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White nanny - seduction

 This is a story about the nanny as the black men   to turns into a whites whores - a womans, which is   subordinated of  lust , lewd and vulgar   than   more sexual intercourse, regardless of the number and quality of the partners, the more she  will receive sexual pleasure Julia moonlighted as a nanny. The constant lack of money forced her to move to poor areas of the city, where they became one of the few white families. She was looking for dark-skinned child, but for her it did not matter. Janet's parents were very beautiful dark-skinned couple. In his young age, the nurse had a wide pelvis, beautiful strong thighs, very large breasts. Jack - the child's father, whom she look. The owner is always trying to hide his adult interest in Julia. She wanted so he kept looking at her, so today she wanted to interest him even more - this time, Julie has decided to do not wear a bra and panties. From that moment began the transformation from an innocent girl in a decent and lascivious lewd white slut. Julia did not pay attention to exciting  buttocks  beautiful to   , where  her  ass pass into the thigh, and divides her plump seam pussy in two parts and all shows complete lack of underwear .  Jack took her to his house as a nanny. Julie saw that her huge breasts attracted the attention of Jack, irrelevant. The man sent the girl into the bedroom where his wife changing her clothes. She saw a totally naked Rachel. Julie thought out, but the woman began to tell nanny that today has to do  her    baby. Julie look on   black women - she was slim with average breasts and big but very beautiful buttocks. This mature good woman to look after themselves - her thighs are toned, pussy was completely shaved and her hole over nice large  clitoris stood out. Jack went into the bedroom and began kissing on the lips his wife, tightly clutching her buttocks  his  strong his hands. During the kiss, he began to knead her bare buttocks, absolutely not shy nanny. Julie imagined that she there is, and the hands of Jack stroked her ass. Kiss stopped, and so Rachel said Julia   them shy. Then  Julie went wobbly gait in the living room, where she is now able to absolve themselves of accumulated lower abdomen the voltage. Julie does it so well as the other females in the absence of men - she put her hand on a hot crotch and began to masturbate, to move finger the clitoris. Suddenly she realizes that loud moans, she's afraid to wake the child.  But she inserts into the vagina of his fingers deeper and deeper. She was very excited, but to achieve orgasm, it can not. Then it imagination become more depraved. In it she sees Jack talking to her, that she resolved to help him do it.Then the girl is his big black penis pulsates with excitement - he is very handsome and tidy. In its fancy it helpless, bare-chested and her legs spread and entirely subordinate to his wishes. and Julie increases the rate of their movement, and her body in orgasm . She lies motionless for a while and asleep with the sweet with wide legs and a bare chest. She wiped her wet vagina, wore shorts and shirt back. Then the girl is his big black penis pulsates with excitement - he is very handsome and tidy. In its fancy it helpless, bare-chested and her legs spread and entirely subordinate to his wishes. and Julie increases the rate of their movement, and her body in orgasm . She lies motionless for a while and asleep with the sweet with wide legs and a bare chest. She wiped her wet vagina, wore shorts and shirt back. It was night when the owner came home . She continued after a pause: My husband and I wanted you to know whether you agree to spend some time with me and my husband? .. In the most intimate terms. If you agree, then we pay you more money than now. Do not hurry with the answer and think well. These words are strongly impressed  on Julie! The girl became nervous strongly -    in fact do it  wanted and  she  was certainly agree.  But she   do not hurry with the answer, what if they want to make sure that the nanny did not pervert? Fantasy girl again her absorbs, and she  says, "YES!" Rachel pretty smiles: "Take off your shirt and shorts - stripped to her panties." Jack came in and starts slow to consider Julie, she is excited - the mouth slightly open, her face bathed in crimson. He asked the girl, with whom she would like to start. She lays down on of Julie and begins a passionate kiss two excited females, and Jack with pleasure observes the dark bosom of his wife drowned in a lush breasts young babysitter. He begins to crush  penis. Julie looking at 25 inch penis she was not sure that it is so huge and began to doubt that the penis in her vagina can fit. But as soon as it becomes clear - for the true  whores  this is such size - pleasure. Rachel went down to her virgin breasts. It has been surprisingly resilient and does not lose its shape, even when she lay on the back. The woman began sucking her pink nipples, biting them periodically. A moment later, Jack heard the passionate girl moan - experienced  tongue her wife's  touched    virgin  Julie. Her  tongue in pussy girls    licking the sweet nectar. Julie moved so much ass, that an experienced woman even more pressed his mouth between her legs, continued caress the clitoris. And the girl's orgasm only strengthened. The girl felt the man's hands pushing her legs wide  and... She understands that to madness wants his penis was deep inside her vagina. Jack bites her nipples. Pain and of pleasure. Then he begins to call her dirty words - " little slut," "whore white" and these nicknames degrade and excite her even more. Jack said: "Now, I'll show you how young slut turns into a real lustful slut.  Whore, because I'll pay you money for it. And very soon you'll be just whore - a woman for which do not matter no money, no family - you will be happy only when you have  in  your holes    will move a thick black penis. And you will want only one thing - as much as possible of penis flesh inside, but in order to get it, you'll agree on  all  of  any perversion! "She felt the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Strong psychological humiliation, and already she was ready for anything. Jack continues, "so deflower only real lady, and slut  her will lose as a lustful animal - as-bitch. "With these words, he removes his penis from the entrance to the vagina and put Julia on fours. Jack realized that now is the time to fix the moral humiliation - it's time to subdue the girl physically. He collects the left hand in a bunch of her hair and slowly pulls them into his hand, pulling her head painfully back and right arm begins to knead her buttocks, making her sick. Julie began to moan in pain, sob Julia. More extensive hand hitting her on ass spanking, the ass naked   Julia's quickly turns red. Girls on the cheeks tears flow, but her vagina glistens - it means that she even more excited. Julie can not understand what was happening to her - her stifled resentment and hurt her, but she feels an inexplicable pleasure and excitement their  behavior with her . Jack put his big black head of the penis to her wet pussy. Jack began to pull   strongly hand with her hair. Julie has no choice but to sit down slowly on  his huge penis. And so time has come. Right-hand man Jack continued to beat her ass and it was so painful that it almost does not feel any pain in the vagina. Just felt like inside her vagina under intense pressure penis, . She tried move away, but Jack continued his penis to pull more and more in  her vagina. She did not know that he tore virgin Worthless deliberately slowly, feeling his penis stretch   vagina  and began to tear her .   