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Confessions of the old men. Part 1

 I woke up - the first time in many years - with the children's sense of lung rest, I could not remember where I am and what I do. It was only when I felt on bed   in sticky sperm, and  was  himself naked - I remembered ... The most amazing thing that I could not find a no sign of remorse. The only thing that bothered my conscience - that I fell asleep, not knowing as my girls. I wonder how they thought I do.
- Gohar, I want to thank you for what happened yesterday ... and talk with you and with others. Call all Who in the kitchen. Gohar  led the girls and i begin talking. I told them how grateful I am for their kindness, I was fine ... and said that more than this has never be. I told them that I love all the same, and that they did not dare not to be offended at me. I said that best thanks - diligent  them  to study.I taught them English, and they tried very hard, so I was pleased with them. They wanted from me  of intimacy, which was not there before: they climbed up to me and kissed me only if I stayed with any of them alone. I do not agree. A few days later we arrived in England, and I went to device all the girls. I will not bore you with a story about how I organized a school for girls, as followed in order to rumors "Turkish harem" does not accept hazardous forms.
It happened in the early days . I felt the warmth of presence.  It was small Gohar and  she is naked. With puffy nipples,  with a triangle of hairy on the younger pubis.
 - You what? I do not  agree! .. Gohar! - I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. I am really very angry but  my penis gets up  as spear ...
The continuation will be later

Confessions of the old men. Part 2

Gohar to clasp to me,  to  felt  her young body , she was responsible on my kisses. Gohar was standing in front of me naked near  my face were her firm breasts.My hands caressed to this young puffy tits, they feel, and crush them, i stuck his tongue and lick hot nipple, and  then the other puffy breast  -  sucked more, more and more ...  Her nude legs parted unconsciously, and  inviting me inside.I crumpled it up and down, spread her legs, touched her young pussy - she was wet, hot - got the girl, feeling her body. Gohar gasped for air and screaming  - and I fucked this young girl furiously. After I crumpled up the hand of her nipple, and other - dived on the clitoris and vibrate your finger in them, increasing the pressure.
The girl to  moaned  under me, throwing back his head and cried, cried. I came to his senses only when my penis began to tense - and filled with sperm of her vagina. She did not understand why I stopped, why the frantic pace interrupted love - and  she demanded more, I listened  her  painful groan. This sperm mixing with her blood,  her  body trembling. Demanding   orgasm   she moans  to I caressed her  and tormented her  virgin vagina. I will not explain what happened to her. You have to be a girl who just a minute ago  to began the  woman ... I can only say one thing: I was afraid that the desperate cry of her orgasm will fly extraneous to one's ears.
Then, when it was over, and I went with her, stunned, shocked and hugged her - she huddled up to me, pulling body from  orgasm, and could not speak, sighing deeply, like a dream.
 - Why did you come to me, Gohar? - I asked her, without fear of insult, because between us, then there could be no grievances, or mysteries.
 - We think so -  she said a weak voice, hoarse and low - an octave lower than usual.
- We decided that we will go to you every night in turn.
 But Gohar threw my arms and hugged me . I already knew what to do. Raising my head, I touched her puffy breasts my tongue, nipple stung - barely, and then more, more, licking it around. Gohar moaned, not waking up, and  her  tits began to  swell instantly. I licked tits , gradually increasing the pressure ... The body is arched Gohar, and I saw under the covers she  parted legs. I inserted  finger and  felt her vagina already wet. I began to massage deep into the vagina - slowly, gently, in a circle, gradually speeding up the movement ... This day should be remembered for a lifetime!
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Confessions of the old men. Part 3

Confessions of the old men. Part 3
 She hardly knew what was happening to her,  she overwrought by the groans - and I fucked her ... I put the hand of the clitoris and began  to vibrated , without interrupting the frictions. She looked at me - and I saw in her eyes a new orgasm.  She began  to cum and  I  poured out  in her mouth my sperm.  I held back until recently. I made her sit up and watch as between her  legs . She  saw slips a tight  huge penis.
 - Aaaaaa ... - From what see Gohar moaned again, and I held back the last effort to pull out of it last orgasm.
When we went down to girls - they looked at us six pairs of bright eyes. Of course, they heard our cries ... Embracing Gohar, I said:
 - Listen carefully to what I can tell you. Gohar will be my wife. I just love her in another way as well as love wives - and  all girl   I love as a daughter. In addition to her bedroom , In to   me no one  will entered .  The girls had  stress and they looked at me shyly. I knew they would, and continued:
 - You no longer love me? You want to hurt me? For what? Have I offended you?
And then, finally, the dam broke. Jealousy has been forgotten, and they happy for us to Gohar. A week later we were married. On our wedding were all girls - and apart from them, was no one else. All my life I have avoided getting married, and now I'm  married, just knowing that  should be.
  I chose one Gohar only because she was madly in love with me - and never regretted it. It was agreed on the fact that I do  not sleep  with other girls - only to be with her. But now everything was otherwise. Now, I could not help but fear the girls' bodies: all of  my  warmth, I poured in Gohar, she  ready for me to fuck   day and night. The girls loved me, bill and coo with me, , as before, and Gohar - along with them. All the girls are a lot of studying, working, watching the house, and I did not do nothing  . Was only one thing: in the evenings, when the girlfriends  fell asleep, Gohar fuck  with me into orgasm. She  was generous - and shared his impressions during the day with her girlfriends about our sex life.
Prohibitions were only six. The first concerned the hair: I am strictly forbidden to cut and paint them before Girls get married. . The second concerned the sex: forbidden any bodily intentions for me. In addition, they were forbidden to leave the house without warning, much less spend the night in another place; forbidden to use bad words, forbidden to catch the animals. Six months later added one prohibition: to speak Armenian at the time of study .
In the weasel girls do not know no measure. Unrestrained temperament impelled them to such madness. Gohar never not jealous, knowing that all will burn in our night  fucking, and  I get from  her body heat. Often was this: I felt  pleasure   from them caress, I cried - "Gohar! .." My  wife resorted to me, I dragged her into the nearest secluded corner - and exposing , her vagina, into orgasm  , thrust the penis  into a tight flesh, and began  to fuck furiously hot, quivering body my wife. It was all in silence, without further explanation - just smile and hot breath ... Gohar food, raised by me in air, and I enveloped her mouth tongue, squeezed her tight buttocks - and when I felt the limit of sweets Gohar  my penis  jumped out and poured on the floor of sperm . Then I climbed  hands between the buttocks,  I   caressed   all naked perineum . I  inserted   the fingers into the sticky folds - and they vibrate, bringing her into a frenzy my  girl-wife ...
Of course, living in one house with the girls, take care of them and do not ever see them naked - is impossible. All the worries, Women are usually entrusted to the servants, fell on my shoulders. I had to smear the iodine scratches in the most a variety of places, and to deal with menstruation, and even treat clits, pounded "tight underwear" (and in fact actually masturbating). Day after day - and the girls are used  bare breasts or  was  front  me - the thing is quite normal.
     In addition, we had a special feast, when all restrictions were canceled. We went to the wild coast, where we Nobody see  . In  first time, ran to the water, the girls stopped in indecision. At home, they swam dressed up from head to toe. After unpacking pink body, warmed by the sun, I dragged them into the water in scalding cool in the surf - and the girls screamed, thrashed me with his fists and choking with laughter.
- "And this is nothing? Not ashamed?" - To which I explained to them, we all - both native and swimming with relatives not ashamed. I squeezed and slapped the wet body, not looking where the shame, and where not. This child was completely fuss, even though the girls were excited and secretly, of course. And I ... enter  them into the water, I managed to secretly attach  Gohar itself:  she  near  my legs and I fucked her in the water. Not sure what the girls did not notice - but none of them  not  had hinted a word about it.
Each girl was bodily perfection, and I am thankful for the fact that she pushed me in Gohar bed, saving me from the selection. Gohar was insatiable, sexy and from any touch drown me in such caresses, that then I rubbed a cream  dry lips. She was generous to the wild orgasms  to cum over and over again, and often asked me - "do me a vagina  sweet "
Her body was plastic: wide hips, flexible snake-like waist, big breasts, lush a ass. This went on for two years. Then the girls entered in  marriage ... Them  snapped up are  very rich mans. And if not Gohar, tender, sweet Gohar warming itself at night I was  would  one.  Embracing that night a warm Gohar, she all in  smear from  my sperm, I realized then that happiness - in  for  me, and she do not go away from me.
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Confessions of the old men. Part 4

     As an observer, of course was  7 girls - and we i and Gohar was   instructors in sex for them . Under cover of night Gohar confessed to me, to she  showed girls, as I caress her ... It was on my birthday. They solemnly imported on a trolley a huge cake with whipped cream, depicting a girl lying in a white dress. The body, hair and clothing Girls were made from cream, lip - from slices of mango, the eyes - of candied .. Just came very  I close to the cake, I realized that it Gohar, completely naked and smeared with thick cream from the feet up head. She howled with laughter, trying to unstick the lashes, filled with whipped cream. Touching her "dress", I dipped in cream on the wrist ... Later, Gohar told me how the girl to smeared her naked body, and   they discussed  as I'll lick her with whipped cream.Yes, it was a wonderful gift: a nude woman, covered with a thick layer of cream . I felt girls - and  began do what they want : with particular pleasure licked, squeezed and fucked Gohar, sticky and sweet ....
           It was like this: Zar was sitting, fully not  dressed, and watched as I fuck Gohar, naked under her And I look .
 Gohar taught her how to have fun, here showing everything at each other.I showed you how to bring the girl to defloration how to enter penis  like to fondle her breasts, kissing and massaged her vagina, showed how to pour on his belly to avoid pregnancy, how to fuck in  anus ... Gohar showed how to caress a man's penis and testicles, as she  fucks with  help the pelvis. Similarly, we did with the other girls: before the wedding in detail instructed them how to behave in bed. It was a shame, sweet and sad: Each session of sex's  was a farewell to my  girls ...
 - Perhaps Zar now need to stay one - I said , for the first time. - I guess  she at first it lightly touched her vagina with his finger - a teasing, gooey juices flowing ... and is, perhaps,  she think as I fucked you, kissed you, twisting your nipples
 I pour her cum ... a finger of her trembling, vibrating - and Zar is weak and began  to cum ...
The continuation will be later.........

