Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The first time - in the pool.

The first time - in the pool.  I'm starting a story about my first sexual
experience. My name is Peter. I'm a tough guy athletic build, with short
 dark brown hair. Ever since childhood I had a penis more than the norm.
 In 16 years, my penis reached epic proportions, however, is 22 cm over the
 summer before the army the size of my penis has grown dramatically. Right
here ran into trouble and related mine first sex. I was on swimming. All
gathered at the pool. The task was simple:  from  a five-meter tower to
jump into the water. suddenly there was a quiet click, and sitting beside
 the coach shouted. I turned to her and saw her clasp on her bra unbuttoned,
 and the woman holds in  the hand bra.  -Pete, help me, please,
- said the woman - fasten clasp. She turned her back on me, and I snapped the
 clasp. However, my penis was standing. It  was because the coach we had a
very beautiful woman. She was 27 years old, and had a gorgeous body:
 sexual breasts, slender waist and shapely legs. Coach just called my name.
 I climbed to the tower and jumped down. This is where began the most
interesting. Then I swam with my eyes closed to the ladder and climbed out
 of the pool, and in the hall was a loud laugh and drawn-out "ooouuu."
At  me  was not swimming trunks  ! Fully was   naked, I stood on the edge
 of the pool in front of Marina Ivanovna. She turned away and closed the
eyes with his hands. My penis stood , and I hastened to close his hands,
 but he was too big. I jumped into the water, flashing naked ass, swam
toward his swimming trunks. I pulled them  and quickly swam to shore.
Again there was laughter, I saw that the swimming trunks  again flew with
 me,they  snapped rubber band. I got angry, put  the  swimming  trunks on
 his shoulder and quickly went to the bathroom. You can imagine my 
surprise when, in a bathroom stall, I saw a coach woman. She averted her
 eyes. And then it happened ... We  want at the same time to  output  and
it turned that my  penis was  near with  elastic ass of woman. She turned
 to me, and I caught her languid, full of desire to look. woman took my
huge penis in her hand and began to fondle him.The boobs is fourth the size swayed and
put her excited nipples in my body. Her wet pussy glistening pink lips.
 Around the pubes grow blond hair, and of their kind I am even more excited.
  - I want you - somehow escaped me when I looked up at her face. 
- I do too - unexpected reply, woman, and asked languidly. - How do you
 want me to do: in the mouth or in ass ? And thus she  closed door.
In front of such a question I have a couple of hours ago, probably at a
loss, but I took it completely normal and replied: - Now   in her mouth and
 again in the ass ...  - Agreed, the boy - woman sat down and gently
licked the head of the penis.  It was so nice that I did not notice how
 time passes. As if awakening from a pleasant tickling in mind, I have
 omitted head and saw that my huge cock is completely into  mouth the woman,
 she licks the tip of the tongue the scrotum.  That I could no longer
tolerate. Sighing deeply, I'm a poured  a powerful stream of hot semen.
woman coughed. - Can there be so many? - She whispered, spitting the
 remnants of sperm on the floor, quickly turned his back on me and put
 my huge cock in her anus. The Penis inside a woman stood up already. The woman put
 her hands on the table, and I grabbed her by the big breasts and began
to fuck. This went on for about an hour. Finally, we are exhausted from
 rough sex, dressed, and went home. On next day was jumping in the pool
 for control.  - Peter from jump  freed  - said loudly, woman and
cheerfully winked at me - he was yesterday, after training,  and    passed
 a test.
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