The girl moaned painfully, she felt that  it   tear her  last  femininity, and in her penetrates the something hot and very  big penis .  Jack enjoyed her tight vagina until it rested somewhere deep inside the cervix. Buttocks and vagina of the girl from flushing glowed with fire  . Jack took  quickly  her finger to massage around clitoris. The pain slowly started to move back in pleasure. And she moaned - again the pain of damaged membrane, the excitement of moving within a large penis and caress the clitoris gave her a perverse pleasure.   Gradually, Jack continued to gather momentum, he will give her pleasure, after which Julie will be a whore. experienced man working with her body as a favorite tool. He was looking for exactly the rate of movement, the depth and intensity  shocks, which will bring her maximum pleasure. And he found him, he felt ,with her mouth began to break out groan and she started  speed up the movement itself. Julia herself was trying to accelerate the approach of an orgasm. But he knows that , inexperienced slut just goes with the desired wavelength, becouse  tightly hands Jack    clasped her ass, continues to move in his chosen rhythm.    Julia has completely lost control of himself,  she  came close to orgasm. Feeling as weak muscles her vagina begin to contract, but her body is trembling Jack instantly make  output his penis. He began to beat Julie's ass and  handed her excitement.  Again, Jack puts his penis and fucks her vagina until then, is not completely exhausted, Julie. He noticed  she wet with sweat , her legs trembling  but the accumulated sexual tension required discharge. Several times he cut short her attempt to help themselves the most, while continuing to interrupt the act in front  her orgasm. In one of those pauses she prayed: "Jack, let me finish, I can not, I still ache in the abdomen  pull."  A man with a smile  replied that "it will end when she realize that    now are  it  white whore for black men." at that she in a trembling voice said that "already she knew who turned in and not be able to live without it." But this Jack response seemed insincere, and he sent it to the "next round" without satisfaction. Again, he asked who she was. Voluptuously moaning  Julie  with  sincerity, which surprised even Rachel said, "Please let your whore finish... I even give your hundred dollars, just let   to  ended  all..." Feeling that the orgasm rises, but Jack does not stop, yielded to passion  as   bitch, she continued to shout: "I . agrees that is born, so in order to extract sperm from black penis and give pleasure to men ... and I will do your every desire just do not stop, I beseech you. " Woman sold so much in her  revelation that when Jack at the last minute pulled out his penis, he was unable to stop her orgasm, and  his  strike just added even more fun young flesh. His  was nothing left, returning the  penis again. Her  teeth into the pillow, she began to throw from side to side, and began to pass through the her  body frequent cramps. Rachel watching from the side, as beautiful full of girlish breasts, notices that her husband slow motion, and the nanny  itself begins  to sit down on his penis. And when he first walked into her tight  virgin vagina, now shiny black penis easily plunged into her vagina. Jack knew how resilient woman's vagina during a stormy climax, and a woman can do any thing, therefore, strongly  in his hands writhing in the throes of a girl's body, he decided to stretch  vagina  maximally. When he first pierced her to the cervix, his penis could dive into her  only halfway. Over time, interrupting her orgasm, he make   sprained her so much that penis    freely plunged in vagina   by two-thirds of its length.   Now her body  fucked huge penis,  to insert    in  her womb.  "More to fuck - in the future it will have to take a full and bigger penises," - thought to myself, Jack, watching  young body in the strongest orgasm. Julie did not seem to feel how much black penis stretched  in her vagina, she completely lost control of his body, arms and legs they  would not obey her. She almost immediately  to lay new wave and new orgasm. It is a pity whined from the experience of pleasure . His  penis are well stimulated pulsatile uterus and vagina shrinking fast - very Jack soon thrusting penis, powerful jets filled the girl's back from   his hot sperm.   Her small neat pussy with small pink lips turned into a ragged piece of meat - their swollen red sex her lips were no longer able to close the jaws distending vagina. Periodically tried to close the hole, but relaxing again widely disclosed. He knew that the vagina will soon calm down - swollen returned the vagina  elasticity. But it vagina  will never return to its former shape.  In  Jack's was  the plans as to stretch her vagina so she could immediately and without pain to take large penises. Very soon it hole will not be able to satisfy more than one small penis. Rachel, too, at that time came, took herself to orgasm her fingers. She praised her husband, that he "opened" the girl almost without blood and  she start to swallow hot cum from back  a   girl. Julie, smiling happily for a long time unable to move, feeling  what her lick the back. A young nanny  was fully satisfied and tried to gather my thoughts. "What to do next and how to behave?" 

The first time - in the pool.

The first time - in the pool.  I'm starting a story about my first sexual
experience. My name is Peter. I'm a tough guy athletic build, with short
 dark brown hair. Ever since childhood I had a penis more than the norm.
 In 16 years, my penis reached epic proportions, however, is 22 cm over the
 summer before the army the size of my penis has grown dramatically. Right
here ran into trouble and related mine first sex. I was on swimming. All
gathered at the pool. The task was simple:  from  a five-meter tower to
jump into the water. suddenly there was a quiet click, and sitting beside
 the coach shouted. I turned to her and saw her clasp on her bra unbuttoned,
 and the woman holds in  the hand bra.  -Pete, help me, please,
- said the woman - fasten clasp. She turned her back on me, and I snapped the
 clasp. However, my penis was standing. It  was because the coach we had a
very beautiful woman. She was 27 years old, and had a gorgeous body:
 sexual breasts, slender waist and shapely legs. Coach just called my name.