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I wanted to fuck

Their relationship has been far from ideal. And yet, she did not dare to break them. Lola dreamed that someone will come and snatch it out of this trap. At first she was fine with him, Oleg gave her pleasure.
 It was with him she got her first orgasm. But over time, sex with him became her everyday, she would try something new.
It is regretted that she chose this golden cage. Exchanging freedom for money. Her mother worked as a prostitute. The mother had no qualms about having sex with a man , and sometimes not one. It was from her mother and passed on a love for sex. Oleg  fucked  the Lola.   She did not resist,the mother drunk and Lola  did not want to home. Oleg was gentle with Lola, his little girl.  She  should be his. She squeezed all the juice out of it. On the day of her birthday, she moved to live with Oleg. Four years they lived together. She wants to novelty sensations, but he did not allow it. He leaves. She sleeps with the first counter and in bed with him she try EVERYTHING.
Cafe - Girlfriends - alcohol - club. Lola is already pretty drunk and going to go home. She was sorry that I went, because She wanted to find a man, a real male, rude, arrogant.
 At this point, she pours   in the face men contents of his glass, and briskly directed toward the exit, to avoid possible scandal.
He was lucky, no one machine was not, and she went on foot - he went after  her. It was still quite dark, and Max did not want to miss her , and therefore decided to catch up soon. When he was behind her - he grabbed her by the shoulders, closed her mouth with her hand and pressed it against the wall. He felt that she was afraid. Maxim became more difficult to restrain from excitation.At first, Lola was scary, you never know what he could do . But then suddenly a thought flashed through her mind: A Why not? She, Lola, so long dreamed of diversity, and sex with a stranger is one of the options.  She wanted her legs gave way to desire. Feeling his excitement, it look as if to say: Come on, Come on, take me. He abruptly pulled up her black dress, and was a little surprised that it was not underwear. But it's even better.  Unfastened the lock on his pants, he took
 the penis and inserted  in huge young pussy. low long she been waiting for this! Lola threw her legs on his belt! In my head there was not a thought, just sex hard sex. He was so rude that it was a pleasure bordering on pain. And no one and nothing could keep them at the moment. Time has stopped. He did not stop his rude jerks, and it was a deeper and tougher. More and more.Approaching the moment of orgasm. Lola is all tensed and began to moan loudly, not in his ear, at the same time - biting him. The teens huge pussy is beginning to squeeze his penis, and he could no longer restrain himself. He finished right into this young pussy. Maxim put her on the floor, and went back to the club - not to mention not words. Lola picked up the shoes that flew during sex adjusted the dress and tired, but went home happy.
- Morning. Well, yesterday I called the boss and told him that I could not go to work, as contracted. About I work now I can not even think. Yesterday was an amazing night. And it .......... I do not even know his name. I want more time to meet with him. I turned on only one memory about it. I want it, want to touch his body, to fondle his cock. She  agreed the evening will go to the same club, suddenly I'm feeling lucky, and he was there! It should be well prepared. suddenly today my dreams come true, even if not with him. All day she had spent the evening in anticipation of and preparation for it. Today it should look even better than yesterday. Shoes high heels, mini dress and no underwear.
I hope that today will be a good day. Vaughn is a nice guy, I wonder what he is in bed, no, does not initiate. I will look further. What is it, it seemed to me or not, yesterday that   he  had just entered to the WC. I do not know, I hope. She went after him.
It was him. During this time she was decisively and so began to kiss him with  in passion and desire. And then in an instant, she realized that she wanted him to immediately entered it. So they fucked right there, but not too many people. She looked up from his lips. Her fantasies have no limit, she was ready to pounce on him. She had no doubt a drop - in properly committed the act, not an ounce of embarrassment. As if for one night, it became slut , the girl providing services of an intimate nature, men for money. And she liked to feel in this way.
Once behind them slammed the front door, he picked her up and carried her into the room. There, Max threw on Lola bed. At this point, Lola took his huge cock. No skill, but a complete desire to learn - she grabbed his penis and gently begins to move his hand. She sucked with pleasure, swallowing his cock deeper and deeper, not forgetting his free hand to fondle his testicles.
Lola has all flowed from desire. Max picked it up off the bed and putting on all fours and began to fuck her. He moved then slowly, then faster, harder, then softer, do not forget to periodically slap her delicious ass. she is loud moaning - not wanting to hide their emotions. He felt what she wants from him and he did it. Therefore, it is well greased her anus lubricated slipped back a finger. He started to drive it back and forth, bend and unbend inside to give her ass get used to the new sensation. Excitement she did not even noticed that he had already set in motion with two fingers.
 When Maxim realized that Lola is ready - he rudely shoved his huge cock into her young ass.
-Oh yeah, what I wanted - to pass. What is not transmitted sensations. How long have I been waiting for this, as I used to live, do not you try this sex. She straightened up, thus giving him the opportunity to fondle her. one hand he caressed her teens breasts and the other fondled her puffy clitoris. His penetration was pretty deep, but it did not seem rough.They're both really were on top of bliss. She invited him to lie down, and she was quietly sit down on his cock. He gently stroked her thighs and young tits. Lola is completely admitted it  beginning to set the pace. She liked to be on top, because it is in this position, the process she  could manage it, and to do everything just as you want it. While all of these feelings were new, Lola knew that without them it is no longer able to. Max turned her back to itself, but in spite of the fact that it remained above. Him  was very good with her. he fuck  into her young ass, then at a furious pace, making the movement more sharp and deep, very slowly and quietly, to curb the wave of orgasm. And here he is in a moment she is under it. He wants them to be finished together. And he, his jerk almost to the pain, fuck her. His cock glides, and it feels like her whole body starts to tighten, as the pulsing the muscles of her huge pussy. She   to cum , and he could not restrain, not stopping, but just slow down - cums in her young ass.
Exhausted, they fell on the bed. And though the pleasure is not eased Lola, she realizes that there is she does not want to stay. After resting a bit, goes into the shower. And then, by writing his number is going to go home. now it for himself has not decided yet - see him   with her  ever again or not. It should be a good night's sleep and all think about it.
She  woke up in the evening. The species was tired and the whole body ached. She decided to lie down in the bathroom and think about their lives.
 She remembered her mother, childhood, adolescence, Oleg, and these two days without it. Lolita did not know that her life will be on. But what will remain with Oleg - she knew exactly, because she loved him, though, and realized it's just that. And it now it is just to persuade him to diversify their sexual life. A   telefon of Maxim she broke up, the more he did not needed.

