Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The business partner fucked his girls.

at the ex-wives say or good or anything. About her I can only say good - better whores, I do not know. Fuck her was good ... My friend Artem fucked my wife and I have avenged her, and decided to fuck his two young girls, in fact, both girls were virgins. I went to visit a Artem when his was not home. I was met by his girl Karina. A pretty girl. My mood was bad, this morning I saw my wife was , when she was sucking penis at driver on a parking lot in front of the house. I understood what she was it doing was not the first time. Anger overcame me, and thought that all women - whores. The fact that Artyom fuck my wife knew all the company. Karina admitted that she broke up with boyfriend, because she not to fucks with him. I told that with just anyone to lose virginity is not necessary. I was excited, so that at any moment was ready to fuck her Why not just get down to business? - Look, a beauty - a bit shaky voice I said - I understand your boyfriend. you are so beutiful that any man can not think about anything except about sex with you. -Let us agree, I'll make from you woman and everything will be fine. -What do you mean, !? She turned pale. I would licked her clitoris, caressed her , but she decided to show the character and Karina splashed my face with water. I grabbed hand and threw it on the sofa. The girl resisted, but it was funny. I pressed his hand to her and told her take deeply my penis into mouth. Gushed tears from her eyes. I started to fuck her mouth. When Karina was no longer resist , I spread his legs and began to introduce his penis. I do not regret it. Even when she began to cry. I just fucked hard and tough. I pulled out his penis and dramatically again fucked of her virgin vagina. She screamed wildly, hysterically. I started to fuck her. I finished straight into it, the threw her to the floor. - Suck my penis, bitch! - Another blow. And then she broke down. She begins to suck my penis. - Try a bitch, you'll do very well - I laughed and felt her tongue. It was sweet sense . At this point, Lina went into the kitchen, this her younger sister. - Come here. - She came. - See how well your sister began suck ? She looked at us spellbound. And then I came up with. - What's your name? - Lina ... - Lina, you love your sister? - I love - Now look! I took the belt from jeans, grabbed Lin, and hit her ass. She screamed. - Stop it! - Karina screamed. - What do you want from us? -Now I want to deprive her hymen , Lina's. The better prepare her , the less painful this will be, if you do not, I will tear not only her vagina and ass. I will fuck vagina it bottle, do you want? She stared at me. I put Lina on the fours, she did not resist. -I order suck vagina sister Karina's. I took her by the hair and poked his nose into the vagina sisters. - Lina , damn! active! And it began, how it's beautiful and sweet and excited me even more. I took the bottle and began insert it into the vagina, Karine. She screamed in pain. I shoved the fingers in vagina Lina's. It vagina was a wet .- Say Uncle, I want you to fucked Lina, like for me you vagina tore in half. - Maxim , fucks please my sister. I began to introduce his penis in vagina's Lina, she cried. But me already had all the same. And since it was the second time fucked her for a long time. I finished in her vagina too. Now forced to lick her sister Kareena again my cum. Was almost no blood. But it kind was a wild pleasure. I still fucked them both, I poured sperm on face older sister and they twos , younger sister forced lick my penis. Karina forced to lick her , and fucking fingers. In the excitement, she rolled on the floor, and then I gave her a rub on my leg, a bitch, and then finished . Lina I fucked toes tentatively giving her lick my feet. At the end of the evening, I put them on his knees and poured on theirs face urine. Then they in turn licked my penis and they licked my balls. The next time need to pour out golden rain in their vagina, and they will licked each other. Use as a urinal two bitches , and finish , I really liked it. But opinion of Artem on this subject I have not had , becouse he is a creature that is itself placed under me their daughters wants sell for money. FREE VIDE THIS STORY HERE!

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