Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Adventures of Christine. Operation "virgin."

 In  Christine between the legs started  sweet  trembling . The girl got out of bed and ran to the shower. Passing by the parents' room is provided, as a dad with a muffled growl fucks her  mother's vagina, and she spread her legs shamelessly. At night, she heard the sounds, and now her imagination distinctly painted all sorts of pictures of her father fucks her mother's ass on his penis. Christina scolded himself for lewd thoughts, and her  hand caressed her clitoris, so under her  mother's moans and the girl had  finished.  All night her tortured erotic dreams in which the unknown fuck  into her virgin vagina. In the morning the young body require relaxation .. Her young hands to  caress her firm breasts, the nipples become very sensitive. Christina  hands  penetrated in  her vagina, her breathing quickened. She picked up an electric toothbrush and confidently stuck in virgin vagina...... Christina felt  as  toothbrush  began  move here and there and, finally, her young pussy released a jet of hot liquid. The girl has incorporated a vibrating brush and put in her vagina . By moving inside her vagina, Christina muffled moaning.  vibrating brush for a few seconds remained in the vagina shameless.
Took a shower and she looked at herself in the mirror. Beautiful legs, round ass, girl's chest ... In contact Diana burned green, and Christina, was  excited. From the first days of dating  to  girl in the head Christina was  plan. And also attracted her firm breasts, narrow waist, wide hips and white round ass. Christina    wanted to fuck her.
Bisexual tendencies manifested themselves long ago and Kristi did not frighten . Normal communication is gradually turned into a strong friendship. And since Christina has learned that her girlfriend is virgin, she lost her mind. Three days ago Christina showed her friend porn and amused as avidly watching Diyana for everything that happens on the screen. Not escape from her eyes and how she accidentally touched the clitoris during scenes of lesbian love. And Christy realized that the ending is near.
Masturbation of  Christina turned in  art. In   her had an arsenal of pleasure - anal beads, a few simulators of various sizes, vibrator-egg. Between legs  her vagina  is wanted  eagerly. She wrote Diyane. They agreed to meet at Christina's house. She took the vibrator led him
into the her virgin  vagina, slight tremor passed waves of pleasure the body young girl. Kristina lifted her legs and began caressing her  small anus.
Thumb penetrated into the anus , easy and pleasant feeling of being forced to tremble all   body Christina. She already knew pierces the rubber penis anus, the other vibrators fucked her vagina. She cried in a loud voice. The strongest orgasm shook her body, and she abruptly pulled out of a game.  On  the  buckling legs she reached the bathroom and put the tip hose from the shower in her anus. Pleasant feeling of fullness gradually grew into a painful and Christina   stopped.
Again the bell rang. The door burst open she stood in the doorway smiling Diyana. The girls went into the room. And Christina began to act. On the face of the hostess played quite a smirk winner. At one point, her  hands slid over his chest Diyany: - What scared ,girl ? All of it is well. I love you. Diyana turned to her and asked. - Really? - Well, of course true - said Christina. Meanwhile, hands Christina's   climbed under her skirt and panties and gently stroked the silky ass  Diyany.
Especially deep Diyana began to breathe when finger  her friend's caressed her  back hole. Christina  sucked  plump juicy lips of her vagina. Christine pressed her mouth to her clit girl, forcing Diana  quiet whine. Beautiful  virgin  bud glittered,  her pink vagina was  clean. She lifted her leg  Diana's  and looked as excellent hole buttocks, small and neat.
Christine parted her legs with his tongue and rough sucked  the anus  to the clitoris, and, pausing there, the beginning lick vagina  her girlfriend. Diyana wound covered by waves of wonderful pleasure, involuntarily move ass. Christine never stopped to caress her vagina and sat on a face so that Diyana could lick it the vagina. Christina felt springy tongue in her vagina and began frantically pushing stronger in ass Diyany face.
When orgasm began to recede, she realized that the tongue will not disappeared, but still continues to eagerly lick it the vagina. She took the vibrator-egg, and put on  the clitoris Diyany. Tongue in her vagina has earned more nimble, she began move and substituting the vagina and anus. Vibrator caressing her clitoris, and Christina began, her fingers slowly penetrate  in virgin vagina, Diyany.
She did not resist, but instead a deep breath. Christie methodically fucked fingers her  girlfriend. Now the round white ass make   inviting . She looked at her friend, her legs trembling, glistening vagina had  copious secretions. Christina returned the vibrator to the clitoris girlfriend and squeezing gel lubricant on her anus with his fingers began to penetrate into.  Diyana moaning loudly and wagged her ass. Like, I did not think that you're such a bitch Diyanochka - Christina lips broke into a smile.
She placed the vibrator in  the anus girlfriend and watched the girl's body  began moving forward. Christina put pressure on the vibrator and he gradually began to sink in the ass girls. Diyana quietly cried, but not pulled away. A moment later, a pulsating device was inside, she moaned and leaned prolonged chest to the bed. Christina continued to caress shuddering vagina by inserting a finger and stroked her clit. And  she was ready to carry out his plan to end.
She briefly looked up from the anus  with a vibrator and expiring on the vagina, and by selecting the simulator is not too big, to  not bring unnecessary pain, squeezed it a little more gel. She patted his hand, imagining that her hands out of the penis flesh and blood, who can not wait to dive in the  virgin vagina. Christina   know    that  finger in  vagina, Diyana tried it myself deeper insert   finger into greased vagina .  Kristi put a vibrator in the vagina and a thirsty one overcoming a small barrier and disappeared inside the girl.
Diyana screamed and tried to pull away, but the friend was holding her very much. Vibrator as pleasant humming somewhere inside,  fingers caressing her clitoris  Christina, the artificial penis remained inside. The girl started slowly again dive into the ocean of pleasure. After several repetitions of Diyana  want already the penis, trying to swallow her vagina slick vibrator. Christie moved faster and faster, the second hand it has come off of the clitoris  took  more vibrator and put it into her  vagina. Diyana screaming, it was her first vaginal orgasm. Christie felt that this wild wave of pleasure passed her vagina.
She spread her legs even wider and violently  to insert  the a slippery penis. She had finished a long and powerful, clear stream three portions of the fluid escaped from the vagina . In  to Diana, in the vagina it is still stuck  vibrator in   the virgin blood. In her ass shaking another vibrator. After admiring a few seconds on the result of her  victory, she carefully removed the toys from the body of her girl. Kissed her, and they fell asleep.

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