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The path correction

Il is ready to love  any man who fucked her well. She is divorced and is now ready to fuck with everyone. Ira immediately started stroking between my legs and my penis got hard instantly.  In the store we bought two bottles of champagne and a bottle of brandy. I, Il and our chief Svetlana are  went to visit to Ira.- So, guys, let's agree not to be shy and make yourself at home, - said Irina, when we entered her apartment.  - Well, - we replied at the same time with Svetlana Sergeyevna.  - Caress my tits, -  said the Il. I sucked on her big tits. I do not have time to finish, as entered Svetlana. She did not know how respond to the situation.  - Come on, go take a shower, - Ira slapped my ass and I went to the bathroom. In the washing machine were things Svetlana: skirt, blouse, stockings, bra. I liked the smell, it smelled of expensive perfume. But a greater surge of excitement and pleasure me brought the smell of tights, which smelled of female perineal secretions, such a delicate flavor, which I would not attributed Svetlana Sergeyevna ever. Svetlana was in form in his forty-six. Do not thin, medium build brunette hair  to the shoulders.  - You have beautiful breasts. Turn around - I said. -  And  ass too.  - Thank you, - said Svetlana.  I hugged the woman from behind and took her breasts with both hands. - Drink up. Svetlana S. We drank in one gulp, and then merged into a kiss.  A minute later we were sitting naked.  I really liked the neat rim of black pubic hair, Svetlana and Svetlana and Irina  look on my penis. Svetlana came to me. The woman took the penis to her vagina and then slowly sat on it. - You're so wet - I said. Ira approached began to suck my balls and lick Svetlana ass.  Svetlana jumped on my penis, tits slapped my face and I tried to catch her big mouth nipples. Irina has worked diligently tongue, trying to pleasure me and Svetlana, who is now shamelessly moaned and clung to me. Ira climbed onto the table and took  head  , Svetlana. Now the head of a woman, tilted over my shoulder, Ira was between her legs. Now the work is not only the in vagina of  Svetlana, and her lips, which caress the vagina Iry. I slapped on the ass, Svetlana, and she liked it, besides, I fuck   her vagina   . She sucked for a long time vagina Ira. Now, Ira was in place, Svetlana, a hole of her vagina took my penis into itself. Svetlana  with open mouth and I began to cum to the woman in the mouth.Svetlana pounced on the penis like a hungry. She sucked out of him  all, until the last drop, but I could not get and very long thick cocktail was thrown into her mouth.  - Good girl -  Il whispered, encouraging boss, one hand stroking her breasts, and another leading into the perineum women. Ira lips clung to her lips and began kissing Svetlana , licking the remnants of the sperm tongue and lips.  Svetlana smiled and was in seventh heaven.  - I have never been this, - said Svetlana, - And the girl is not licked me. Five minutes later, everything was tidied up and now Ira lay on her back legs spread on the table. Svetlana over  face Ira putting    vagina   and she caressed her  tongue . Ira was moaning and her moans were intertwined with Svetlana moans and pleas "More!".Il a long time I was fucking in that position until she tired to keep your feet apart in all directions .  Ira on fours and I  put a penis near her ass and then spit on her hole and slowly began to try to penetrate into it.I began to push the head of the penis in her anus and began to move rhythmically. Ira shouted with delight, and Svetlana was sitting on the table, substituting her my vagina. My penis is already freely entered the ass  Ira , he was in  the anus girl is quite deep.Her  ass moves on my penis. I pulled the leg of the girl and put her knee on the table. from the changes provisions she moaned even more.  - Come on. Oh, and good in the ass - moaning Il.  Svetlana  looked at me enviously.Ira is in full cry. I am hard fucked in her ass and wanted to finish, but could not. But unable to Ira. She   shaking, Ira pushed the hands of his buttocks with all his might, and it seemed to me that she trying to break myself in two. From Irina vagina dripping on the floor, and now she was rubbing clitoris by hand. - All that's enough, I implore you - asked Ira - I'll Die. But I did not stop.  - It is better to fuck in the ass, I can not, - prayed Il. A second later it began to shake because I was scared. She has more hammered on the table all over and yelled,  then , slumped and began to slide off the table. - All, I have enough - said Ira , leaping from my penis  and crawling on all fours to the bathroom.  I pulled off the table, Svetlana, and put as lay-il. After I caressed a tongue to anus woman, she  flinch. Then I put a penis  in the  her ass.The penis is gently slid inside, and Svetlana tried to get off my penis. I threw on the left leg of Svetlana table, and quickly earned her hips,to  driving in her undeveloped ass. Svetlana screamed and moaned, and wagged her ass, helps me. So I fucked Svetlana and I  finished. Svetlana helplessly lay on the table, allowing you to fill out her ass my sperm. My penis jumped out of the hole of Svetlana. It was an anal orgasm. My penis was again ready.  - Super - said Svetlana and was on his knees in front of me - let me Between the boobs. Svetlana gave  tits and began to pass between tits   my penis and occasionally she  took the head of the penis in her mouth. Now Svetlana sucking my penis the , gently licked the shaft of the penis and testicles.  -Suck me - she said, and lay down on the table. I sucked on her labia and began to bite them roughly, and then sucking the clitoris, which was large size. Svetlana moaned and arched. I sucked on the clitoris and labia of a woman who writhed under the pressure of my lips and tongue.  I put in a hot and wet vagina of Svetlana  his penis and began to move quickly. Bending down, I began to kiss lips of  Svetlana, who tongue licked my sperm . Now, Svetlana was on fours and groaned under the blows of my strong  penis. Svetlana  got  enjoyed. I finished in the Svetlana and I  fell exhausted. As soon as Ira wanted  she began  licked  of Svetlana vagina in my semen. Again  Ira sucked me  penis  , Svetlana  sucked her vagina. I finished by oral sex with Ira, and ended by shooting her in the face of my sperm.  Svetlana immediately lapped up every drop. After I continued to stretch the ass hole of women , she  screamed as to  pain and pleasure. Now I take turns fucking them in ass, forcing  them  to lick and then penis, continuing at this time to fuck with their hands in the vagina and ass. On Monday I ran with Svetlana at work. Her face expressed nothing. She was, as always serious and bitch. I caught her by the arm and dragged to the bathroom and shut the door of the castle. I  fast motion Svetlana face to the wall and pulled up her dress. At Svetlana was not cowards, and the vagina was already wet. - That's what I wanted - said Svetlana, and I'm even more excited. But I did not want to disturb the vagina women, which today looks wonderful: beautiful makeup, expensive clothes, high heels and black stockings. Therefore, licked her anus, groin which gently and slowly inserted his penis into it.Half an hour, Svetlana groaned under the pressure of my penis, which fucked   her ass. I rubbed a hand her clitoris, and she clamped her hands Svetlana his mouth to keep from screaming. I finished in the ass woman and hugged her  The woman sat on the toilet and began to blow  ass out from sperm, which was quite a lot. After half an hour internal phone . - After five minutes, fuck me, where has just fucked  Svetlana - it was Ira, - and I want  also in the ass....

They are sisters, young virgins.

First one  taken showing me her height, face, skin, shape.  The girl held her head proudly. Her body was close to ideal body which all men admire. She was high growth, a third the size of the breasts, shapely legs, slim waist, long hair. Strong buttocks and trim ring of the anus.  In the sister was more short hair, blue eyes.   - You need to freshen up, wash well  vagina and anus.. Liia do not forget to rinse your mouth. - Well ... - I smiled slyly, - now you pee in her mouth. Leah all you have to drink and lick after clean the vagina of her sister. If you spill something on the floor -   to drink with floor. Since that day so all do collars on neck  were forcing them to carry out my instructions. Loy stiffened, and her sister to  move tongue up and down, swallowing the golden liquid sisters, she licked the crotch  her  tongue . Leia looked into my eyes, put his hands on my penis. I did not interfere with her action, giving her an opportunity to lose her virginity. My penis stood  pointing to her vagina. She did not hurry, and began to slowly lower your hips. So I felt the head of the penis on  of her labia, moisture. Me  burned  penis her vagina. My penis is slowly sinking into the depths of her, she held the instantaneous   penis on her vagina . Virgin vagina  abruptly took my penis . Her hand tightened on my shoulders, and the nails cut into my skin, but it did not change anything. She became a woman and her vagina throbbing and  she  wanted to continue. Clasping her ass hands I started to raise and lower her , delivering a pleasure nice fucking her virgin vagina. After a couple of minutes, she became more active, she began to move and  compress  the wall of the vagina.  All this led to that ,to my penis has given sperm deep into her vagina. My penis was still stood , so I decided to try another hole Loi and take Leia.  - Loy, gently enter my penis into her anus.  - No, do not ... - She whispered, but the collar on neck  of her compelled to carry out my instructions. She took my penis and held it to her  anus and began to slowly enter the penis. In any case, collar on neck to work, and Loy took me into his anal passage. She warmly embraced me,   her  anus pulsing around my penis.  Lois uttered moan, it was clear that she gets from  fucking into ass  is much more pleasure than vaginal intercourse. Finally I felt to  her soft buttocks was   blood. Loy moaning, her ass trembled and felt that she wanted to get even more fun.  - Loy - I began to whisper to her - because you loved your sister when you licked? No Leah, do not be distracted, keep playing with it, but do not deprive yourself of virginity, - said I  to move to the  Loi ass,  which sat on my penis, - do not forget to pay attention to her breasts, too. Hands Leia obediently lay down on her intimate zone, the left hand rested on her clit and her fingers began to go through her moist folds , the right hand on his chest and fingers began to play with already hardened nipple.  Loy also started moving  ass faster she moaned, - deprived of my vagina virginity, and after finished with me. Loy divorced  fingers wet  in grease and sperm lips, - the sister of ... I wish that would  again  tongue caressed my ass.She got on her knees and leaned his lips to the vagina's , giving her a deep kiss in the  vagina . Its my sister is moving on my penis. One hand she  was still stroking his crotch, severing her  from the other breast  She gently took my balls and began massaging them. A little later, she started licking my balls, periodically took them into his mouth. Anus my slave  began to shrink, as if saying that Loy is close to orgasm. I tried to raise her  as high as possible with my  penis and dramatically to  lowered. Leah spent a tongue in my trunk of penis . And now, planted penis as deeply into ass of Loy  she as I myself growled, and I make  erupting in her ass. Loy twitched slightly on me and got her first anal orgasm. My penis was still in  hot anus. At this time, her sister licked her vagina, periodically paying attention to my penis. ..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romance of lust.

