Igor put his finger inside, but I screamed that he took  hand. "Hush, friend, I just wanted to see how you're chaste, you're still seems to be a virgin?" - He whispered, and then took that same finger in his mouth and began licking.  Fell to the floor of my panties. I was lying completely naked on the table in front of the Igor. "Since you are so fond of honey,    I will give you, - he said quietly, dipping two fingers into the jar. - Sit down." I sat down and began to tentatively lick honey from his fingers which he put to my lips. It was so nice that after a few seconds, I completely forgot about her shyness and began to greedily suck. but Igor said that it is unfair if I lick all the honey one. He became a dab honey on my chest. Faith felt her nipples swell and harden. Igor carefully began to nibble and kiss lick the honey from them. Its taste,  she once again felt only when  he  is finally kissed  her  on the mouth. "We still have some  - Igor whispered.  - I warmed to the bank by hand ..." He gently spread on her legs, and the next moment she  felt like something viscous   he poured on  her  delicate petals, as peeping timidly between  her  legs  her  vagina. "It must not, should not see this " -  she  repeated , but involuntarily wider and wider she  spreads her legs. But  her  vagina was opened in front of him only when he lifted her legs over his shoulders.  His tongue began to caress  secret virgin bosom, lick clit. And then Igor managed to shove his tongue so deep inside, that out of my eyes gushed tears  of delight. "It is not necessary" - she  groaned, and then Igor let  her  go so abruptly that  her  ass is banged loudly on the table.  " passionate  girl , - he said.  She puzzled with some feeling the before she realized that he had slipped under her  arm. Because in the next moment he released his penis to freedom, and she was so scared that  grabbed him and would not gave  enter  let a few seconds.  She watched anxiously as the penis stood silently swaying from side to side in all its glory. The thought that he intends to get into  her  vagina  forced  her  tight squeeze feet. But at the same time   filled with awe   which strongly spreads throughout the body. "Do not be afraid," - whispered, Igor, he took her  legs and spread them as long as his huge penis is  was  close to her vagina. Then Igor pulled  her  ass off the table and held her hands behind round buttocks.  She  clutched at the table, and she could only hope that he will not abandon her  to the floor. I closed her eyes and prepared to take in everything that he had. But nothing happened.  She  lay for a long time with the screwed-up eyes and waited, but in the end  she  saw   smiling face Igor.  "First, that next Saturday will go to dance with me" - he whispered. Then she  suddenly felt like to her  back her  sense of shame. She  again closed her eyes and whispered that  she  agreed. The next moment she  felt a powerful impulse, and cried out in pain at first, and then with surprise that he entered  to  her vagina . In the beginning was the feeling that just breaks her . But when the penis is inside the vagina,  her  wet lips gently closed around the shaft of  penis and missed his penis deeper inside, as it was supposed to. Nothing could stop him on the way to the cherished goal - losing my virginity, and when he approached her, then pulled it decisively once and for all.  She  heard the cry . He began to move at a furious pace from his shock, she  did not understand what was happening to her . But after moment, everything came together in the moo, and then  she just began screaming wildly.  This was caused by convulsive contractions between  her  legs. Delicate red stream flowed out of  er  vagina. She   both felt like something inside her  erupted and began to pour all that was deep inside of her . After that, his great body fell .  No rest he did not have someone knocking loudly on the door shop. He tucked in a quick motion to open his trousers and ran, and I sat under the table, listening to it serving the customer. In the shop was all: peas, flour, tobacco, sugar, and herring .. All but the jars of honey.

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