Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I made the woman from virgin!

Sasha long spotted her in a nightclub. Of course,  this  girl dancing in a short skirt and a thin bra, not could not attract attention. Her uninhibited movement, chest third the size and thin panties - all this made his  penis  to  stand . He was a very handsome young man, around whom was very  much  girls But this time he only wanted to   her -this  girl . Today, the club was scheduled  on student party, and the guy decided that now   time come and he met his a dancer. Anya looked great, though as always. White bra on  her  was very small, and even created the impression that just about seem    look halos of her breasts. Dressing  her set  completed the mini-skirt, tie and traditional pioneer . But she usually danced on stage, but he was far from her at the bar. After drinking two glasses of vodka, Sasha felt freer, and went to dance around to her as dancer. Anya erotic began   move,  she  saw Sasha about  ,  on   scene and she decided it to tease. She leaned toward him and asked: -I Want  to dance  only to you? Sasha did not look into her eyes. Before it was her ghost-bra was almost transparent.A dancer  she smiled, and continued to dance, or rather writhing in orgasm. She swam slowly and show   her ass . Alex could see that her panties today is not just a string, which is no longer covered her vagina. And then in the  excited  state  he got on stage and tore the girl bra and began to knead her nipples. Dancer screamed and tried to alienate. To help her come security. A huge security guard slapped the guy and put up  him out of the club.Two days later, Sasha decided that necessarily   would  to  fuck this girl. Waited until Anna comes  the deserted square, it    waylaid her. -Well, beauty, continue? - He suddenly came up behind her put his arm around her waist. -What are you? Let me go! - Cried Anna. -What are you, baby! That's not necessary to shout! - With these words he shut her mouth with his left hand, and the other continued to hold her. - I  want own you I   want to   fuck her vagina . So, come on.He dragged the girl into the bushes, tied her hands  as  her handkerchief, took off her top  gagged her, and prudently withdrew from the feet sharp hairpins. -My girl, you ready? Anna moaned and tried to escape, but this is not a tough guy and gave her a chance to escape. -Girl, I'll be gentle. And if you want to please me most, I'll be happy.He pulled the girl's jeans and found that under them there is nothing. Only clean-shaven pubic area and the same perfect pussy. -Mmm, now check to see what you're sweet, - he laid his victim on the grass, and clung to her pussy, slowly and languidly  began  suck   sex lips. Anna resisted, but her body was shaking from the treacherous caresses. Sasha went to the clitoris. He quickly led to him his tongue and she move  her  ass. Sasha licked his lips and sat in front of the , her  legs spread apart .- Are you wet, bitch. Now I will test you. He introduced a finger into the vagina, , then  he  insert  the two. And at the same time   felt a certain barrier. -So you're a ...?-  as  surprise he asked. Anya nodded irritably. Ha, boobs shaking in front of the  men  and a virgin - he guffawed. - Do not worry, I'll reveal. He took off his jeans and underpants and Anya saw a huge penis.Sasha put her on his knees and   penis  stood up. When the distance between Anya's mouth and head of the penis has been reduced to a minimum, he quickly pulled the rag out of her mouth and put  sharply penis in her mouth. The guy fucked her mouth like crazy. But then abruptly threw the girl on the ground, spread her legs and all the forces introduced his penis into her vagina. The girl sobbed, her cheeks began to flow with tears. -Bitch, well, what about you? I made you a woman. He fucked her for about ten minutes, and then took out his penis and finished it in his mouth. With his penis dripping cum and a little blood.-Bastard - barely whispered the girl. Sasha smiled. -Yes, it happens. And now, slut, suck. Anna cried, in her  face was beaten violently huge testicles, and she thought it would suffocate, but Sasha insert  penis  the her on the tonsils. -And now I'll make you nice. He sat down and pulled Anna to his penis to his face, with biting and fondling her breasts.The girl wriggled like a snake, and yet they managed to finish almost simultaneously. Anya took sperm mouth. Sasha then wiped her face and helped pull the jeans, and gave her his jacket. - Take   dressing , not bare to go home the same. Fuck can. - He guffawed.

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