Romance of lust.
- Younger  girl Lizzi.  My  girls are gradually developing their own forms. Mary especially. Her hips are made prominent, and her ass solid and convex. Mary complains that he feels depressed. I'm trying to calm her down and decided to fuck her. She gives for  my request, and I fuck her, but did not notice her agitation.  So get out my penis  immediate discover: my penis is covered with blood. So, in her  came the first of  month cycle. That same night, I find in the same state, and Miss Evelyn. It makes my penis normal facilitated her soft hands and tender lips, and then took she leave for the next five nights.  And remains  me to fuck my  younger  girl Lizzi. Until that time, I fucked her from help tongue and her virginity is still intact.My finger is quite easy caressed her pink pussy. Why I  do not   fuck her? Ability to fine: and Miss Evelyn and Mary removed   their   rooms relax at our usual time for this life.  A Lizzi and I immediately rush to the summer house and locked. I immediately placed her on the couch and caress her pussy ,  she expires in my mouth, and then continue caress it almost in a frenzy of desires. Then you must know, dear Lizzi that vagina is made for a special purpose space for   penis like mine. However, my penis is big, and you're still so small and so young, but I could insert it, and do it.     In order not to spoil the stained couch, I took  towel and spread it under her ass.  Then you must know, dear Lizzi that vagina is made for a special purpose space for penis like mine. However, my penis is big, and you're still so small and so young, but I could insert it, and do it. In order not to spoil the stained couch, I took  towel and spread it under her ass. - Now, lie on your back. Legs raise and knees in hand. I am well again caressed clit  it until it not flowed and cried she , O, insert your penis, my dear Charlie, I really feel like it to me not enough! It is well moistened my lips licking her vagina. Due to the excitation, the entrance to her vagina is  not painful.My penis is right there for more than half its length into her vagina.This is enough to overcome the obstacles virgin. An acute attack of pain makes her move away backward.  -Do not be afraid! I'll be gentle ... a little more and the pain will end and be replaced by a great pleasure. Then I slowly begin and continue to move back and forth and soon the call of such  pleasure in  her delicious pussy that her movements become frantic. The very nature compels her as  I echoed, as if she already knows what these delightful movements should be to strengthen sensual delight. She lifts her buttocks, and I'm one powerful blow to reach the goal. Poor Lizzi! At this very moment, my penis fully penetrate into her vagina. I send a fragrant flow of sperm, making it easier to pain in her torn vagina. I see a lot of blood, which appeared immediately. - What happened to me, Charlie? She get up  to  view that she is naked, return her  to the consciousness of everything  occurring. - And I thought that this would be an unusual pleasure, which me have not had to experience in life ...  - My dear,  pain no longer, again we will only receive pleasure.   However, when she tries to get up, her  really interferes with the pain. I'm terribly afraid that this was not seen  to return home: - Let's say,  you fell and hurt his knee.The next day she complained of difficulty in walking, thus hiding from the suspicion that happened. Only on the third day, she  allows me to enter my penis into her vagina. And by the time I is ready to cum, she is ready to echo me in everything we do, we finish together in ecstasy. My penis is deliciously sucked her  vagina and felt delightful pressure. Then she begins to move, what makes us rush in  the furious passions jump and to finish again.  Of course, Mary learns what we are doing out there. For two days I enjoy Ilayzoy, every time it becomes more beautiful in obtaining pleasure.On the third day of Miss Evelyn comes, and I began to fuck her . I fucked her five times. Considering that I had a long post, she said to me: - You should in future be more moderate. So let the next three nights I  is not come to you. I can not say that it makes me  to upset. I in time  3 years  fucked Mary and Miss Evelyn.  At first I put up  one on my back and fucked, while the other is over her face and she sucks her vagina. Then I put up  my finger in pink  her ass  in front of me. So, while one sucks   vagina and I put her fingers in her ass and I  fucked  in vagina  of second  girl , and all three of us have  pleasure  would to cum so . Then all over again, changing only the location between these two girls. Sometimes I try to enter your penis in a  ass  Mary. I've often thought of the pleasure that gave me to  fuck in the ass, Mrs. Evelyn. I decide on the next day to try  source of pleasure in Lizzie ass. First, I fuck her  to end, until at last she did not to cum. Continuing to suck her vagina, I put just two  finger into her ass. In her movements, I understand that she feels more excited. I care about that as much as possible to stretch her ass with two fingers. - Well it was at this little hole in your ass I'm going to introduce his penis. This can cause you a little pain, but the softness of motion then takes  of us very much pleasure.  - Dear Charlie, do what you want! And she put her charming ass. I do not lose time and began to  insert wet the penis and smeared her ass hole. /MORESMALLYOUNGASSHERE!/And by inserting a well moistened finger, I puts the penis in her ass , but she did not even flinch. But still, when I gently continuing to move forward, she cries out:  - Stop it, Charlie! .. Painfully funny feeling ...  I stop, but put  my own finger to her clitoris, while the other hand, I to  clung for  her  ass.My finger on the clitoris awakens her passion, and I feel like her ass bounces on my penis.  I allow her to become even more excited, and resuming a soft push forward, my penis is inserted  the in  already half its length.  Soon the orgasm washed over her, followed by the movement of her ass. In this way, with no effort on my part, she put in her ass my penis to its full length.And if she cries now, it is not caused by her pain, but from the intense sensuality of her  sensations in the ass. She continues to squeeze the muscle sphincter exciting my penis.  - Never, ever fuck with you so do not fascinated me!  She wraps her face, and tears filled her eyes sensuality.I continue to caress her clitoris  she screamed in ecstasy. I've poured out streams of sperm in  her ass  hole. When pulling out his penis, I find some traces of blood, but do not attach any single value. She sweetly kisses and thanks: - This is a new lesson of love overflowed my admiration! Thus ends the first lesson, which is guided Lizzi on this path of pleasure. I can say that it proved if specially created for giving and receiving the most exquisite pleasure is in ass. Later it developed into a magnificent woman with a very seductive ass and she loved fuck, especially in the ass. 

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Ready-made answers How are we going to take another test !

ready-made answers  How are we going to take another test ! 
-Better think about how we lose virginity!  Their teacher's name was Oleg. The girls admired  that in  men, gray hair on his temples, a broad chest and correct posture.- What kind of folder is it?  - Answers? Girls looked at each other : -Today, I spend the night with you!   The house of Oleg Borisovich was not closed  door on the lock. The teacher was in a bedroom on the couch. Girls  clamped  their mouths with his hands, eyes  widened in horror. Penis Oleg Borisovich stood. The teacher was sleeping peacefully.Well, look closely - it is three times thicker than ours holes! .. What are you doing??  Zhenya saw that a MARY pulled her hand to the male penis. Mary stroked the huge penis. from this  caresses the penis  he suddenly shuddered, as if alive. But Oleg continued to bed, and girl again gamed with  the  penis. Eugeniya  tried to encircle the penis fingers, and saw that the penis is more swollen.  -Hold it! - Said Masha, when Eugene pulled the skin on the penis.  -Are you crazy! - Masha gasped, seeing that Eugeniya  touched the tongue of the penis.  -Take it in your mouth ... - Eugene licked her lips, watching closely as the  her tongue handles  penis. Mary opened her mouth wide and took a huge penis, and she began to caress, as best he can, with  the help  lips and tongue.  Then she glanced at her friend:  -And they say "suck dick".  But he's barely fits in her mouth -  as sucking  as a pacifier, do not get! - Give , I'll try!. Mary made her lips in a ring, while the penis enter  in  mouth. So the girls were amused, trying more and more games with a new toy. Hooked on a new fun, they did not notice that Oleg B. has long been all  sensed, and even moaned . And they were surprised when the penis is suddenly stiffened and threw a thick stream of sperm directly into person. The girls watched as the penis continued to give smelly cum, filling their faces. They were afraid even to move, and even blinking only when the elastic drops flew in the face. Oleg sat on the bed and saw in front of himself faces  in sperm . -What's going on here?  Eugeniya  is always very clever, she suddenly said:  -You have forced us to take by mouth for the responses of control tests!  -What-oh-oh?? A man was  alone - no one would believe that the girls themselves have decided to suck it. And furthermore, who believe that he did not wake up when it all began? The result , all on their faces.  -Answers in this folder - Oleg wearily waved his hand toward the chair.  -It's not all - Masha screwed up her eyes, picking up the idea of a girlfriend. -You do understand what you are doing? This is blackmail! - The teacher saw on the faces  students pleasure. -  What else? At me  have of money is less  than in  your parents.  -The money,  do not care ... you are depriving us of virginity, and teach a thing or two in bed! You're our teacher, that's and to began   teach! -Masha! - Zhenya was horrified, thinking that a Masha asks only for the top five all further studies.  Yes, you are crazy ! - Was terrified man, looking  on girlish figure.  Eugeniya, who came in after a girlfriend, deliberately said :  -They say that the sperm is very good for analysis of DNA. -Well ... first lesson. If the man had finished, but it is going to continue, he should be excited - talking teacher, caressing elastic roundness    Masha's  and not forgetting a little touch to  nipples, that  instantly hardened. Masha already trembling under the sure hands, touch her in various places, she stopped : -All! Zhenya now!  Seeing the confused girl, the teacher encouraged her:-Lesson Two. You have beautiful bodies, young tender,  with tight a ass hole , with elastic breasts.  Any man will be happy to see your naked body ... Do not be shy to show himself in all its beauty! Spellbound words of Oleg Borisovich, Eugeniya  took off clothes. The teacher was already there, his hands stroking a ass   hole of girl, and she started rubbing her vagina on man's penis.  Well, that's the result! - he  smiled, showing a huge penis .  Oleg B.   sat on the couch and asked the girls to sit on his knees on either side, facing him. -Open your knees wide. Lesson Three. For men there is no better gift than a woman's vaginal moisture and  the  it vagina  wetter than it  is the more expensive gift. With these words Oleg to  inserted fingers  into their vaginas of girls .  Masha arched, her breasts rose high, and Eugene moaned, biting her lip. -Lesson Four. Do not leave a man without attention. The more you give it, the more he  will do.  The girls began to fondle his penis. Meanwhile, Oleg began to kiss  vagina then  Masha   then Eugeniya .  Finally, the teacher realized that the girls are beginning to sit down on his fingers. He put the girls in front of him and tried to penetrate the vagina of every with help   his tongue. And each, moaned in hope that the tongue penetrate further.  - Lesson Five. - Said the teacher, when the girls in  his disposal ,  delivered a man and a aesthetic pleasure. -You may find it unnatural, when the mind ceases to control the body. For the last, Masha pleaded:  -I want to ... Please! -Lesson Six - the teacher said, shifting in the direction of Masha, so that his penis was in front of her vagina.  - Do not be afraid to show a man as you want. - Especially a man can be happy if you do enter it penis into itself.  And now, - said Oleg, when Masha met all of what he asked for - to send penis to yourself vagina . Eugenia  saw of the teacher introduces the penis in their vagina  of Masha. It seemed impossible that a huge penis fit into such a small hole. However, Oleg B.  panted,  his penis is  squeezed in a tight vagina. As the penetration of the penis  in vagina of Masha from  her  mouth was moans. She  wanted to ask:  "Just entered ?", But the feeling was amazing, and she even slightly pushed the penis by hand . When the penis rested against an elastic wall of  vagina , Oleg wiggled her hips a bit, causing the penis is almost fully entered. Eugeniya watched with admiration as the penis in entered from a small hole, then re-enters in  vagina  to stretching.  -Lesson Seven - Oleg growled. - Do not hold pleasure . Passion is wonderful! Sounds of women groaning under the man - the best music to his ears! He  felt moving  penis  inside the girl , Oleg felt that his penis in of her  own juices moves quite easily.His hands firmly gripped girl's thigh, and he abruptly took to strongest  pressure  this obstacle. Mary, this is enough to moaned, screamed and tried to get off the penis. But the man's hands, compressing the thigh, did not allow her to do so. When becoming a woman, Mary was silent, his fingers began to caress her  breasts and  he squeezed them. And finally, Mary began move  her ass to   meet exacting teacher. Oleg began a fuck  her . From his movements on the inside of the thighs of  girl reached out two red track - evidence depriving  virginity, but neither Mary nor Oleg did not want to stop. Masha, moaned in voice, and feelings from penis   did not last long. Her body has  start move  to the beat of shocks in the crotch. Mary sat down   on the sofa, and Eugeniya  have eagerly took  his penis in  itself.  At this time, the teacher and girl student are   began  to  finish about the same time. At first,  she  squealed thinly, bent even more. Immediately after it growled and Oleg. He pulled the penis, not paying attention, that of a girl too. Blood flowed in half with their juices. Streams of semen poured on each side, running down to the anus, from  flooding is still revealed to her vagina.  Masha and Zhenya walked  home. The teacher drove them into the shower before departing, but the panties were not on them - Oleg asked them on  memory.

