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Defloration in russian.

I remember that  evening when Kate came to me. She was looking for her boyfriend of Boria.  - Kate,  to  would  drink with  me ? He  opened the door, she just saw his  in some tight shorts, she   immediately looked down. When I got back, she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. She was dressed in a dress, barely covering her legs. I'm looking at her rounded breasts, he noticed a pink dress stood out through the nipple.  Yes, this girl was no bra! I was suddenly so excited. I took a bottle of "Coke."  - "The girl did not stop to relax, I thought, and poured in some vodka glasses, -" yes, and I too, "thought, looking at her nipples . I sat down beside her and clung to her lips. In the entire universe was just me and her. Eternity, when we kissed  in  lips. She opened her beautiful eyes, and I drowned in them all without a trace. He understood  she , the passionate, hot, and all wet,  under  her same panties  has stood out  a wet spot . She was in his  hands. She got up and I saw  her  in all its glory. A look at what was - thin waist, wide hips, and sitting up after fondling my breasts - all beckoning to him. Men's instinct, appreciating her body craved   to  fuck it. She wanted me, I saw it.  - "I want to Kat  did it ..." - more and more excited, I said, approaching her. I threw away jeans and pulled her to him. My penis has already risen. I  took in  my hands  her plump ass, pulled penis  . My penis went into the hollow between her legs. She moaned and pressed her entire body to me. I insert  his penis gently between her legs. Even through her panties it was good. Finally, she thrust his hand into the gap between the cowards and  a penis. The penis  from  her touch sharply  to  stood . Again as   she  wanted to take it back, but I held her hand. - "Take them, because they interfere," - said i.    She  took off my pants. My big penis   already stood  a huge front of her face. Probably she had never been with men, and saw penis for the first time. She leaned back slightly, then brought his face so that I could feel her hot breath on his penis. Suddenly she her lips touched the my  penis. Then she took him so deeply that I began to moan with pleasure. But she learned quickly, and within a few moments, she helped his tongue, while taking it, then thrusting penis deeper into her mouth. I have all the sweating and breathing often. She is a great variety  in sex  and this of brought me pleasure. I've barely been contained, I just felt the madness. I took  hands behind her head and pressed it to her. So deep it was! I shudder the whole, finished right in her mouth. She licked my penis and swallowing cum. I lifted her and gently laid on the bed. I kissed her - a long, long time. I spent a tongue on her chest, then took her nipple in his mouth.  Her    nipple    to swelling from my gentle touch. I spread her legs wider. I approached face-to- her small  pussy. She all melted by this tender touch, my lips were immediately wet with her secretions. But before she could  felt pleasure , as I spent more tongue, and then even more. I did not stopped  these greedy movements. I myself  receiving  a never-ending pleasure from her moans, from its flexible and slender body. She, too, had caressed her chest. Suddenly, her moans turned to  one long moan she  full of passion. From her vagina  flowed a  moisture, so much of her I have not seen. It is an indescribable look as  just finished a woman. It's been a tremendous peace of mind and satisfaction, it's makes a man proud of himself. - "What a strange" Cola ", she said.  - "Diet. Come on I'll wash my - I suggested.  She got into the shower, I stood next to her. When I finished washing her , and began to wash her chest, the excitement came over me. It would also gain from this enjoyment. Her nipples became more and breasts become simply  stunning look. I bent down and began to wash her feet. She lifted her long beautiful legs. I must say that her ass drove me crazy from the start. I'm a little caressed her big round breasts and then her said:  - "Let me wash my back you." Her ass, tempting was very close. She bent down so that her ass has become more rounded and sexy. I approached her closely. My penis touched her tender ass, and she moved up her and down . I grabbed  her  with both hands on the hips, then lowered so that her ass was between my legs. Finally, I drew a strong movement to myself and my penis went into her ass. She gasped, but I did not let her, but instead moved his penis in her ass. She suddenly she bent down below, so I felt comfortable garazdo, I was even able to take  her chest. I began to move rhythmically in her body, and she slipped in my hands.  I enjoyed it a great entry into the body, and caressing her rounded breasts. She moaned, her hand  rubbed her vagina to the beat of my movements. This was something! I have never experienced this  pleasure  with other girls.  I fucked rhythmically and strongly, going into  her  the entire length of penis. I felt that I will soon finish and increased the tempo of their movements. Then she moaned loudly and moisture ran down between her legs, immediately dissolved in water, and after a few seconds and I'm finished.  - "I want you, I want right now in front. You're so wet." - I whispered in her ear, and strongly pressed her to him. Suddenly she seemed afraid of something, recoiled.  - "You know that I am a virgin?" - She asked. At that point I had no desire to think about anything. Her body  beckoning me, promising bliss. I did not answer, but it seems, and so  she  understood. I moved closer to her, took her by the knees and spreaded them .  She was  moaned  so passionate and hot that I wanted to possess her all night. I took her by her slender waist. My penis rested in her wet pussy, slipping on her  very easily. It took of her hips, this  seems very  pleasure . And her vagina  has become wet, wetting my penis. I wanted her as none other was my  woman in the  in all  world. I wanted  to drive this huge, well-oiled it with moisture penis straight into her wet vagina until it stops. She wanted to take me , but as if waiting for   also  something. Finally, she grabbed my penis at the base, and sent it into the vagina. She moved a little, feeling, as he moves in  her ,  she  felt his  entire length, every inch. She realized that no longer a virgin, everything went so smoothly. But now she can do with your body whatever you like, do not fear. She  began  to  move again, then again. I gave her to enjoy this moment. Here the walls of her vagina  squeezing my penis  could to  cut her vagina and it was so beautiful. I lifted her so that she to sat on me. Then she planted herself on me that my cock went into her capacious  complete vagina. - "Damn, well, learns quickly  is this girl" - I thought . She is enjoying the freedom of his body from the shackles of virginity, is now moving rhythmically. Each time an effort, so I went into it deeper, it touched me with his pubis. Sometimes she inserted  into  me to a harsh, so I felt a blow on her uterus, and sometimes it was moving slowly, trying to penis  enter  as deeply as possible into her vagina . Between her legs again soon flowed liquid that dripped on my penis on the bed. I have received an incomparable pleasure from  wonderful  excited  girl and her  breasts. I began to feel the rising tide in my body. She, too, was close to that end. I felt that my cock as if someone squeezes inside. Gradually, these waves become stronger and stronger. I felt an intolerable desire to pour out into her body, she  seemed to have pushed me to it. I have no control over themselves, wanting to finish as quickly as possible, turned her back and entered her vagina  until it stops. I began   move to the beat of her movements, she moaned, her hands were holding my shoulders,  she  began frantically scratching. Her nails and ready to explode cock frantically moved in her, raping her with such fury that it was all just my penis and he  is penetrated her vagina   through and through. And then I felt as though my penis exploded as to firing the   sperm in her vagina. We just fell into each other's arms, only her eyes thanked me, eager to  I , would not release her  from myself.   - "Well, now", she already wanted to leave, when he promptly hugged  her  and kissed  her  - "I almost forgot  next weekend? Can we meet?"  - "We are pleased ..."

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