Wednesday, February 15, 2012

White nanny - seduction

 This is a story about the nanny as the black men   to turns into a whites whores - a womans, which is   subordinated of  lust , lewd and vulgar   than   more sexual intercourse, regardless of the number and quality of the partners, the more she  will receive sexual pleasure Julia moonlighted as a nanny. The constant lack of money forced her to move to poor areas of the city, where they became one of the few white families. She was looking for dark-skinned child, but for her it did not matter. Janet's parents were very beautiful dark-skinned couple. In his young age, the nurse had a wide pelvis, beautiful strong thighs, very large breasts. Jack - the child's father, whom she look. The owner is always trying to hide his adult interest in Julia. She wanted so he kept looking at her, so today she wanted to interest him even more - this time, Julie has decided to do not wear a bra and panties. From that moment began the transformation from an innocent girl in a decent and lascivious lewd white slut. Julia did not pay attention to exciting  buttocks  beautiful to   , where  her  ass pass into the thigh, and divides her plump seam pussy in two parts and all shows complete lack of underwear .  Jack took her to his house as a nanny. Julie saw that her huge breasts attracted the attention of Jack, irrelevant. The man sent the girl into the bedroom where his wife changing her clothes. She saw a totally naked Rachel. Julie thought out, but the woman began to tell nanny that today has to do  her    baby. Julie look on   black women - she was slim with average breasts and big but very beautiful buttocks. This mature good woman to look after themselves - her thighs are toned, pussy was completely shaved and her hole over nice large  clitoris stood out. Jack went into the bedroom and began kissing on the lips his wife, tightly clutching her buttocks  his  strong his hands. During the kiss, he began to knead her bare buttocks, absolutely not shy nanny. Julie imagined that she there is, and the hands of Jack stroked her ass. Kiss stopped, and so Rachel said Julia   them shy. Then  Julie went wobbly gait in the living room, where she is now able to absolve themselves of accumulated lower abdomen the voltage. Julie does it so well as the other females in the absence of men - she put her hand on a hot crotch and began to masturbate, to move finger the clitoris. Suddenly she realizes that loud moans, she's afraid to wake the child.  But she inserts into the vagina of his fingers deeper and deeper. She was very excited, but to achieve orgasm, it can not. Then it imagination become more depraved. In it she sees Jack talking to her, that she resolved to help him do it.Then the girl is his big black penis pulsates with excitement - he is very handsome and tidy. In its fancy it helpless, bare-chested and her legs spread and entirely subordinate to his wishes. and Julie increases the rate of their movement, and her body in orgasm . She lies motionless for a while and asleep with the sweet with wide legs and a bare chest. She wiped her wet vagina, wore shorts and shirt back. Then the girl is his big black penis pulsates with excitement - he is very handsome and tidy. In its fancy it helpless, bare-chested and her legs spread and entirely subordinate to his wishes. and Julie increases the rate of their movement, and her body in orgasm . She lies motionless for a while and asleep with the sweet with wide legs and a bare chest. She wiped her wet vagina, wore shorts and shirt back. It was night when the owner came home . She continued after a pause: My husband and I wanted you to know whether you agree to spend some time with me and my husband? .. In the most intimate terms. If you agree, then we pay you more money than now. Do not hurry with the answer and think well. These words are strongly impressed  on Julie! The girl became nervous strongly -    in fact do it  wanted and  she  was certainly agree.  But she   do not hurry with the answer, what if they want to make sure that the nanny did not pervert? Fantasy girl again her absorbs, and she  says, "YES!" Rachel pretty smiles: "Take off your shirt and shorts - stripped to her panties." Jack came in and starts slow to consider Julie, she is excited - the mouth slightly open, her face bathed in crimson. He asked the girl, with whom she would like to start. She lays down on of Julie and begins a passionate kiss two excited females, and Jack with pleasure observes the dark bosom of his wife drowned in a lush breasts young babysitter. He begins to crush  penis. Julie looking at 25 inch penis she was not sure that it is so huge and began to doubt that the penis in her vagina can fit. But as soon as it becomes clear - for the true  whores  this is such size - pleasure. Rachel went down to her virgin breasts. It has been surprisingly resilient and does not lose its shape, even when she lay on the back. The woman began sucking her pink nipples, biting them periodically. A moment later, Jack heard the passionate girl moan - experienced  tongue her wife's  touched    virgin  Julie. Her  tongue in pussy girls    licking the sweet nectar. Julie moved so much ass, that an experienced woman even more pressed his mouth between her legs, continued caress the clitoris. And the girl's orgasm only strengthened. The girl felt the man's hands pushing her legs wide  and... She understands that to madness wants his penis was deep inside her vagina. Jack bites her nipples. Pain and of pleasure. Then he begins to call her dirty words - " little slut," "whore white" and these nicknames degrade and excite her even more. Jack said: "Now, I'll show you how young slut turns into a real lustful slut.  