Deprived of virginity and fucked one by one in the mouth

Deprived of virginity and fucked one by one in the mouth
She crawled on my knees, her they hold  the leash at Sergey , causing pain.  -girl is  new, just two days in Moscow? - This phrase is Vladimir.She remained kneeling in front of Vladimir.  -Which of my boys  deprive  deflowered her mouth? - With these words, his hand crept to her  vagina, and began to massage her. -Bogdan, yesterday I sucked him.  -Who is your ass deprive of virginity ,  fucked ? - He said, as his finger caressed her  clitoris.  -Bogdan, three more guys yesterday, they fucked me in the ass, two of them made from   me a sandwich and  they entered my ass together ....  -I see you like this talk, Nastya? Her vagina was already wet. - In mouth  sperm smell, you've sucked today?  Yes, that's just fucked my throat Sergey - her  voice became very quiet,  she thought only of the penis of  Vladimir.  He became immersed in her  vagina with the words "I love to tear the virgins," suddenly came up  penis on  barrier. She  cried, and he quickly moved and broke my virgin pleura. She  screamed on eyes welled tears. In order not to feel pain,  she  began to stroke  clit. But despite the smooth movements,in  her   was penis. After ten minutes of blood came with her  juices.  - As you narrowly, felt  pleasure. Not that in the blonde, vagina wide.  Vladimir ordered: - Bitch , on the floor! - He thus appealed to Darin. Vova, you fuck ass whores, lie down, Sasha, will be fuck her vagina from the top, you whore, you'll lick the anus Sergei. Sergei, give in  mouth Nastya! Soon Darin has fucked in the vagina  and ass, she began to lick the anus Sergey,her face was about  in his ass. She  forced to sit by a vagina  on him penis. Since she lost my virginity about an hour ago, vagina  ached, and he began to fuck her  like crazy.  She screamed, he grabbed one hand on her  boobs and began knead.  She started crying,  but  her  mouth fucked  Sergei. He began to fuck her  in the throat, tough and ruthless. Tears flowed from her  eyes.  She  now and then received a slap from Sergei,he beat the eggs on her chin, boobs picked up  Sergei began to twist the nipples, but do not forget to stick her  little mouth on his enormous penis. Penis of  boss  fucked her  vagina ,she mooed through the penis Sergei. Suddenly, Sasha took the whip and struck the Darina  ass. She started crying, red abrasion on her ass, and Sasha, picked it up to her by the hair:  - Will , bitch,  gave   to  fuck  the vagina  for  all. - Sasha, Darina hit again. Sergei became to  cum  to her face, but the sperm was not enough.  Her  mouth was free,  now the pleasure her brought only  the penis in vagina . Soon after  had finished Vladimir, she was left lying , felt  to  aching vagina, leash was in the hands of Vladimir. We began to see how  Vova  fucked Darin. Vova began to  cum, clutching her huge boobs,after  pushed her leg. .....

Introduction to the first cock.

My name is Lena,  me now 20 years old. I'm learning in  university. I grew up with a mother who worked as a cleaner in a factory. Wealth has never been. Therefore,  me  there was nothing to transfer. The only thing was said to friends: "Her the genes passed on to you." It's true. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, big breasts,  long legs.I never saw her boyfriend. My mother enjoyed the sponsorship help,  they enjoyed her kindness. I set a goal to finish school with a gold medal and leave school. coming home, I caught drunk mother in the company of another friend. These mom's friends were trying to be alone with  girl's body in my room. But  they     virginity no deprive me . I came from school and saw strangers in  house . The  man  offered a toast for his daughter .   And  to  me poured a glass of vodka. The mother began to protest, but he who called Mike ordered a drink with him! I flatly refused. "Mike,"  me  threatened to punch: "What are you do not respect me?" Then "Mike" sat close to me and laid a heavy hand on my back. Do not be afraid I as     dad - he said. I did not do hurt, but nice. And he put his hand on my knee. I tried to escape, but he grabbed my neck and pulled her to her face. And his breath smelled terrible, is not speaking of the rest. I clenched teeth, when he started to fondle me. He abruptly stepped back and punched me in  face. And when he once again started to kiss me, I had to open up your mouth.  He  immediately entered into  my  mouth  his tongue. I obeyed. He began to knead my chest and did not pay attention in my resistance. My heart was beating at a furious pace, and breathing increased. Hands .. rapist climbed into my crotch. And then he began to introduce his fingers, but, feeling that my vagina is dry it is forced me to lick those fingers. I obeyed. He again began to enter the already wet fingers into the hole of my virginal body. My abuser with pleasure whispered a smile to my face: "So you're still a virgin?!". "I'll now make a woman" - he told me.  I wanted to run out of the house, but he threw me on the table, he immediately pressed me with his body. I was defenseless. From my eyes flooded with tears.  "Your mother is busy servicing my friends' penises, she sucks a good penises. "he said. Indeed, behind the door  only rhythmic moans and heavy breathing the mother.  I saw the penis of an excited man. Only now I realized that this penis is meant just for me and did not understand how he can fit in my vagina. At this time, my crotch was abundantly lubricated saliva. Then he pulled me closer to the edge of the table and put his feet on his shoulders. Then I closed my eyes and she could feel like a big penis pushing my body and rests on my virginity. Pain,  pain inside of me. I open my eyes wide and mouth, and I want to scream, but his palm prevents this instinctive attempt. Penis, who had just robbed me of my virginity began slowly and then picking up speed to move in my vagina. With each dive, I felt that authority power and heat emanating from it penis. Rapist began to knead my chest. Penis did not stop for a moment, he seemed to hammer nails into me. I captures or conveys myself thinking depraved that my vagina is already included in the taste and the process begins to like her. "Oh, yes you, daughter, began to flow," - Said with a grin, "Mike." My face flushed with shame, I fought in two senses: lechery and honor.  Me  fucked a man who gave me life, but totally unknown to me,  his and  my age is 25 years old. Lost in thought, I instinctively took his head and began stroking. - What is like? I nodded. How not to like such a big, hard penis - I thought. Initial pain left my body, and only the waves of lust began to diverge at me. I must have inherited as whore from mother . 10 minutes ago, I have resisted, tried to escape and is now beginning to enjoy. From my chest started to break out the groans and moans of pleasure. You do not waste time here! Mikhailovich, when you  a girl  began  to fuck ? - heard the voice of man with an iron smile. Join us if can - Mihalich said. Go ,Sergei, Lena, and your penis in your mouth   took . Serge at this time gave  a penis and put to my lips. Caught unawares, I opened my mouth, and penis penetrated me with a tenacity almost to the throat. I felt totally humiliated that I was even more excited. My lips and tongue, if he did not obey me, and have started to carry out the work that they have just offered. Serge, holding my head over his penis , began to stick my mouth on  juice  my mother's . As  the sounds  my mouth more like  on pleasure.. They exchanged impressions of communicating with me. I was with them, like a whore for two. From all these thoughts  I knocked at the eerie orgasm, first orgasm of my life. I have never experienced never, even in fantasy. I almost fainted. Suddenly, the men switched places. As soon as I hugged her lips penis, which was the first in my life, he blew a tight jet of hot sperm. I did not know what to do, because my mouth was completely filled with tart, sticky liquid. Trying to swallow, I realized that this is an empty exercise, because the new portions of sperm filled my mouth. The whole chin, too was filled with flowing cum. These new feelings for me. I did not notice that Serge smeared my juices his penis in  my little  ass  hole. I felt his finger as he massaged my anus. But at this point his finger gave way to something more extensive, and then I realized that the penis rested against my anus. I wanted to protest and tried to get up, but on me  dropped a heavy hand -it was a Mike. Under the pressure of the anus  penis succumbed. The pain, the wild pain shot through me. It was another pain as if  with   me pulled a big stick. Sergei was waiting to see my hole   her  to size, and only then began to fuck me. I realized that I would be better to relax and concentrate on new feelings. A few minutes later, I started just spewing juices from her vagina, there were so many that they ran down to the penis, and even softened the process.  "Mike" started playing with my nipples, and I with his penis. I rubbed his breakneck speed in the increased size clit, which naturally led to a rapid climax. My convulsions were so strong that prompted Sergei shoot jets of hot sperm into my anus. By this time the father's penis in my hand scored full force, and   of drooping penis in my ass "Mike", who, after a couple of dozen of frictions finished. As they  left,my father gave the money that has thrown me on my stomach and said, "this is your panties." On the morning mother crawled in a wild hangover. And she saw me lying on the table: What is a whore, all are   fucked  ? Do you have money and pay: - angrily she shouted. The mother took the money and took himself. After my "acquaintance" with his father, he had not yet just come to visit us, and often with friends, which catered to I  and  my mother in turn. After they left the money his mother gave to me. Friends and acquaintances "Mike"came to fuck  me and mother  , led more and more new "customers." Coming home from school, I did not have time to put the books, as what-Client fucked me.  At me I have been, and "clients" to which I came after school a secret from his mother.  These "clients" were given a decent, according to my standards money  I tried to get by maximum.  As these  my earnings  I gained the money to start a new life in Moscow.     I graduated from school with a gold medal that me allowed no entrance exams to enter university.  At first I lived in a university dormitory. But once I was approached by a man about 50 years. When we they talked, it turned out that he was a German photographer working in Russia for the Dutch firm. Otto - the so- was my new friend asked me to try out photo-business, to which, after a little persuasion and explanations, I agreed. Our contract, decided my financial problems and a lot has changed in my life.

