Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A good student or a strict teacher ...

Dasha was sitting with a friend in a cafe and drinking coffee. - Such a cool man sits, I think I want him ... - She whispered and smiled. Dasha met with gray eyes. She shuddered when she saw that he was not without interest sees on her . The man was very handsome. He had dark brown hair and delicate facial features. It was elegant suit, even though he could not hide his strong muscles. Well, I do not know, Anna ... - She murmured softly. - He's older than we were on fifteen years! -Probably thirty-two ... But you do not understand! Look! - And she stood up, adjusting to a mini skirt and tank top.Anya was dyed blonde. Despite his age, a figure said to the contrary. Huge breasts, thighs cool, puffy sponges. She went to the man and she smiled a charming smile. Dasha turned and was surprised when she returned with a distorted with rage, face. -Want me to ask him a phone number for you? - Anna nodded and stood up. The girl sighed and bowed her head.Dasha was very shy and she always nervous. She had black, curly hair. Very beautiful and sweet face, with green eyes. And the neat, delicate figure: long legs, round hips and lovely breasts. She walked to the table where he was . -Excuse me, I wanted to ask you ... - And froze in place. - The girl is coming to you, asked to take from me your phone number.- Yes ... But could you first introduce yourself? - The voice, she inhaled a deep breath. -Of course! Daria. - He cut her off with a loud laugh. - I am Andrew. I now it's time for a meeting, could we talk in the car? -Y-yes, well ... - She muttered. They sat down in his luxury car. He started the car in silence, but fearing that he will refuse it, Dasha turned his face to him and kissed his . He penetrated his tongue in her mouth, pressing her to him. Andrew groaned when she bit his lip, and suddenly pulled back his tongue.-Not here ... - He said, hoarse voice, with the desire. The girl was shocked by his act. They drove to the hotel and he helped her out. When they entered his room, she shivered with a sudden fear. Someone gently embraced her and she pressed her face to his chest Andrew. -Do not be afraid ... - And he loosened his tie on. He was not wearing a jacket, only shirt. -Want to help me get rid of the clothes?Dasha helped him unbutton his shirt and walked into the room. The man suddenly shrank it to the wall and unzipped his fly her jeans. -I waited so long you ... - He groaned and penetrated with two fingers in her wet vagina. He licked his lips like a satisfied cat when tasted her juices. - Give me , girl sweetie my ... - And he entered her, powerful thrust. The girl clung to his shoulders and her breasts bounced from the incredible sensations. She twitched ,her hips rhythmically moved and soon in their was a very strong orgasm.Yes, yes, yes! - She cried, and they finished. He lifted it, and all proceeded on the table. She was screaming and moaning with pleasure, feeling as he enters into it deeper and deeper. He then pushed her onto the bed and began to fondle her swollen nipples. She grabbed his hips down, when he became slow to enter into it. She wagging his head, with passion and pleasure. Her dark curls were jumping from side to side, and she soon exhausted, leaned on the cushions ..LOOK MORE YOUNG PORNO HERE>>

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