 I climbed to the tower and jumped down. This is where began the most
interesting. Then I swam with my eyes closed to the ladder and climbed out
 of the pool, and in the hall was a loud laugh and drawn-out "ooouuu."
At  me  was not swimming trunks  ! Fully was   naked, I stood on the edge
 of the pool in front of Marina Ivanovna. She turned away and closed the
eyes with his hands. My penis stood , and I hastened to close his hands,
 but he was too big. I jumped into the water, flashing naked ass, swam
toward his swimming trunks. I pulled them  and quickly swam to shore.
Again there was laughter, I saw that the swimming trunks  again flew with
 me,they  snapped rubber band. I got angry, put  the  swimming  trunks on
 his shoulder and quickly went to the bathroom. You can imagine my 
surprise when, in a bathroom stall, I saw a coach woman. She averted her
 eyes. And then it happened ... We  want at the same time to  output  and
it turned that my  penis was  near with  elastic ass of woman. She turned
 to me, and I caught her languid, full of desire to look. woman took my
huge penis in her hand and began to fondle him.The boobs is fourth the size swayed and
put her excited nipples in my body. Her wet pussy glistening pink lips.
 Around the pubes grow blond hair, and of their kind I am even more excited.
  - I want you - somehow escaped me when I looked up at her face. 
- I do too - unexpected reply, woman, and asked languidly. - How do you
 want me to do: in the mouth or in ass ? And thus she  closed door.
In front of such a question I have a couple of hours ago, probably at a
loss, but I took it completely normal and replied: - Now   in her mouth and
 again in the ass ...  - Agreed, the boy - woman sat down and gently
licked the head of the penis.  It was so nice that I did not notice how
 time passes. As if awakening from a pleasant tickling in mind, I have
 omitted head and saw that my huge cock is completely into  mouth the woman,
 she licks the tip of the tongue the scrotum.  That I could no longer
tolerate. Sighing deeply, I'm a poured  a powerful stream of hot semen.
woman coughed. - Can there be so many? - She whispered, spitting the
 remnants of sperm on the floor, quickly turned his back on me and put
 my huge cock in her anus. The Penis inside a woman stood up already. The woman put
 her hands on the table, and I grabbed her by the big breasts and began
to fuck. This went on for about an hour. Finally, we are exhausted from
 rough sex, dressed, and went home. On next day was jumping in the pool
 for control.  - Peter from jump  freed  - said loudly, woman and
cheerfully winked at me - he was yesterday, after training,  and    passed
 a test.
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I made the woman from virgin!

Sasha long spotted her in a nightclub. Of course,  this  girl dancing in a short skirt and a thin bra, not could not attract attention. Her uninhibited movement, chest third the size and thin panties - all this made his  penis  to  stand . He was a very handsome young man, around whom was very  much  girls But this time he only wanted to   her -this  girl . Today, the club was scheduled  on student party, and the guy decided that now   time come and he met his a dancer. Anya looked great, though as always. White bra on  her  was very small, and even created the impression that just about seem    look halos of her breasts. Dressing  her set  completed the mini-skirt, tie and traditional pioneer . But she usually danced on stage, but he was far from her at the bar. After drinking two glasses of vodka, Sasha felt freer, and went to dance around to her as dancer. Anya erotic began   move,  she  saw Sasha about  ,  on   scene and she decided it to tease. She leaned toward him and asked: -I Want  to dance  only to you? Sasha did not look into her eyes. Before it was her ghost-bra was almost transparent.A dancer  she smiled, and continued to dance, or rather writhing in orgasm. She swam slowly and show   her ass . Alex could see that her panties today is not just a string, which is no longer covered her vagina. And then in the  excited  state  he got on stage and tore the girl bra and began to knead her nipples. Dancer screamed and tried to alienate. To help her come security. A huge security guard slapped the guy and put up  him out of the club.Two days later, Sasha decided that necessarily   would  to  fuck this girl. Waited until Anna comes  the deserted square, it    waylaid her. -Well, beauty, continue? - He suddenly came up behind her put his arm around her waist. -What are you? Let me go! - Cried Anna. -What are you, baby! That's not necessary to shout! - With these words he shut her mouth with his left hand, and the other continued to hold her. - I  want own you I   want to   fuck her vagina . So, come on.He dragged the girl into the bushes, tied her hands  as  her handkerchief, took off her top  gagged her, and prudently withdrew from the feet sharp hairpins. -My girl, you ready? Anna moaned and tried to escape, but this is not a tough guy and gave her a chance to escape. -Girl, I'll be gentle. And if you want to please me most, I'll be happy.He pulled the girl's jeans and found that under them there is nothing. Only clean-shaven pubic area and the same perfect pussy. -Mmm, now check to see what you're sweet, - he laid his victim on the grass, and clung to her pussy, slowly and languidly  began  suck   sex lips. Anna resisted, but her body was shaking from the treacherous caresses. Sasha went to the clitoris. He quickly led to him his tongue and she move  her  ass. Sasha licked his lips and sat in front of the , her  legs spread apart .- Are you wet, bitch. Now I will test you. He introduced a finger into the vagina, , then  he  insert  the two. And at the same time   felt a certain barrier. -So you're a ...?-  as  surprise he asked. Anya nodded irritably. Ha, boobs shaking in front of the  men  and a virgin - he guffawed. - Do not worry, I'll reveal. He took off his jeans and underpants and Anya saw a huge penis.Sasha put her on his knees and   penis  stood up. When the distance between Anya's mouth and head of the penis has been reduced to a minimum, he quickly pulled the rag out of her mouth and put  sharply penis in her mouth. The guy fucked her mouth like crazy. But then abruptly threw the girl on the ground, spread her legs and all the forces introduced his penis into her vagina. The girl sobbed, her cheeks began to flow with tears. -Bitch, well, what about you? I made you a woman. He fucked her for about ten minutes, and then took out his penis and finished it in his mouth. With his penis dripping cum and a little blood.-Bastard - barely whispered the girl. Sasha smiled. -Yes, it happens. And now, slut, suck. Anna cried, in her  face was beaten violently huge testicles, and she thought it would suffocate, but Sasha insert  penis  the her on the tonsils. -And now I'll make you nice. He sat down and pulled Anna to his penis to his face, with biting and fondling her breasts.The girl wriggled like a snake, and yet they managed to finish almost simultaneously. Anya took sperm mouth. Sasha then wiped her face and helped pull the jeans, and gave her his jacket. - Take   dressing , not bare to go home the same. Fuck can. - He guffawed.