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The teacher

Nina was beautiful, intelligent girl. She hired a tutor in mathematics. The teacher was a young man 22 years. Nina liked it immediately. The teacher  named Sergei. He came every day and they were together. He  want spend the night with   Nina at the weekend. While Nina walked, Andrew layed into  coffee a little bit of sleeping pills. Nina has brought candy, drank coffee and went to bed. When the hypnotic powder acted  Sergei to the bed  tied her hands.  -Sergei, untie me. -said the girl.  - Because I want you. Do not you want this? - Sergey asked  and taking   off his  pants.  Yes,- the girl said .  -Well then, do not yell, 'With these words the tutor said,' You  virgin ?  Yes, - said Nina. Sergei began to massage her small tits. Then the tongue began to lick her tight nipples. A gentle moan issued from  her  lips  , she  has never experienced such a pleasure. Then he spread  to  sex lips  her vagina . Andrew began to caress the clitoris tongue. After you went down below and put his tongue into her vagina. Nina could not stop moaning all the time. After enjoying  of the sweet nectar of virgin vagina, Sergei ordered to take his penis in her mouth. She refused. Then he realized  that  Nina is not ready for it. Sergey has decided to caressed  her  clit .   He decided to bring a girl  at  maximum pleasure. He ordered her to raise the legs and bend . Once swallowed her clitoris. Ston was prognostic of what her is very good.  Sergei  did not stop to caress her clit tongue licking it, sucking labia girl  and thrust his  tongue as deeply into her vagina.  The result was not long in coming. The girl moaning,  this was  sounds of lust. Such a divine pleasure she could not even imagine. Nina herself sent to his penis in  hot and wet vagina. Sergey quickly untied the rope and planted a girl on his penis. From the her  vagina   was bled with secretions and then finished Sergei. Then Sergei dressed and left. Nina wash off everything. And next weekend, they did it again.
 Real Act of Defloration! Video!

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Girl - thief.

I remember everything like it was yesterday - said Aunt Vera. - I turned 18 years, I was an adult woman, but still loved sweets as a child. Igor I also liked, and I came up with a plan to seduce him. Once in the store, I specifically had stolen a jar of honey, while the seller has not seen .. Igor. Before I stick  the bank under her skirt, as I suddenly felt that was someone  leaned over and said. "Something you have today, a strange gait, Faith," - he whispered. I cried. But Igor said firmly;  "Let's go in here," where you hid  fact that stealing? "I felt the blush fills my whole face. Igor came up to me, so  he  put  ass on  table, standing in the middle of the room. But Igor did not give up: "You  or   have do it for you?" I was so embarrassed that  I  could not say anything. But the next moment, Igor pulled up dress , so that her panties were the only thing that hide my nakedness. No man  me had not seen naked.  "So that's it! Girl Vera - a thief - he said, holding  the jar of honey. - I can say for it to the police?" - "Oh, no," - I whispered, trying to hide behind his hands, but Igor picked me up and   sat   me on the table. Then put  on my vagina his hand. Igor put his finger inside, but I screamed that he took  hand. "Hush, friend, I just wanted to see how you're chaste, you're still seems to be a virgin?" - He whispered, and then took that same finger in his mouth and began licking.  Fell to the floor of my panties. I was lying completely naked on the table in front of the Igor. "Since you are so fond of honey,    I will give you, - he said quietly, dipping two fingers into the jar. - Sit down." I sat down and began to tentatively lick honey from his fingers which he put to my lips. It was so nice that after a few seconds, I completely forgot about her shyness and began to greedily suck. but Igor said that it is unfair if I lick all the honey one. He became a dab honey on my chest. Faith felt her nipples swell and harden. Igor carefully began to nibble and kiss lick the honey from them. Its taste,  she once again felt only when  he  is finally kissed  her  on the mouth. "We still have some  - Igor whispered.  - I warmed to the bank by hand ..." He gently spread on her legs, and the next moment she  felt like something viscous   he poured on  her  delicate petals, as peeping timidly between  her  legs  her  vagina. "It must not, should not see this " -  she  repeated , but involuntarily wider and wider she  spreads her legs. But  her  vagina was opened in front of him only when he lifted her legs over his shoulders.  His tongue began to caress  secret virgin bosom, lick clit. And then Igor managed to shove his tongue so deep inside, that out of my eyes gushed tears  of delight. "It is not necessary" - she  groaned, and then Igor let  her  go so abruptly that  her  ass is banged loudly on the table.  " passionate  girl , - he said.  She puzzled with some feeling the before she realized that he had slipped under her  arm. Because in the next moment he released his penis to freedom, and she was so scared that  grabbed him and would not gave  enter  let a few seconds.  She watched anxiously as the penis stood silently swaying from side to side in all its glory. The thought that he intends to get into  her  vagina  forced  her  tight squeeze feet. But at the same time   filled with awe   which strongly spreads throughout the body. "Do not be afraid," - whispered, Igor, he took her  legs and spread them as long as his huge penis is  was  close to her vagina. Then Igor pulled  her  ass off the table and held her hands behind round buttocks.  She  clutched at the table, and she could only hope that he will not abandon her  to the floor. I closed her eyes and prepared to take in everything that he had. But nothing happened.  She  lay for a long time with the screwed-up eyes and waited, but in the end  she  saw   smiling face Igor.  "First, that next Saturday will go to dance with me" - he whispered. Then she  suddenly felt like to her  back her  sense of shame. She  again closed her eyes and whispered that  she  agreed. The next moment she  felt a powerful impulse, and cried out in pain at first, and then with surprise that he entered  to  her vagina . In the beginning was the feeling that just breaks her . But when the penis is inside the vagina,  her  wet lips gently closed around the shaft of  penis and missed his penis deeper inside, as it was supposed to. Nothing could stop him on the way to the cherished goal - losing my virginity, and when he approached her, then pulled it decisively once and for all.  She  heard the cry . He began to move at a furious pace from his shock, she  did not understand what was happening to her . But after moment, everything came together in the moo, and then  she just began screaming wildly.  This was caused by convulsive contractions between  her  legs. Delicate red stream flowed out of  er  vagina. She   both felt like something inside her  erupted and began to pour all that was deep inside of her . After that, his great body fell .  No rest he did not have someone knocking loudly on the door shop. He tucked in a quick motion to open his trousers and ran, and I sat under the table, listening to it serving the customer. In the shop was all: peas, flour, tobacco, sugar, and herring .. All but the jars of honey.

Sweet loss of innocence.