Whore, because I'll pay you money for it. And very soon you'll be just whore - a woman for which do not matter no money, no family - you will be happy only when you have  in  your holes    will move a thick black penis. And you will want only one thing - as much as possible of penis flesh inside, but in order to get it, you'll agree on  all  of  any perversion! "She felt the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Strong psychological humiliation, and already she was ready for anything. Jack continues, "so deflower only real lady, and slut  her will lose as a lustful animal - as-bitch. "With these words, he removes his penis from the entrance to the vagina and put Julia on fours. Jack realized that now is the time to fix the moral humiliation - it's time to subdue the girl physically. He collects the left hand in a bunch of her hair and slowly pulls them into his hand, pulling her head painfully back and right arm begins to knead her buttocks, making her sick. Julie began to moan in pain, sob Julia. More extensive hand hitting her on ass spanking, the ass naked   Julia's quickly turns red. Girls on the cheeks tears flow, but her vagina glistens - it means that she even more excited. Julie can not understand what was happening to her - her stifled resentment and hurt her, but she feels an inexplicable pleasure and excitement their  behavior with her . Jack put his big black head of the penis to her wet pussy. Jack began to pull   strongly hand with her hair. Julie has no choice but to sit down slowly on  his huge penis. And so time has come. Right-hand man Jack continued to beat her ass and it was so painful that it almost does not feel any pain in the vagina. Just felt like inside her vagina under intense pressure penis, . She tried move away, but Jack continued his penis to pull more and more in  her vagina. She did not know that he tore virgin Worthless deliberately slowly, feeling his penis stretch   vagina  and began to tear her .   The girl moaned painfully, she felt that  it   tear her  last  femininity, and in her penetrates the something hot and very  big penis .  Jack enjoyed her tight vagina until it rested somewhere deep inside the cervix. Buttocks and vagina of the girl from flushing glowed with fire  . Jack took  quickly  her finger to massage around clitoris. The pain slowly started to move back in pleasure. And she moaned - again the pain of damaged membrane, the excitement of moving within a large penis and caress the clitoris gave her a perverse pleasure.   Gradually, Jack continued to gather momentum, he will give her pleasure, after which Julie will be a whore. experienced man working with her body as a favorite tool. He was looking for exactly the rate of movement, the depth and intensity  shocks, which will bring her maximum pleasure. And he found him, he felt ,with her mouth began to break out groan and she started  speed up the movement itself. Julia herself was trying to accelerate the approach of an orgasm. But he knows that , inexperienced slut just goes with the desired wavelength, becouse  tightly hands Jack    clasped her ass, continues to move in his chosen rhythm.    Julia has completely lost control of himself,  she  came close to orgasm. Feeling as weak muscles her vagina begin to contract, but her body is trembling Jack instantly make  output his penis. He began to beat Julie's ass and  handed her excitement.  Again, Jack puts his penis and fucks her vagina until then, is not completely exhausted, Julie. He noticed  she wet with sweat , her legs trembling  but the accumulated sexual tension required discharge. Several times he cut short her attempt to help themselves the most, while continuing to interrupt the act in front  her orgasm. In one of those pauses she prayed: "Jack, let me finish, I can not, I still ache in the abdomen  pull."  A man with a smile  replied that "it will end when she realize that    now are  it  white whore for black men." at that she in a trembling voice said that "already she knew who turned in and not be able to live without it." But this Jack response seemed insincere, and he sent it to the "next round" without satisfaction. Again, he asked who she was. Voluptuously moaning  Julie  with  sincerity, which surprised even Rachel said, "Please let your whore finish... I even give your hundred dollars, just let   to  ended  all..." Feeling that the orgasm rises, but Jack does not stop, yielded to passion  as   bitch, she continued to shout: "I . agrees that is born, so in order to extract sperm from black penis and give pleasure to men ... and I will do your every desire just do not stop, I beseech you. " Woman sold so much in her  revelation that when Jack at the last minute pulled out his penis, he was unable to stop her orgasm, and  his  strike just added even more fun young flesh. His  was nothing left, returning the  penis again. Her  teeth into the pillow, she began to throw from side to side, and began to pass through the her  body frequent cramps. Rachel watching from the side, as beautiful full of girlish breasts, notices that her husband slow motion, and the nanny  itself begins  to sit down on his penis. And when he first walked into her tight  virgin vagina, now shiny black penis easily plunged into her vagina. Jack knew how resilient woman's vagina during a stormy climax, and a woman can do any thing, therefore, strongly  in his hands writhing in the throes of a girl's body, he decided to stretch  vagina  maximally. When he first pierced her to the cervix, his penis could dive into her  only halfway. Over time, interrupting her orgasm, he make   sprained her so much that penis    freely plunged in vagina   by two-thirds of its length.   Now her body  fucked huge penis,  to insert    in  her womb.  "More to fuck - in the future it will have to take a full and bigger penises," - thought to myself, Jack, watching  young body in the strongest orgasm. Julie did not seem to feel how much black penis stretched  in her vagina, she completely lost control of his body, arms and legs they  would not obey her. She almost immediately  to lay new wave and new orgasm. It is a pity whined from the experience of pleasure . His  penis are well stimulated pulsatile uterus and vagina shrinking fast - very Jack soon thrusting penis, powerful jets filled the girl's back from   his hot sperm.   Her small neat pussy with small pink lips turned into a ragged piece of meat - their swollen red sex her lips were no longer able to close the jaws distending vagina. Periodically tried to close the hole, but relaxing again widely disclosed. He knew that the vagina will soon calm down - swollen returned the vagina  elasticity. But it vagina  will never return to its former shape.  In  Jack's was  the plans as to stretch her vagina so she could immediately and without pain to take large penises. Very soon it hole will not be able to satisfy more than one small penis. Rachel, too, at that time came, took herself to orgasm her fingers. She praised her husband, that he "opened" the girl almost without blood and  she start to swallow hot cum from back  a   girl. Julie, smiling happily for a long time unable to move, feeling  what her lick the back. A young nanny  was fully satisfied and tried to gather my thoughts. "What to do next and how to behave?" 

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