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A good student or a strict teacher ...

Dasha was sitting with a friend in a cafe and drinking coffee. - Such a cool man sits, I think I want him ... - She whispered and smiled. Dasha met with gray eyes. She shuddered when she saw that he was not without interest sees on her . The man was very handsome. He had dark brown hair and delicate facial features. It was elegant suit, even though he could not hide his strong muscles. Well, I do not know, Anna ... - She murmured softly. - He's older than we were on fifteen years! -Probably thirty-two ... But you do not understand! Look! - And she stood up, adjusting to a mini skirt and tank top.Anya was dyed blonde. Despite his age, a figure said to the contrary. Huge breasts, thighs cool, puffy sponges. She went to the man and she smiled a charming smile. Dasha turned and was surprised when she returned with a distorted with rage, face. -Want me to ask him a phone number for you? - Anna nodded and stood up. The girl sighed and bowed her head.Dasha was very shy and she always nervous. She had black, curly hair. Very beautiful and sweet face, with green eyes. And the neat, delicate figure: long legs, round hips and lovely breasts. She walked to the table where he was . -Excuse me, I wanted to ask you ... - And froze in place. - The girl is coming to you, asked to take from me your phone number.- Yes ... But could you first introduce yourself? - The voice, she inhaled a deep breath. -Of course! Daria. - He cut her off with a loud laugh. - I am Andrew. I now it's time for a meeting, could we talk in the car? -Y-yes, well ... - She muttered. They sat down in his luxury car. He started the car in silence, but fearing that he will refuse it, Dasha turned his face to him and kissed his . He penetrated his tongue in her mouth, pressing her to him. Andrew groaned when she bit his lip, and suddenly pulled back his tongue.-Not here ... - He said, hoarse voice, with the desire. The girl was shocked by his act. They drove to the hotel and he helped her out. When they entered his room, she shivered with a sudden fear. Someone gently embraced her and she pressed her face to his chest Andrew. -Do not be afraid ... - And he loosened his tie on. He was not wearing a jacket, only shirt. -Want to help me get rid of the clothes?Dasha helped him unbutton his shirt and walked into the room. The man suddenly shrank it to the wall and unzipped his fly her jeans. -I waited so long you ... - He groaned and penetrated with two fingers in her wet vagina. He licked his lips like a satisfied cat when tasted her juices. - Give me , girl sweetie my ... - And he entered her, powerful thrust. The girl clung to his shoulders and her breasts bounced from the incredible sensations. She twitched ,her hips rhythmically moved and soon in their was a very strong orgasm.Yes, yes, yes! - She cried, and they finished. He lifted it, and all proceeded on the table. She was screaming and moaning with pleasure, feeling as he enters into it deeper and deeper. He then pushed her onto the bed and began to fondle her swollen nipples. She grabbed his hips down, when he became slow to enter into it. She wagging his head, with passion and pleasure. Her dark curls were jumping from side to side, and she soon exhausted, leaned on the cushions ..LOOK MORE YOUNG PORNO HERE>>

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Sergei put his penis in her vagina, Mitya walked into her torn the ass.

 Anya went on a date to her beloved boyfriend Sasha. Anne was an attractive woman: she - tall 175 cm, long blonde hair fell in soft waves on her narrow shoulders. She was happy. Becouse she had from Sasha. During the six months he made several attempts to persuade her to have sex, but they were unsuccessful. Sasha sometimes even proud of his girlfriend that she's it was virgin.He really loves her! And only at night she dreamed about how she takes off her wedding dress, his lips down lower and lower, to the most intimate, and then he lies down on her naked and a favorite, and introduces for the first time his penis in her vagina ... But her dream was not destined to be realized. And now, near the subway station, where was waiting for her beloved, she knew that late for a meeting. And seemed to her beloved, But he was not alone. With him came other friends.- Hi! Cheerfully greeted they of Anya. - Hey, guys! What are you doing here? - Asked Anna. - Do not worry, they will walk with us, and go home. - Guys, come to me in garage see I shut or not - suddenly said uncertainly Mitya.Guys do not want output from garage. It was warm, and all seen by the beer that was on the table. Anna did not want to be in the company of drunken men, and she hurried home. But the guys tried to persuade her to stay, even though it was after midnight. Sasha suddenly came forward and told his friends: - Sorry guys, but you need to let go of Anya, she was not comfortable with us. Sasha closed the door, and then Anne came to her senses:- Sasha, darling, why did you shut the door? I want to go home! Please go away! - Anne murmured, hugging her boyfriend and it is her close to him strongly, and then pushed to their friends. - Anya are currently think what ? I suffered for six months! I did everything to make her happy, but why do not you want me give to fuck ? I am a man, and I always want to fuck. With these words, a guy walked up to Anna and squeezed her chest. Anna escaped from his clutches. You do not get, the more so! - Cried the girl. - And if so? Guys, help! The boys went to the girl, she jerked to the door and began banging on it and cry. The boys grabbed her and carried to the machine. Anna struggled and screamed constantly looking at his beloved Sasha, who also took part in this. Mitya laid Anya on his back on hood up her hands holding her with his strong , and Kostya and Sergei began to pluck from her clothes. Anna prayed constantly to release them, but Sasha saying:- Well, bitch, ? Do you like this, you say? - No, Sasha, I beseech thee, let me go! I never wanted this! Please, if you so wish, you can go home and make love, I and you... Oh no! We will fuck her on the full program! You'll be with us today a whore! And do not stop to serve me and my friends, until they fall into a swoon from fatigue!The guys laughed and began to torment the body Anya, she was by that time all things are naked. The girl do not gave touch to her , she kicks and writhing like a snake, always crying. - Kostya, hold her feet! I want to fully enjoy her body! - Sasha said and walked over to her. He squeezed her breast and, until Coste occur a brilliant idea: we associate her kicking, but it is too violent, it is long, I will not hold!Indeed, this cupboard was so simple, some shelves nailed the upright . They put her hands and legs to the side and tied them to the boards. - No, guys ... Let me give you as much money as you like, just let me go, untie! It hurts now! - Pleaded girl, but the guys just looked at with contempt and laughed together. - It will be even more painful! - With these words Alexander pounced like a hungry beast on its prey and then began to knead her breasts pinching her nipples, twisting in different directions them off.Anna screamed, but could not do anything, she felt helpless plaything, it was very scary, because it does not knew that them vzbredet in mind ... rest of the guys did not lag and roughly paw her ass squeezed, pulling clitoris, and tortured breast. Anya looked at what is happening in her head does not fit thought as her favorite? Why he is doing with her? - ugly , you! Aaaa pain , yuo ugly.. ! - Cried Anna. She never swore, but now was just necessary.