Finally, I'm ripe! I curiously examined my penis. He had grown and strengthened. I openly admired my penis. This was a real man's cock, which one would envy. Once I began to measure his penis with a ruler. I do not even notice how my father came into the room.  - And how measured? - He asked quietly. - Nineteen! .. - I said.  - Yes, it is great! .. He grew up! .. In the summer you go in the village, you will be helping on the farm his grandfather. I came to the village, when he had to stock up for winter hay. As a reward for my hard work my grandfather gave me permission to the  idleness. And I soon became bored of the city, but then it appeared... Her name was Tanya. She was older than me by seven years. Tanya stopped off for a week in the village. She  it was considered Grandfather's niece, and, therefore, to me - my aunt. I had seen her, so soon ceased to be bored. When she is not looked at me, I looked at her slender figure. At that moment, when she  showed a beautiful hip or heavy breasts, I felt terrible excitement. My penis was unconscionable. Tanya saw and understood it, and it is, apparently, gave a great enjoy her  . And before leaving Tanya decided to take a shower. Grandfather in a wooden bath-house has flooded the stove. I had to put  water in the bathhouse. I was in love with Tanya, and she worried  me as  woman. It was getting dark. I watched her.   I see all her movements.  - Darling  boy - Tanya sang softly, looking over the half-open door. - Bring me, please, some more water.  - What are you, my boy, are you silent? Naked aunt had never seen? - Well, go on, ! What Grandpa is doing out there? .. It is desirable that he did not see ... From these words I  frightened . But I well remember how Tanya  began undressing me and kissing sweetly moist mouth, lips, caressed my body  her delicate fingers. While in the bath was hot, I was shaking. - My boy! - Tanya said quietly. - Go here! Calm yourself, my good!  Her soft sweet voice acting for me, and I have already replied to kissing. I caught the tongue and sucked into the mouth. I was very nice, and I'm thrilled.  - Tanya, I love you! I love you very much! .. And for some reason I could  help crying, and tears rolled down my cheek.  Small  boy ! - Just like my mother said Tania and patted me on the head. - I thought that you  a great,  my small boy  ! Would you like boobs? .. Here, take my sweetie! .. And she really gave  into my mouth  a hard nipple. I began to suck as an infant, and I liked it, and I enthusiastically drew the nipple into his mouth. Tanya, her eyes closed, panting, and her graceful hand gently sank her fingers into hair   abdomen. And lo and behold, my penis up and I shamefully took   his in   hand. Tanya  to  opened my legs, penis jumped. - Lie down, lie down! - She whispered excitedly, laying on my bench.  She sat down at my feet on the bench and  elastic  breast  hugged my   penis. I'm excited, so that felt a wave of sweet hot to the testicles, and I suddenly poured   the transparent-white liquid. The jet hit  in her  chest, neck, chin and dripped on my stomach. I was frightened and anxious   looked at Tanya. Tanya smiled and gently stretched out her hand and gently stroked my head.  - Oh, my sweet, what are you fast! It's okay! .. What is it you have a nice! .. Cool! ..Odor of my liquid excited me, and I once again felt the sweet languor of the abdomen. My penis   stood  again, and increasing in size, ran into Tanya's flat stomach. - Oh, my sweetie! - She sang happily and gently put her fingers on   penis. - But what you .. I did not know to whom she spoke these words me or my penis, but it was still nice. I both hands began  caress   her  elastic chest and hard nipples. Tanya, stroked my hard penis. Tanya leaned and  took  my penis was in her mouth. I got scared and jerked. Tanya raised her head and looked at me anxiously. -   Boy , so uncomfortable? - She asked.  - I do not know - I said timidly, - in fact it ... - I could not find the right words - ... taken into the mouth ... contrary, perhaps?  - Fool! - Simply and tenderly she said. - It's a French love! .. I relaxed , and Tanya caressed so that I felt dizzy, and I even seemed  to lose a few times consciousness. - My boy, my sweetie! - Kissing passionately she whispered. - Want to become a man? .. You're no longer afraid of? .. That's good! .. You just do not strain, and be quiet! And do not hurry, do not finish it fast! .. You are now a little distracted, think about something else! Good? .. I closed my eyes and very distracted. But I felt my hard penis slowly sunk into something soft and cozy, and some divine warmth, suddenly swept down the whole, gave me an extraordinary feeling. I opened my eyes. Tanya sat on me, and, resting his hands on my breasts, gently moved her hips. My excited cock, like a pump, then  immersed    in the Tanya, then show up. She moaned softly, and with each thrust more and more squeezed the head of my penis. I felt a warm wave approximation, and me  gripped the fear that I finish early, and    tensed all body. Tanya, being with me in close contact, caught my anxiety.  She just pushes in the ass a rapid pace and whispered:  - My sweetie! .. All ... Do not limit yourself! .. Stop it! .. All, stop! .. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! .. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! .. Tanya sat on my penis  all the way, she was  very tense, holding his breath, is something incoherently mumbling to himself.  And at that moment I felt a hot  surge , as if inside of me suddenly exploded volcano, the epicenter of which were my swollen testicles.  - Oh-oh-oh-oh! .. - I cried, not from fear, with pleasure, clutching frantically round Tannins buttocks.  - Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! .. - The second was Tanya, pressing  at me his body. Tanya, gently smiling, poured me out of the bucket and gently washed my body relaxed. I'm  from love watched her, and me   nothing wondering, too, smiled.  - My  small   man! - Seriously Tanya said and kissed on the lips. - What are you sweet boy! .. No, no! You   already man! .. You're  very  sweet man! .. Always, when you're making love to a woman, give her the opportunity to finish, then always be a favorite! Remember this, my sweet man ! I do not remember how to get to bed, I was sick and swayed, but still it was very nice. It is only touched bed and fell asleep. I woke up from some anxiety, penetrated into the soul of anxiety pressed on the stone love with the heart.  - Tanya, Tanya, my! - Flashed through my head. - She's going away from me, going away for good! .. I quickly jumped up and ran out into the yard. In the courtyard his grandfather smoothing network. - Father, where Tanya? - I asked anxiously.  - Tanya? - Calmly asked his grandfather. - Tanya has gone! .. Are you really not know? - And he smiled slyly. - She you said goodbye when you still slept like a log. She kissed you sleep in the lips and said: let sleeping sweet man! ..  And the old man turned away, pulling on the network.

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Defloration in russian.

I remember that  evening when Kate came to me. She was looking for her boyfriend of Boria.  - Kate,  to  would  drink with  me ? He  opened the door, she just saw his  in some tight shorts, she   immediately looked down. When I got back, she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. She was dressed in a dress, barely covering her legs. I'm looking at her rounded breasts, he noticed a pink dress stood out through the nipple.  Yes, this girl was no bra! I was suddenly so excited. I took a bottle of "Coke."  - "The girl did not stop to relax, I thought, and poured in some vodka glasses, -" yes, and I too, "thought, looking at her nipples . I sat down beside her and clung to her lips. In the entire universe was just me and her. Eternity, when we kissed  in  lips. She opened her beautiful eyes, and I drowned in them all without a trace. He understood  she , the passionate, hot, and all wet,  under  her same panties  has stood out  a wet spot . She was in his  hands. She got up and I saw  her  in all its glory. A look at what was - thin waist, wide hips, and sitting up after fondling my breasts - all beckoning to him. Men's instinct, appreciating her body craved   to  fuck it. She wanted me, I saw it.  - "I want to Kat  did it ..." - more and more excited, I said, approaching her. I threw away jeans and pulled her to him. My penis has already risen. I  took in  my hands  her plump ass, pulled penis  . My penis went into the hollow between her legs. She moaned and pressed her entire body to me. I insert  his penis gently between her legs. Even through her panties it was good. Finally, she thrust his hand into the gap between the cowards and  a penis. The penis  from  her touch sharply  to  stood . Again as   she  wanted to take it back, but I held her hand. - "Take them, because they interfere," - said i.    She  took off my pants. My big penis   already stood  a huge front of her face. Probably she had never been with men, and saw penis for the first time. She leaned back slightly, then brought his face so that I could feel her hot breath on his penis. Suddenly she her lips touched the my  penis. Then she took him so deeply that I began to moan with pleasure. But she learned quickly, and within a few moments, she helped his tongue, while taking it, then thrusting penis deeper into her mouth. I have all the sweating and breathing often. She is a great variety  in sex  and this of brought me pleasure. I've barely been contained, I just felt the madness. I took  hands behind her head and pressed it to her. So deep it was! I shudder the whole, finished right in her mouth. She licked my penis and swallowing cum. I lifted her and gently laid on the bed. I kissed her - a long, long time. I spent a tongue on her chest, then took her nipple in his mouth.  Her    nipple    to swelling from my gentle touch. I spread her legs wider. I approached face-to- her small  pussy. She all melted by this tender touch, my lips were immediately wet with her secretions. But before she could  felt pleasure , as I spent more tongue, and then even more. I did not stopped  these greedy movements. I myself  receiving  a never-ending pleasure from her moans, from its flexible and slender body. She, too, had caressed her chest. Suddenly, her moans turned to  one long moan she  full of passion. From her vagina  flowed a  moisture, so much of her I have not seen. It is an indescribable look as  just finished a woman. It's been a tremendous peace of mind and satisfaction, it's makes a man proud of himself. - "What a strange" Cola ", she said.  - "Diet. Come on I'll wash my - I suggested.  She got into the shower, I stood next to her. When I finished washing her , and began to wash her chest, the excitement came over me. It would also gain from this enjoyment. Her nipples became more and breasts become simply  stunning look. I bent down and began to wash her feet. She lifted her long beautiful legs. I must say that her ass drove me crazy from the start. I'm a little caressed her big round breasts and then her said:  - "Let me wash my back you." Her ass, tempting was very close. She bent down so that her ass has become more rounded and sexy. I approached her closely. My penis touched her tender ass, and she moved up her and down . I grabbed  her  with both hands on the hips, then lowered so that her ass was between my legs. Finally, I drew a strong movement to myself and my penis went into her ass. She gasped, but I did not let her, but instead moved his penis in her ass. She suddenly she bent down below, so I felt comfortable garazdo, I was even able to take  her chest. I began to move rhythmically in her body, and she slipped in my hands.  I enjoyed it a great entry into the body, and caressing her rounded breasts. She moaned, her hand  rubbed her vagina to the beat of my movements. This was something! I have never experienced this  pleasure  with other girls.  I fucked rhythmically and strongly, going into  her  the entire length of penis. I felt that I will soon finish and increased the tempo of their movements. Then she moaned loudly and moisture ran down between her legs, immediately dissolved in water, and after a few seconds and I'm finished.  - "I want you, I want right now in front. You're so wet." - I whispered in her ear, and strongly pressed her to him. Suddenly she seemed afraid of something, recoiled.  - "You know that I am a virgin?" - She asked. At that point I had no desire to think about anything. Her body  beckoning me, promising bliss. I did not answer, but it seems, and so  she  understood. I moved closer to her, took her by the knees and spreaded them .  She was  moaned  so passionate and hot that I wanted to possess her all night. I took her by her slender waist. My penis rested in her wet pussy, slipping on her  very easily. It took of her hips, this  seems very  pleasure . And her vagina  has become wet, wetting my penis. I wanted her as none other was my  woman in the  in all  world. I wanted  to drive this huge, well-oiled it with moisture penis straight into her wet vagina until it stops. She wanted to take me , but as if waiting for   also  something. Finally, she grabbed my penis at the base, and sent it into the vagina. She moved a little, feeling, as he moves in  her ,  she  felt his  entire length, every inch. She realized that no longer a virgin, everything went so smoothly. But now she can do with your body whatever you like, do not fear. She  began  to  move again, then again. I gave her to enjoy this moment. Here the walls of her vagina  squeezing my penis  could to  cut her vagina and it was so beautiful. I lifted her so that she to sat on me. Then she planted herself on me that my cock went into her capacious  complete vagina. - "Damn, well, learns quickly  is this girl" - I thought . She is enjoying the freedom of his body from the shackles of virginity, is now moving rhythmically. Each time an effort, so I went into it deeper, it touched me with his pubis. Sometimes she inserted  into  me to a harsh, so I felt a blow on her uterus, and sometimes it was moving slowly, trying to penis  enter  as deeply as possible into her vagina . Between her legs again soon flowed liquid that dripped on my penis on the bed. I have received an incomparable pleasure from  wonderful  excited  girl and her  breasts. I began to feel the rising tide in my body. She, too, was close to that end. I felt that my cock as if someone squeezes inside. Gradually, these waves become stronger and stronger. I felt an intolerable desire to pour out into her body, she  seemed to have pushed me to it. I have no control over themselves, wanting to finish as quickly as possible, turned her back and entered her vagina  until it stops. I began   move to the beat of her movements, she moaned, her hands were holding my shoulders,  she  began frantically scratching. Her nails and ready to explode cock frantically moved in her, raping her with such fury that it was all just my penis and he  is penetrated her vagina   through and through. And then I felt as though my penis exploded as to firing the   sperm in her vagina. We just fell into each other's arms, only her eyes thanked me, eager to  I , would not release her  from myself.   - "Well, now", she already wanted to leave, when he promptly hugged  her  and kissed  her  - "I almost forgot  next weekend? Can we meet?"  - "We are pleased ..."

