Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We loved experimenting with our sex often!

Guessing with a gift. We loved experimenting often. Sometimes we take the girls - Alinka watched as I fuck their vagina and she caresses them with uvula. She loves my penis to madness. The cock very thick and long. Several times I went to a gay club and took the boys out there on the night. I like young guys who I fucked in the ass. Especially with my size a sober, no would have agreed. For her on birthday, I ventured to invite a guy.  I prepared everything in the room and waited for, a guy came in, I poured him a whiskey and we went into the bedroom. I asked him to undress, he lay on the bed and had my hands tied to the bed. I chose it not eyes or hands, but the penis. His penis was thin and long. Alinka took his girlfriend. She was a virgin, her name was Vic. I obediently went, and she put my penis in his hand Viki. Vika knelt, and with such fury began to suck my penis, I even moaned . . Vika licked it and swallows so deep that penis rests in her throat and squeezes a her hand his balls. And all this despite the size of my penis. She rubbed her my penis, began sucking and swallowing penis . I almost did not finish - had never before been so nice. Vika proved to be completely without underwear. Her nipples were so small and tight, from what seemed to be even smaller. I squeezed her firmer breasts, from what my penis stiffened even more. .. Alina caressed her clit and then began to suck penis guy. And she showed his ass, that I wanted to fuck her, guy began suck her pussy lips that just expired sweet juice. Alinka began to moan under his caress. Was inserted two fingers into the vagina of Alinka's and Vika caressed her clitoris . Virgin it was a skillful whore. At the time I lifted ass guy's and began fuck into it. I felt that I would soon be over, and would pour out of him.  I fucked ass all the harder, slapping him on the testicles, and he moaned louder. At last I became a penis enter to the end and stay inside. It brought me to orgasm and I stopped into it. Alina quickly sat down on a guy's penis his narrow ass. Alina pulsing on the penis , and Vic leaned over , she sucked her vagina. I could not help but be excited. My penis is again filled with blood, I moved closer to her, leaned over and licked anus Viki.  With her vagina juice poured into the mouth Vick. She one hand clutched to his chest Alina and second hand plunged into the vagina. Hand Vicki rotate easily in the vagina Alinka. I started to push his penis in your ass Viki. She began to bite in Alinka nipples. The anus was very narrow and be difficult enter my penis. Then Vick insert penis guy in her ass. . And I fell in her vagina and began to lick her. The time has come to fondle Vick. Alina into mouth took her pink nipples. Our orgy was in full swing. I looked at the Vic, which continued to sit down on a guy's penis, and I had to deprive her virginity. I put his penis in her vagina and began to enter into it. Such a narrow vagina excited me to distraction.  I stiffened and sharply put the penis into the depths of virgin vagina. So there was a close and comfortable that I could not restrain a groan, and Vick started whine. Of course, she a virgin - and two penises in her . And, finally, it's a bit relaxed. I felt pressure of second penis and that soon they finish. The guy from the bottom, too, began to moan louder.  First Vika finished, and guy finished in her ass . Alina was lying beside the bed and watched us, masturbated. My penis went into Alinka. She trembled under me, it was so beautiful. I was not expecting what happens next. The guy came to us with Alina and went into my anus. I've never fuck in the ass, but it turned out that it is very nice. I fucked Alinka, and fucked a guy me .... Vika kissed Alina. I felt harmony. So everything seemed perfect. First I gave up. I poured in the vagina Alinka in the same time, felt like a guy cums in my ass. I smiled and we all went to sleep ,tired and satisfied ... ONLY YOUNG GIRLS!REAL YOUNG PORN VIDEO HERE >>

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