- Mitya. She told me six months and I tired of her talks, - smiled her "favorite". Now she did not scream, but only just mooed and continued to cry, but boys roughly examined her body, her hole. Anna felt like she burned with humiliation and pain. Four healthy men held her, fragile and naked, put her on the are rough board, and she could not move anywhere. From her hair on the floor dropped two small hairpins. - Well you so careless? Let me hooked them in their place? - With these words Kostya pinned hairpins on the teats of Ani. The girl wailed and jerked ,on the face the pain and anguish, but Serge slapped her face. Guys neighed and began pull for these hairpins, adding additional pain girl.- What is suffering? Thus here, and I suffered! Six months without sex! It's time for you to suffer, and I enjoy plenty! - Evil Sasha said, and abruptly entered fingers in her vagina, while the boys continued to knead her breasts and put off for the hairpins. - Mmmmmmm! - Anya with fear goggled his eyes. - Guys, and between the legs of her already wet ... But I want to fuck , bitch cancer!- Now my boys will teach you to obey us! I need some stick ... Friends looked at each other with satisfaction. Sasha hit several times on her ass causing incredible pain girl.- All, I can not! - said Alexander, and fiercely drove his penis into the vagina Anya guys noticed how between leg drops of blood flowed. Anya opened his eyes and screamed, and not noticing the cries of the girl, Sasha continued to sharply move penis .- Yes, folks, I've been waiting for this moment, and you just can not imagine, as well!! Yes, I like to fuck this bitch!With these words, the guy started to spank her ass , while continuing to move in it. Poor Anya writhing shouted. While there, the gag would not let her cry in a loud voice, so out of her mouth were just a loud bellowing. then Sasha stopped, looking at her naked body: back, tied her hands, her bloodied vagina her rounded ass. He love very that what she helpless , and Sasha began to insert his penis on her ass.- Aaaa, do not touch me anymore! Sasha, do you tell them, you all fucks me, have fun and that's enough! Please Stop! - through shouting pleaded Anne. - You do not pull, bitch, this fascinating film gets to everyone you know! Starting from the parents and the last Losers in the institute! - Sasha smiled.Anya screamed and jerked forward, but the hands of Sasha tightly holding her hips, and he planted her ass back on his the penis. Quickly and very dramatically. An inhuman roar issued from her chest girls, but the guy started to move back and forth tear anus "favorite" under the neighing of friends. Kostya approached the girl and began to caress her fingers clitoris, while the other hand took his penis and began to masturbate on a girl.His fingers were fucking her vagina, then again toyed with the clitoris, and soon, the girl stopped crying and screaming out of my chest started to heard the groans of pleasure. -Look, guys, she experienced an orgasm! - Said Sasha-Uh, me too soon .. Come on, bitch, come on! - He has several times Anna slapped in the ass and cum inside her ass. Sperm was so much that it arose from the wounded ass hole.- All the guys fuck her in all holes like a whore, I will rest .- ordered to Sasha and the boys came to the poor girl, as if eternity they waiting for this moment. They untied her , and enfeebled by Anya fell into their hands. Vagina, anus, nipples and ass beaten badly hurt and she was moaning from all the pain . The guys put her on the hood of the car, pulled the gag from her mouth and leaned on her immediately.Kostya threw the penis into her mouth, Sergei fell in between the legs and put his penis in her vagina, Mitya walked into her torn the ass. Sasha pulled out his cell phone and started shooting at the camera. From a triple penetration in her body, Anya screamed and tried to escape. But the boys held her hands tightly , they fucked her , not allowing the move. when Kostya had finished, he gave an approving slap the girl and pulled away from her, began to fondle her breasts, pulling the nipples.From these words even more Anya roared and prayed. Still, no longer resist, even though in her had two penises at the same time. It all seemed torn apart, as if to pierce through all her body .She cried and cried, but do with it could not anything. The boys having fun at each her groan, from the thoughts that they fucked a girl his best friend. Soon after they had finished, they gave her for Sasha's and Kostya's and they two's further fucked girl.Thus passed nearly the whole night when boys played with her . Anya did not remember how many times in her vagina poured of sperm , and how much guys who had been following the one she was supposed to serve. They would fuck one, two and others stopped, and rested, again and again, passing Anya from hand to hand, to as their thing. When they have finished fucks her , she whore, Anna was nearly unconscious, she did not understand where she was and what was happening to her. And it weakened, as some trash thrown out of the garage are guys thrown her out on cold asphalt, leaving her in torn clothes.Poor Anne lay in a state half a day, until her found a woman, age 35. She was horrified see on asphalt to sleep naked girl all battered and tormented, helped her get to the car and drove to his home. home woman withdrew Anna to the bathroom and helped her wash, and put her on the sofa. - My name is Oksana. What's your name? Tell me what happened to you, though of course I guess. ...Anya looked before her: Oksana apartment was spacious enough in the red ... "very stylish, madam" - Anna thought. Oksana looked perfect: well-groomed, slim, tall brunette. In her eyes there was something powerful, perhaps it was own business. - My name is Anne, and for me had an trouble... Anne told her story, very hard to give her the memories of last night.Oksana has started to calm the poor girl, but quickly got up, picked up the phone in hand. - So, tell me the number of parents! They are probably worried about you. You're upset them, if you will cry into the phone. Anne called the number, Oksana called and warned that tomorrow Anya, she is visiting a girlfriend. - And now ... the operation, the transformation! She took three racks of clothes and threw them on the couch.She took three racks of clothes and threw them on the couch. - Girl, stark naked for parents do not show it! And then .... You need a new good man! She threw a peach-colored dress in romantic summer style with thin straps and a large bow at the waist from behind. - Oh, how nice! - The woman clapped her hands when Anne wore it.- Come to me now stylist, he will order you to. We'll be like Cinderella. hairstyle, make-up will wash off, dress comes off at midnight .- she laughed. This joke made Anya and smile, and it shows delighted "good fairy" Half an hour later came the master, and well worked over Anya's beauty. When she looked in the mirror, she did not recognize themselves in the reflection. So strange, yet tonight it looked like the last whore, and now ... a girl from a higher society!Anna wore her shoes, the only thing she was wearing that night, she followed a woman and a half hour they were already in the cozy restaurant. Then they drove to the store and bought a shoes great beauty high heels, and from there immediately in the best Moscow club, drank enough cocktails, laughing and dancing. During this time, Anna is cheered, and for a time forgot all the bad things that happened to her that night, she forgot those guys that taunted her, she was very happy and comfortable with this mysterious woman. Ahead of her new life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

She dreams.

