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Confessions of the old men. Part 3

Confessions of the old men. Part 3
 She hardly knew what was happening to her,  she overwrought by the groans - and I fucked her ... I put the hand of the clitoris and began  to vibrated , without interrupting the frictions. She looked at me - and I saw in her eyes a new orgasm.  She began  to cum and  I  poured out  in her mouth my sperm.  I held back until recently. I made her sit up and watch as between her  legs . She  saw slips a tight  huge penis.
 - Aaaaaa ... - From what see Gohar moaned again, and I held back the last effort to pull out of it last orgasm.
When we went down to girls - they looked at us six pairs of bright eyes. Of course, they heard our cries ... Embracing Gohar, I said:
 - Listen carefully to what I can tell you. Gohar will be my wife. I just love her in another way as well as love wives - and  all girl   I love as a daughter. In addition to her bedroom , In to   me no one  will entered .  The girls had  stress and they looked at me shyly. I knew they would, and continued:
 - You no longer love me? You want to hurt me? For what? Have I offended you?
And then, finally, the dam broke. Jealousy has been forgotten, and they happy for us to Gohar. A week later we were married. On our wedding were all girls - and apart from them, was no one else. All my life I have avoided getting married, and now I'm  married, just knowing that  should be.
  I chose one Gohar only because she was madly in love with me - and never regretted it. It was agreed on the fact that I do  not sleep  with other girls - only to be with her. But now everything was otherwise. Now, I could not help but fear the girls' bodies: all of  my  warmth, I poured in Gohar, she  ready for me to fuck   day and night. The girls loved me, bill and coo with me, , as before, and Gohar - along with them. All the girls are a lot of studying, working, watching the house, and I did not do nothing  . Was only one thing: in the evenings, when the girlfriends  fell asleep, Gohar fuck  with me into orgasm. She  was generous - and shared his impressions during the day with her girlfriends about our sex life.
Prohibitions were only six. The first concerned the hair: I am strictly forbidden to cut and paint them before Girls get married. . The second concerned the sex: forbidden any bodily intentions for me. In addition, they were forbidden to leave the house without warning, much less spend the night in another place; forbidden to use bad words, forbidden to catch the animals. Six months later added one prohibition: to speak Armenian at the time of study .
In the weasel girls do not know no measure. Unrestrained temperament impelled them to such madness. Gohar never not jealous, knowing that all will burn in our night  fucking, and  I get from  her body heat. Often was this: I felt  pleasure   from them caress, I cried - "Gohar! .." My  wife resorted to me, I dragged her into the nearest secluded corner - and exposing , her vagina, into orgasm  , thrust the penis  into a tight flesh, and began  to fuck furiously hot, quivering body my wife. It was all in silence, without further explanation - just smile and hot breath ... Gohar food, raised by me in air, and I enveloped her mouth tongue, squeezed her tight buttocks - and when I felt the limit of sweets Gohar  my penis  jumped out and poured on the floor of sperm . Then I climbed  hands between the buttocks,  I   caressed   all naked perineum . I  inserted   the fingers into the sticky folds - and they vibrate, bringing her into a frenzy my  girl-wife ...
Of course, living in one house with the girls, take care of them and do not ever see them naked - is impossible. All the worries, Women are usually entrusted to the servants, fell on my shoulders. I had to smear the iodine scratches in the most a variety of places, and to deal with menstruation, and even treat clits, pounded "tight underwear" (and in fact actually masturbating). Day after day - and the girls are used  bare breasts or  was  front  me - the thing is quite normal.
     In addition, we had a special feast, when all restrictions were canceled. We went to the wild coast, where we Nobody see  . In  first time, ran to the water, the girls stopped in indecision. At home, they swam dressed up from head to toe. After unpacking pink body, warmed by the sun, I dragged them into the water in scalding cool in the surf - and the girls screamed, thrashed me with his fists and choking with laughter.
- "And this is nothing? Not ashamed?" - To which I explained to them, we all - both native and swimming with relatives not ashamed. I squeezed and slapped the wet body, not looking where the shame, and where not. This child was completely fuss, even though the girls were excited and secretly, of course. And I ... enter  them into the water, I managed to secretly attach  Gohar itself:  she  near  my legs and I fucked her in the water. Not sure what the girls did not notice - but none of them  not  had hinted a word about it.
Each girl was bodily perfection, and I am thankful for the fact that she pushed me in Gohar bed, saving me from the selection. Gohar was insatiable, sexy and from any touch drown me in such caresses, that then I rubbed a cream  dry lips. She was generous to the wild orgasms  to cum over and over again, and often asked me - "do me a vagina  sweet "
Her body was plastic: wide hips, flexible snake-like waist, big breasts, lush a ass. This went on for two years. Then the girls entered in  marriage ... Them  snapped up are  very rich mans. And if not Gohar, tender, sweet Gohar warming itself at night I was  would  one.  Embracing that night a warm Gohar, she all in  smear from  my sperm, I realized then that happiness - in  for  me, and she do not go away from me.
The continuation will be later

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