Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Trainer.

This story happened about a year ago. It was Friday,  husband just returned from a trip. And  went on the hunt . Natali   decided to go to the gym -
 to distract from his thoughts. But  malice on  husband  did not pass. Trainer  paid attention at  her  .  What happened?
 - The leg seems to be - said Natali..
 -Necessary ointment puting. And the massage be make.
 - Yes. Thank you.
Natali  tried to take a step, it is good that he caught  her , otherwise   would   she  began  fall .  Trainer came up to  Natali and stopped near her.
He took off his shoes, then pulled off her  pants. She felt cold cream on  her leg.
He began gently,  massaging the affected her young leg.  Natali was nice and warm. She  lay there and watched for him. His hands moved quickly on  her  tight thigh. Several times he accidentally or not accidentally touched the hand of her nude body in the abdomen. She shuddered  . And he cute ... his touch, and her body excite. He casually put his hand on the her panties. Natali  took his hand and placed it on his crotch. He understood immediately. She understood that she not the first nor the last such client. He began to stroke her  small tits. The second hand reached into her panties. Natali   lying on the  massage table  and spread her long nude legs. His fingers found her clitoris . Natali  with desire closed her eyes and waited . He make   sharp movement penis , and his
face expressed nothing - a feeling that he simply make  its work.   Behind the door there were people who had heard their voices. This led to the
eerie Natali  excitement   and trainer  began sense  orgasm.  From  mouth Natali   was soft moan  .a shiver ... and  girl began to cum. And almost immediately in for her  vagina  finished    he - he stopped and girl felt like  was inside  her young vagina  is pulsing  his hard penis .
- Will the desire to ... call us. I always ...

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