Two weeks after I started dating Dasha. My friends have reacted passively, saying something
 like, "Oh, you are now a girl, congratulations." However, it was just better. Only one, my best friend, has made
 not, as I thought. He offered to do group sex. At first I was shocked. I just could not believe that one,
 and the best, wants to fuck my girl! The same is offered, Dasha, I gave up. I called both of them
 and invited them to his home. Dasha came first. Skinny chest delightful topic to converge with a blue skirt.
 Dasha loved to surprise, and so she dropped her special pen, and bent over her. I saw what she went without
panties. its sex lips were already wet. Soon there came mine friend. We chatted for decency, and decided to start.
We sat on the sofa. Dasha also tried to satisfy both at once. However, the
 in the end she succeeded. She sucked my penis, enjoying munching, and other wanker, periodically
 changing at all. Sperm both of us took it in himself, smiling gratefully. Next we moved on to the second stage.
 I stood up and bent a girl with cancer. Friend also wanted a blowjob, perched in front. I gently entered my cock
 in the pussy juices expiring. Dasha quickly realized and tossed her head. Thus, her throat was a direct,
 and can be used for sex. Suppose it was perversion but she liked it. Lasted all this happiness for long.
 My friend pulled after only two minutes, I held a little longer. After these two weeks the most, I found
 Dasha really like that, when finished in  it. I did not deprive her pleasure.
The reward was a loud moan to me that she made and finished. It is time for the third stage, the most fun.
 My friend went back to the sofa, Dasha sat on his cock, and I came back. That was really cool. I went to her in her
 narrow ass, feeling the wall of the intestine is moving over another penis. Dasha such sex before tried, but
  vibrator, and one of me. Finished it three times before my friend came for a third time to orgasm.
 At this time we are at the end, by agreement, and poured out her whole sperm. A friend was gone.
 Dasha was sitting at the computer and looked stiff German porno. Her pussy was wet again. She looked at me
 and whispered: "And let the same." Did  I could not deny the girl? She lay down on a tall black table
that was in my apartment, and spread her legs. I abruptly entered her ass, grabbed her hair and began to pull
 at every frictions. I do not like to hurt the girls, but this time it seems like everything.
 The moans and cries were heard simultaneously. At one point we left off. Breathing heavily,
 I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. There we washed each other, and
 lying in the hot water dreaming about the future ...

Love for a three! Group sex

I sat in the cafe, drank beer and watched the sea horizon. Heart was sad. To my shame in 18 years I remained a virgin. In the evening I made myself get out of the room. I noticed the people at the next table, rather than on a slender brunette 25 years old. Dress, fitting her slender young body, emphasized her beauty. At the round, firm breasts through the fabric dresses stood pea nipples.