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Michael stood up, walked over to Julie.  - Do you want to experience love? - Julia looked at him stunned, and then looked to Alex.  He  with close attention looked at her.  - I can not - she murmured, - my mother forbids me. - It's impossible, to do this only prostitutes!  - This is a very natural way of pleasure for   loving  man. - But I do not want - she tried to leave, but he held her by the shoulders.  - And if I with Alex very beg   please ?  - With Alex! - Looked with horror at his  Julia.  Is Alex ,with him at the same time? She could not believe it.  - It's not scary, just five minutes - he said as gently as possible.  - No, no, I do  not   make  this  - in a trembling voice she said.  - Would  - in the voice of Michael irritation. He undid his pants and pulled out a  penis. Julia saw the man's penis the first time, especially so close. It seemed to her he  such a terrible and overwhelming that she was afraid to open his eyes again, and   she sat motionless. Suddenly she felt like the penis entered in her mouth, she clenched her jaw and  she  tried to escape. But he grabbed her by the hair. Julia uttered a cry of surprise.- Alex, help, hold her hands! He grabbed Julie by the hand and tied them behind  chair. She cried out in pain and was shook his head, trying to dodge the penis. Michael grabbed her head and began shoving the penis in her mouth. Julie struggles and  clenched teeth. The fight lasted two minutes, then Michael hit her on the face.  Udar stunned girl    . In her eyes was terrible.  - Open your mouth, slut - Michael cried, - count to three. Julie realized that that's all. Her only hope - Alex, which  stood and   looked on all . Alex, with  whom they were friends, even kissing. Alex , he betrayed her. She wanted to scream from the pain and resentment.  Her eyes filled with tears.  - One, Michael's voice shouted, - two ... Julie closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Penis Michael  took  to   insert at the throat of a girl, she was breathless, but    the eye is not open.  - You start to like me - Michael pulled his penis and began to drive on the    lips girl. Then the penis ducked  in mouth  and leaned on  the  her tongue.  - Julia,  to  caress ,  very  beg please- said  Michael. The girl closed her lips  but  her  tongue began to drive on the head of the penis.  Her tongue felt the smooth, tender flesh of the penis,  she  seemed so alive and quivering. Michael began more frequent  to  breath.  - Good, good, - he said - now bitten again. The girl began gently biting the penis just below. Excitement Michael  to gave   her and she felt pleasure in her  body. Suddenly the penis Michael began to pulsate and involuntarily Julie reached for him. She did not want that it to  penis  coming out of her mouth. Michael put his arm around her head, making a translational movement. All this was accompanied by a irregular breathing of Michael and Julia, which made sucking movements. Alex wanted  also, too unbearable to him pleasure, watching. Alex felt his penis, slowly pulsing, began to rise. Julie began  fingers stroking  penis and scrotum Michael. Michael   began did the translational motion faster and faster, he broke down and began to help himself with his hand. Suddenly he took  her  head  strongly  and groaned. Julia felt  as penis from  powerful shocks pushes the sperm, which is spread in the entire oral cavity. She began to lust for her to swallow. Julia opened her eyes and saw Alex, who stood and stared at her. She realized he saw it all. She felt terribly ashamed. Julie felt  she  as the last whore.  - Alex, it's your turn, - said Michael - if you manage to open her mouth, then your girlfriend will bring you pleasure. The girl decided to help Alex and pressed her lips to his penis. Then began to lick and nibble his scrotum. The penis of his was to  strained from each touch of her tongue. The girl began to do the translational motion of his head, his body involuntarily, too, began to move back and forth. He watched as her red lips tenderly embraced his penis, her tongue caressed  penis and inserted  deep into her throat. He finished quickly, but there was so much semen that she coughed  ,  she spat on the carpet. When he finished, Alec felt weak all over and dropped to the floor. Michael stared at him:  - Are you ever slept with a woman?  - No.  - Julia has made you a man.  - I propose to play an interesting game! Julia - the patient, I am - the doctor. Michael - my assistant - he picked up a girl in his arms and transferred it to the table. - Alex, help me to undress the patient, she complained of chest. Julie felt the touch of the hot lips of Michael. His lips eagerly sucked her breasts , he began his mouth and tongue gently caress the nipple.  Girl  felt  to   the vagina spreads warm liquid,and intolerable desire. Alex's hand gently crumpling the  girls breasts. Julie  surrendered involuntarily, Michael began to caress the clitoris with his finger . Another finger  carefully make their way to  deeper inside to wet the walls of the vagina. Julie's body trembled  from weasel Michael's.Girl felt bliss, feeling like twos   guys  gently   sucked  her  breasts, and four hands caress her body. Julia did not resisted, she closed her eyes either from fear or shame. Then Michael knelt at her feet and kissed them, slowly pushing his  hands . Michael  opened what is not decided to write because you will hardly find the right words to describe it. He  pulled up her legs, he is bewitched, looked at her genitals, shining with moisture. Michael could not stand it, clung   to  her vagina  . Julie was writhing on the table from the agonizing sensuality. Highly his legs trembled, and dropped her feet to Michael shoulders. Girl   felt pleasure , as  her small lips drawn into the mouth of Michael, and his tongue pushing them, trying to penetrate the vagina. When Michael's tongue touched the clitoris, -for desire, which was  not Only in  the body, but also  in the head. When the excitement has reached such an extent that it became unbearable, Julie hand pushed him   head and she   tried to stand. But in vain she tried to remove the hands of Alex, who is insane, latched on to her chest. Michael realized that to lose time is impossible. Feet girls were lying on his shoulders, and the road to the satisfaction of his desires was opened. He pulled out his penis and began gently  drive for her labia. The girl once again felt the gentle touch to his excited genitals, groaned with exhaustion. Penis slipped between the labia and began to delve into the vagina. Sensing this, she opened wide with fear his eyes and jerked, but it was too late. She cried out a cry, which is inevitable, and fell down hard on the table. Alex did not understand, and looked at the contorted with pain, the girl's face. Then he saw Michael's penis plunged into the vagina girls, and a thin trickle of red blood flowed from her vagina, spreading on the glossy polished table. Now  already   Alex  to opened  the entrance to the vagina Julia. He waited patiently for their turn.
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