Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My husband was at job and Ivan fuck me....

The boyfriend began to move quickly and sharply, immersing in her the big hard cock... He has compressed her young  breasts
For one second I remember, as was engaged in sex with Sergej. From these memoirs me began to cover orgasm...
I begin tremble and also i have moaned. The boyfriend having made some strong movements, sharply have pulled out from me cock and has turned
Me on a stomach... I have felt, as him sperms spreads on mine buttocks... When he has left on job, I  has gone on a balcony to smoke. 
Soon has called the man and has asked to give back a folder with the documents to his friend Ivan. In 20 minutes was declared Ivan.
I have invited him to drink to tea.
- You can so on me to not look? - I have not sustained and angry has seen in his brilliant eyes. Ivan as strange studied me by a sight.
- And you bra carry - then I shall not look, - he has smiled. His smile has not liked me. I sharply behind was clasped by hands Ivan. I was frightened.
- Àõ, what inhospitable  the wife... the whores... - he breathed to me in ear and compressed  by hands.
 I saw, that was on your birthday... As Sergej fuck you is direct in the machine her husband... And you appear nice whore...
- Release me... Get behind... - I tried to escape, but from tears and fear has weakened.
- I fuck you also I shall get behind... It is necessary to pay for silence, - he sharply has pushed me above a table,he Having pressed to table by a breast and face. I have decided to not resist and simply silently  cried. His hands have rummaged around Mine thighs, mine ass and vagina through jeans short. He has unbuttoned a lightning and has pulled together short together with pantiesUp to knees.
- Place legs. I obediently have executed what he has said about.
- What at you asshole appetizing... - he caress mine buttocks and  his hand was lowered to
 By mine pussy, - yes you wet, whore!  I have cried from pleasure. Ivan did not move, and only
 Is sick compressed mine ashole by hands.
- Ask, that I you fuck you.. You want it. I obstinately was silent, feeling his pulsing cock in my vagina.
 From excitation intercepted breath. His hand has moved to me between legs, he became caress mine sexual
 lips and clitoris his fingers.
- Say, whore, that you want, that I fuck you ... Implore me, girl...
 It was intolerable... I am silent say:
- Fuck me... .
He has not slowed down. His movement were so sharp and rough, that I some times has hit head about
The monitor, facing on a table. Ivan in literal sense of this word fuck me. And I have felt brightest, most
Strong orgasm in the life...  I have cried
I had not time to come round, as he has developed me to itself By the face and also has lowered on knees. His hard cock was directed to me in the face.
- Suck it, whore.
And I have taken hard cock in a mouth, became diligently suck, caress to tongue and densely compressing it mine lips....
- Is sharper, move by a head... - his vote shivered from excitation, Ivan take me for head and  became fuck In a mouth almost as is ruthless, as soon as that had me behind.I began to choke and at this moment he began to finish to me directly in a throat... At me has darkened in eyes and as
Through dream I have heard his groan more similar on animal. Look more video here >>

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