Thin waist smoothly into the oval hips and long, slender, tanned legs. I'm staring at her ease. Finally, she smiled sweetly to me. I blushed.She said something to his companion, and he too looked at me. He walked up to me. My heart is wildly in fright pounding. It was a man 30 years old, tall and strong. He smelled of expensive perfume and a little - alcohol. - Volodya - he gave me his hand. - Dima. It is very nice. - I see you are a Celebrities - You know what, come to us at a table and chat with me, my wife is bored. She flashed her blue eyes  - Marina.- Come to us - she smiled at me. Or are you going - you're in a hurry? Vladimir and Marina stayed in a beautiful house, right on the beach. From drinking little dizzy, it was well after midnight. - Let's go swimming! - Proposed marina. And stretched out all their slender, supple body. - Who's with me? Dima - go! - I bathe naked, and you? You're not shy me, I hope? - And her white panties fell to the feet. She went to the sea, sparkling in the moonlight white triangle, round, tanned buttocks.I undressed. Having long-awaited freedom, my penis want enter  in vagina - Well, what - are you? She came to me. Then hugged me from behind. I felt her hot breath and acute moist tongue in the ear. I felt a round, firm breasts, hot thighs. A small hand clasped penis skillfully. I tried freedom  - sharp teeth bit into the ear lobe - she jokingly growled. And no longer able to restrain myself, I released stream, and after that more and more ... Marina  pulled me to swim, and we splashed in the warm water of the sea at night. Laughing, she substituted my hands to your body. The first time I touched a woman, clutching, learning - breast, round hips, crotch. not ably fondled her. She hugged me from behind, gently but powerfully pressing on his shoulders. And I'm not at ease slightly crouched, bent down. Suddenly, I felt her thin finger accurately and unceremoniously pulled the him  penis. Hot breath her .Relax, silly. And for a moment, just for a moment relaxed, letting his finger at himself, he felt as he trembled  - he  narrow,  his anus - she smiled. We went to the shore, she wore pants. -And where Volodya? He went to sleep - let's go! She dragged me into the next room, in the middle of which stood a large bed on the edge was sleeping  Vova. - Quiet! - Go to bed. Only in our sleep without panties! - And it is a powerful movement tore my pants and freed herself. I was between her and Vladimir.- Come to me. I lay down on her, holding out his hand for me, it introduced the penis into something ,  was hot and humid. She  groaned and embraced me at shoulders covered his feet, she  began to move faster and faster, increasing the pace. Sweet cramp brought the body - I have finished. - You're beautiful. She lay there, looking at  me and passing his hand over my body - like a girl! carefree flying happy days. We spent time together. At night we returned to our house on the beach.I made love and Marina, I learned the art of love under the guidance of an experienced and passionate  mentor. Sometimes Vladimir joined us. Marina took his penis in her mouth, still given to me. At other times, he slept turned to the wall, not paying attention to the  mattress to our cries and the sounds of joining in love copulation of bodies. This was the case today, although today he was upset about something, and several times I caught guilty Marinin view looking at him.When we spun in a fiery dance of love, he suddenly stood up and walked out. Marina pushed me away. I'm surprised look on my swarthy, long haired lover. Strictly and seriously who was staring at me. -What happened? -He has long wanted you. - I am a married woman and not let you touch yourself, if you do not give my husband what he wants. -No. I'm the same guy!-So what if a girl or a boy. Become a girl. In bed, we have only three. No one will ever know. If you is concerned. And if not, you can always leave, I'm not stopping you. But from now on I will not give, and do not ask. -What if I disagree? Then I will for you the best lover. I thought. On one side was disgusting to even think about it. On the other - to leave the Marina. Total time - try it. We are alone in a strange city. She's right, no one will know. Stay in the role of women? - Then I'll get it, and you tell him that he is willing to take in her mouth and give in the ass.    Are suck will be together. I'll teach you. -But in the ass! -You just yesterday so requested, and I gave you! - I remembered her face, her eyes closed, passionate moans, tightly fever gripped the penis .- Or as my ass - it is different from yours? - Were you pleased? -You will be pleased - she stroked my hair.- Volodya! Come over here. Dima wants you  that - to say something! And after several minutes of silence, feeling the burning blush of shame face, stammering, I said, I want to get in your mouth and give in the ass ...Volodya came to me. His penis was huge. My face was very close to a large, hot penis, - Take it in hand at the base, - I heard her voice. - Now polizhi from the root up and it  That would take his penis in my mouth I had almost to bursting open his mouth. I awkwardly began to suck at the same time moving head back and forth. Spicy, not the usual smell bothered me, I poked hard in her hair. On the back of his head, setting the pace Marina's hands .- A good boy. Good. Suddenly the penis began  hardened and swollen, Volodya, groaned, let me in the face of a jet of hot of sperm. I tried to close, but Marina  held my hands. - That's it! She gently kissed by wiping with a towel over my face. - Now go to bed.  Take  legs and press them to his chest, holding them under the knees. My ass oiled than - a warm, it finger gently slid inside.- Relax. I will help you to make you not hurt - she said. Her finger entered. Soon he was joined by the second. They scurried about in me, I felt the pain and fever in the ass . Then the two added a third finger. Sometimes it bore down all over and  she could not stop expanding my miserable ass. - Volodya! Waiting for you! - She called loudly.I was still lying on the bed, hugging her knees to her chest butt on a pillow, like a virgin waiting for his the first man. The ass  pleasantly thick and burned. Volodya came up, his penis  stood . He slowly pressed his penis into  my ass . I had no idea that it's so big and hot. Feeling the pain ,   I tried to free himself. - No. No! - They kept me.Slowly went into a narrow, tight anus   penis stopped. Volodya gave me to get used to him. I felt that full  - the living and the hot   penis throbbing inside me. The pain has receded. I felt his hot breath. His strong hands. He began to move, my nice.  And my penis is burning with fire hot, sharp tongue quivering mouth of Marina.We continued to meet. I am increasingly preferred Volodya Marina. One morning, after a night of love, Marina sat me down in front of a mirror. - You do not mind. If I do the makeup? -This has to change clothes - Volodya's voice. - First, we make  himself up,  legs, crotch and everything else. Yes, my dear?To me the first time treated as a girl. But it did not irritate me. We went to Marina in the bathroom, and she helped me get rid of unwanted hair, put himself in order. Then brought the thin white panties and bra. I put on my pants, soft tissue nicely covered ass, my penis is squeezed between their legs. He put on a bra. He raised, highlighting my small, firm breasts. Marina filed a skirt, a nice shirt and white socks. I put all of this. Or is wearing?In the mirror I saw a young, athletic girl, almost a girl in a skirt just above the knees and shirt. With a small beautiful breasts and a round little ass. - And she's beautiful, sexy. Involuntarily, I thought to myself. - Come on. We are waiting for Volodya. - We will call you Dasha. Dima was - now Dasha. Vova smiled. We strolled along the promenade, the sea breeze, the pleasant chill of flew under the skirt, looks agitated me guys, I'm back smiled at them. Volodya hug  me ,  I kiss  his lips. Whispered to Marina. We were happy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Adventures of Christine. Operation "virgin."

