Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions of the old men. Part 2

Gohar to clasp to me,  to  felt  her young body , she was responsible on my kisses. Gohar was standing in front of me naked near  my face were her firm breasts.My hands caressed to this young puffy tits, they feel, and crush them, i stuck his tongue and lick hot nipple, and  then the other puffy breast  -  sucked more, more and more ...  Her nude legs parted unconsciously, and  inviting me inside.I crumpled it up and down, spread her legs, touched her young pussy - she was wet, hot - got the girl, feeling her body. Gohar gasped for air and screaming  - and I fucked this young girl furiously. After I crumpled up the hand of her nipple, and other - dived on the clitoris and vibrate your finger in them, increasing the pressure.
The girl to  moaned  under me, throwing back his head and cried, cried. I came to his senses only when my penis began to tense - and filled with sperm of her vagina. She did not understand why I stopped, why the frantic pace interrupted love - and  she demanded more, I listened  her  painful groan. This sperm mixing with her blood,  her  body trembling. Demanding   orgasm   she moans  to I caressed her  and tormented her  virgin vagina. I will not explain what happened to her. You have to be a girl who just a minute ago  to began the  woman ... I can only say one thing: I was afraid that the desperate cry of her orgasm will fly extraneous to one's ears.
Then, when it was over, and I went with her, stunned, shocked and hugged her - she huddled up to me, pulling body from  orgasm, and could not speak, sighing deeply, like a dream.
 - Why did you come to me, Gohar? - I asked her, without fear of insult, because between us, then there could be no grievances, or mysteries.
 - We think so -  she said a weak voice, hoarse and low - an octave lower than usual.
- We decided that we will go to you every night in turn.
 But Gohar threw my arms and hugged me . I already knew what to do. Raising my head, I touched her puffy breasts my tongue, nipple stung - barely, and then more, more, licking it around. Gohar moaned, not waking up, and  her  tits began to  swell instantly. I licked tits , gradually increasing the pressure ... The body is arched Gohar, and I saw under the covers she  parted legs. I inserted  finger and  felt her vagina already wet. I began to massage deep into the vagina - slowly, gently, in a circle, gradually speeding up the movement ... This day should be remembered for a lifetime!
The continuation will be later

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