Friday, March 2, 2012


Michael stood up, walked over to Julie.  - Do you want to experience love? - Julia looked at him stunned, and then looked to Alex.  He  with close attention looked at her.  - I can not - she murmured, - my mother forbids me. - It's impossible, to do this only prostitutes!  - This is a very natural way of pleasure for   loving  man. - But I do not want - she tried to leave, but he held her by the shoulders.  - And if I with Alex very beg   please ?  - With Alex! - Looked with horror at his  Julia.  Is Alex ,with him at the same time? She could not believe it.  - It's not scary, just five minutes - he said as gently as possible.  - No, no, I do  not   make  this  - in a trembling voice she said.  - Would  - in the voice of Michael irritation. He undid his pants and pulled out a  penis. Julia saw the man's penis the first time, especially so close. It seemed to her he  such a terrible and overwhelming that she was afraid to open his eyes again, and   she sat motionless. Suddenly she felt like the penis entered in her mouth, she clenched her jaw and  she  tried to escape. But he grabbed her by the hair. Julia uttered a cry of surprise.- Alex, help, hold her hands! He grabbed Julie by the hand and tied them behind  chair. She cried out in pain and was shook his head, trying to dodge the penis. Michael grabbed her head and began shoving the penis in her mouth. Julie struggles and  clenched teeth. The fight lasted two minutes, then Michael hit her on the face.  Udar stunned girl    . In her eyes was terrible.  - Open your mouth, slut - Michael cried, - count to three. Julie realized that that's all. Her only hope - Alex, which  stood and   looked on all . Alex, with  whom they were friends, even kissing. Alex , he betrayed her. She wanted to scream from the pain and resentment.  Her eyes filled with tears.  - One, Michael's voice shouted, - two ... Julie closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Penis Michael  took  to   insert at the throat of a girl, she was breathless, but    the eye is not open.  - You start to like me - Michael pulled his penis and began to drive on the    lips girl. Then the penis ducked  in mouth  and leaned on  the  her tongue.  - Julia,  to  caress ,  very  beg please- said  Michael. The girl closed her lips  but  her  tongue began to drive on the head of the penis.  Her tongue felt the smooth, tender flesh of the penis,  she  seemed so alive and quivering. Michael began more frequent  to  breath.  - Good, good, - he said - now bitten again. The girl began gently biting the penis just below. Excitement Michael  to gave   her and she felt pleasure in her  body. Suddenly the penis Michael began to pulsate and involuntarily Julie reached for him. She did not want that it to  penis  coming out of her mouth. Michael put his arm around her head, making a translational movement. All this was accompanied by a irregular breathing of Michael and Julia, which made sucking movements. Alex wanted  also, too unbearable to him pleasure, watching. Alex felt his penis, slowly pulsing, began to rise. Julie began  fingers stroking  penis and scrotum Michael. Michael   began did the translational motion faster and faster, he broke down and began to help himself with his hand. Suddenly he took  her  head  strongly  and groaned. Julia felt  as penis from  powerful shocks pushes the sperm, which is spread in the entire oral cavity. She began to lust for her to swallow. Julia opened her eyes and saw Alex, who stood and stared at her. She realized he saw it all. She felt terribly ashamed. Julie felt  she  as the last whore.  - Alex, it's your turn, - said Michael - if you manage to open her mouth, then your girlfriend will bring you pleasure. The girl decided to help Alex and pressed her lips to his penis. Then began to lick and nibble his scrotum. The penis of his was to  strained from each touch of her tongue. The girl began to do the translational motion of his head, his body involuntarily, too, began to move back and forth. He watched as her red lips tenderly embraced his penis, her tongue caressed  penis and inserted  deep into her throat. He finished quickly, but there was so much semen that she coughed  ,  she spat on the carpet. When he finished, Alec felt weak all over and dropped to the floor. Michael stared at him:  - Are you ever slept with a woman?  - No.  - Julia has made you a man.  - I propose to play an interesting game! Julia - the patient, I am - the doctor. Michael - my assistant - he picked up a girl in his arms and transferred it to the table. - Alex, help me to undress the patient, she complained of chest. Julie felt the touch of the hot lips of Michael. His lips eagerly sucked her breasts , he began his mouth and tongue gently caress the nipple.  Girl  felt  to   the vagina spreads warm liquid,and intolerable desire. Alex's hand gently crumpling the  girls breasts. Julie  surrendered involuntarily, Michael began to caress the clitoris with his finger . Another finger  carefully make their way to  deeper inside to wet the walls of the vagina. Julie's body trembled  from weasel Michael's.Girl felt bliss, feeling like twos   guys  gently   sucked  her  breasts, and four hands caress her body. Julia did not resisted, she closed her eyes either from fear or shame. Then Michael knelt at her feet and kissed them, slowly pushing his  hands . Michael  opened what is not decided to write because you will hardly find the right words to describe it. He  pulled up her legs, he is bewitched, looked at her genitals, shining with moisture. Michael could not stand it, clung   to  her vagina  . Julie was writhing on the table from the agonizing sensuality. Highly his legs trembled, and dropped her feet to Michael shoulders. Girl   felt pleasure , as  her small lips drawn into the mouth of Michael, and his tongue pushing them, trying to penetrate the vagina. When Michael's tongue touched the clitoris, -for desire, which was  not Only in  the body, but also  in the head. When the excitement has reached such an extent that it became unbearable, Julie hand pushed him   head and she   tried to stand. But in vain she tried to remove the hands of Alex, who is insane, latched on to her chest. Michael realized that to lose time is impossible. Feet girls were lying on his shoulders, and the road to the satisfaction of his desires was opened. He pulled out his penis and began gently  drive for her labia. The girl once again felt the gentle touch to his excited genitals, groaned with exhaustion. Penis slipped between the labia and began to delve into the vagina. Sensing this, she opened wide with fear his eyes and jerked, but it was too late. She cried out a cry, which is inevitable, and fell down hard on the table. Alex did not understand, and looked at the contorted with pain, the girl's face. Then he saw Michael's penis plunged into the vagina girls, and a thin trickle of red blood flowed from her vagina, spreading on the glossy polished table. Now  already   Alex  to opened  the entrance to the vagina Julia. He waited patiently for their turn.
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