 In  Christine between the legs started  sweet  trembling . The girl got out of bed and ran to the shower. Passing by the parents' room is provided, as a dad with a muffled growl fucks her  mother's vagina, and she spread her legs shamelessly. At night, she heard the sounds, and now her imagination distinctly painted all sorts of pictures of her father fucks her mother's ass on his penis. Christina scolded himself for lewd thoughts, and her  hand caressed her clitoris, so under her  mother's moans and the girl had  finished.  All night her tortured erotic dreams in which the unknown fuck  into her virgin vagina. In the morning the young body require relaxation .. Her young hands to  caress her firm breasts, the nipples become very sensitive. Christina  hands  penetrated in  her vagina, her breathing quickened. She picked up an electric toothbrush and confidently stuck in virgin vagina...... Christina felt  as  toothbrush  began  move here and there and, finally, her young pussy released a jet of hot liquid. The girl has incorporated a vibrating brush and put in her vagina . By moving inside her vagina, Christina muffled moaning.  vibrating brush for a few seconds remained in the vagina shameless.
Took a shower and she looked at herself in the mirror. Beautiful legs, round ass, girl's chest ... In contact Diana burned green, and Christina, was  excited. From the first days of dating  to  girl in the head Christina was  plan. And also attracted her firm breasts, narrow waist, wide hips and white round ass. Christina    wanted to fuck her.
Bisexual tendencies manifested themselves long ago and Kristi did not frighten . Normal communication is gradually turned into a strong friendship. And since Christina has learned that her girlfriend is virgin, she lost her mind. Three days ago Christina showed her friend porn and amused as avidly watching Diyana for everything that happens on the screen. Not escape from her eyes and how she accidentally touched the clitoris during scenes of lesbian love. And Christy realized that the ending is near.
Masturbation of  Christina turned in  art. In   her had an arsenal of pleasure - anal beads, a few simulators of various sizes, vibrator-egg. Between legs  her vagina  is wanted  eagerly. She wrote Diyane. They agreed to meet at Christina's house. She took the vibrator led him
into the her virgin  vagina, slight tremor passed waves of pleasure the body young girl. Kristina lifted her legs and began caressing her  small anus.
Thumb penetrated into the anus , easy and pleasant feeling of being forced to tremble all   body Christina. She already knew pierces the rubber penis anus, the other vibrators fucked her vagina. She cried in a loud voice. The strongest orgasm shook her body, and she abruptly pulled out of a game.  On  the  buckling legs she reached the bathroom and put the tip hose from the shower in her anus. Pleasant feeling of fullness gradually grew into a painful and Christina   stopped.
Again the bell rang. The door burst open she stood in the doorway smiling Diyana. The girls went into the room. And Christina began to act. On the face of the hostess played quite a smirk winner. At one point, her  hands slid over his chest Diyany: - What scared ,girl ? All of it is well. I love you. Diyana turned to her and asked. - Really? - Well, of course true - said Christina. Meanwhile, hands Christina's   climbed under her skirt and panties and gently stroked the silky ass  Diyany.
Especially deep Diyana began to breathe when finger  her friend's caressed her  back hole. Christina  sucked  plump juicy lips of her vagina. Christine pressed her mouth to her clit girl, forcing Diana  quiet whine. Beautiful  virgin  bud glittered,  her pink vagina was  clean. She lifted her leg  Diana's  and looked as excellent hole buttocks, small and neat.
Christine parted her legs with his tongue and rough sucked  the anus  to the clitoris, and, pausing there, the beginning lick vagina  her girlfriend. Diyana wound covered by waves of wonderful pleasure, involuntarily move ass. Christine never stopped to caress her vagina and sat on a face so that Diyana could lick it the vagina. Christina felt springy tongue in her vagina and began frantically pushing stronger in ass Diyany face.
When orgasm began to recede, she realized that the tongue will not disappeared, but still continues to eagerly lick it the vagina. She took the vibrator-egg, and put on  the clitoris Diyany. Tongue in her vagina has earned more nimble, she began move and substituting the vagina and anus. Vibrator caressing her clitoris, and Christina began, her fingers slowly penetrate  in virgin vagina, Diyany.
She did not resist, but instead a deep breath. Christie methodically fucked fingers her  girlfriend. Now the round white ass make   inviting . She looked at her friend, her legs trembling, glistening vagina had  copious secretions. Christina returned the vibrator to the clitoris girlfriend and squeezing gel lubricant on her anus with his fingers began to penetrate into.  Diyana moaning loudly and wagged her ass. Like, I did not think that you're such a bitch Diyanochka - Christina lips broke into a smile.
She placed the vibrator in  the anus girlfriend and watched the girl's body  began moving forward. Christina put pressure on the vibrator and he gradually began to sink in the ass girls. Diyana quietly cried, but not pulled away. A moment later, a pulsating device was inside, she moaned and leaned prolonged chest to the bed. Christina continued to caress shuddering vagina by inserting a finger and stroked her clit. And  she was ready to carry out his plan to end.
She briefly looked up from the anus  with a vibrator and expiring on the vagina, and by selecting the simulator is not too big, to  not bring unnecessary pain, squeezed it a little more gel. She patted his hand, imagining that her hands out of the penis flesh and blood, who can not wait to dive in the  virgin vagina. Christina   know    that  finger in  vagina, Diyana tried it myself deeper insert   finger into greased vagina .  Kristi put a vibrator in the vagina and a thirsty one overcoming a small barrier and disappeared inside the girl.
Diyana screamed and tried to pull away, but the friend was holding her very much. Vibrator as pleasant humming somewhere inside,  fingers caressing her clitoris  Christina, the artificial penis remained inside. The girl started slowly again dive into the ocean of pleasure. After several repetitions of Diyana  want already the penis, trying to swallow her vagina slick vibrator. Christie moved faster and faster, the second hand it has come off of the clitoris  took  more vibrator and put it into her  vagina. Diyana screaming, it was her first vaginal orgasm. Christie felt that this wild wave of pleasure passed her vagina.
She spread her legs even wider and violently  to insert  the a slippery penis. She had finished a long and powerful, clear stream three portions of the fluid escaped from the vagina . In  to Diana, in the vagina it is still stuck  vibrator in   the virgin blood. In her ass shaking another vibrator. After admiring a few seconds on the result of her  victory, she carefully removed the toys from the body of her girl. Kissed her, and they fell asleep.