Thursday, February 2, 2012

She dreams.

Two weeks after I started dating Dasha. My friends have reacted passively, saying something
 like, "Oh, you are now a girl, congratulations." However, it was just better. Only one, my best friend, has made
 not, as I thought. He offered to do group sex. At first I was shocked. I just could not believe that one,
 and the best, wants to fuck my girl! The same is offered, Dasha, I gave up. I called both of them
 and invited them to his home. Dasha came first. Skinny chest delightful topic to converge with a blue skirt.
 Dasha loved to surprise, and so she dropped her special pen, and bent over her. I saw what she went without
panties. its sex lips were already wet. Soon there came mine friend. We chatted for decency, and decided to start.
We sat on the sofa. Dasha also tried to satisfy both at once. However, the
 in the end she succeeded. She sucked my penis, enjoying munching, and other wanker, periodically
 changing at all. Sperm both of us took it in himself, smiling gratefully. Next we moved on to the second stage.
 I stood up and bent a girl with cancer. Friend also wanted a blowjob, perched in front. I gently entered my cock
 in the pussy juices expiring. Dasha quickly realized and tossed her head. Thus, her throat was a direct,
 and can be used for sex. Suppose it was perversion but she liked it. Lasted all this happiness for long.
 My friend pulled after only two minutes, I held a little longer. After these two weeks the most, I found
 Dasha really like that, when finished in  it. I did not deprive her pleasure.
The reward was a loud moan to me that she made and finished. It is time for the third stage, the most fun.
 My friend went back to the sofa, Dasha sat on his cock, and I came back. That was really cool. I went to her in her
 narrow ass, feeling the wall of the intestine is moving over another penis. Dasha such sex before tried, but
  vibrator, and one of me. Finished it three times before my friend came for a third time to orgasm.
 At this time we are at the end, by agreement, and poured out her whole sperm. A friend was gone.
 Dasha was sitting at the computer and looked stiff German porno. Her pussy was wet again. She looked at me
 and whispered: "And let the same." Did  I could not deny the girl? She lay down on a tall black table
that was in my apartment, and spread her legs. I abruptly entered her ass, grabbed her hair and began to pull
 at every frictions. I do not like to hurt the girls, but this time it seems like everything.
 The moans and cries were heard simultaneously. At one point we left off. Breathing heavily,
 I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. There we washed each other, and
 lying in the hot water dreaming about the future ...

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