Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions of the old men. Part 1

 I woke up - the first time in many years - with the children's sense of lung rest, I could not remember where I am and what I do. It was only when I felt on bed   in sticky sperm, and  was  himself naked - I remembered ... The most amazing thing that I could not find a no sign of remorse. The only thing that bothered my conscience - that I fell asleep, not knowing as my girls. I wonder how they thought I do.
- Gohar, I want to thank you for what happened yesterday ... and talk with you and with others. Call all Who in the kitchen. Gohar  led the girls and i begin talking. I told them how grateful I am for their kindness, I was fine ... and said that more than this has never be. I told them that I love all the same, and that they did not dare not to be offended at me. I said that best thanks - diligent  them  to study.I taught them English, and they tried very hard, so I was pleased with them. They wanted from me  of intimacy, which was not there before: they climbed up to me and kissed me only if I stayed with any of them alone. I do not agree. A few days later we arrived in England, and I went to device all the girls. I will not bore you with a story about how I organized a school for girls, as followed in order to rumors "Turkish harem" does not accept hazardous forms.
It happened in the early days . I felt the warmth of presence.  It was small Gohar and  she is naked. With puffy nipples,  with a triangle of hairy on the younger pubis.
 - You what? I do not  agree! .. Gohar! - I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. I am really very angry but  my penis gets up  as spear ...
The continuation will be later

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