Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girl sensed it her poured sperm in young mouth

Girl got lost in the countryside.  The girl asked to see her way.  We  come   in the forest. In the
forest  were three men.
 -I go - said  Girl.
 -Where are you going?  Girl went cold from fear. The men surrounded her and she realized that  she  could not escape.
 - We love  girls - man     said.
Girl's   lips is trembled, tears rolling down   cheeks.
 -Let me go ... please ... - Girl said     whispered.
 Alex began to caress her stomach and thighs with his hands and began to knead the her breasts.
 -Beautiful, girl  - whispered Nicodemus.
 -Yes - confirmed Fedor.
 Now, let's see.
Yes,    hands  and tongue   her for in  good  position - Alex murmured. Others have seen what was happening.
Good,  she  be able   suck   in stallion's      ... Mens   company gathered around Girl.  Theodore began to drive
the  penis between the buttocks  girl   and began to knead them . He quickly   fuck  of Girl  ,
inserting     penis up to the limit. She screamed in pain. Fedor was fucking her from behind,every time
strongly, Girl thought that he will tear it from the inside. Finally, he finished , and she sensed  it her
poured   sperm Fedor.
 Nicodemus   grabbed by the hair girl  and began to put her mouth on his penis.
-I taste better than a his? - He asked.
Girl take up  in her mouth a huge penis. Nicodemus   poured  out thick stream of hot semen in Girl   of
pharynx. The girl drowned in sperm , and  she  became pant   other four   her   fucked  until they have
finished in the Girl. The girl thought that these four fucking her for a long time ... The men was  happy
and joking. Girl got up from the earth and wiped her face with a shaking hand

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