Monday, January 30, 2012

Boss and his young secretary.

The girl named Olya, 19 years old. Young and small blonde. She recently moved to Moscow and here she worked of the Secretary. The Igor asked her to bring the paper in his home. Taxi stopped at a luxurious mansion, boss opened the door, as always serious, businesslike. - Olya, brought? Well, come! Igor was sitting in an expensive leather chair. He began to stroke her young legs. Her heart sank. Seeing her embarrassment, the boss stopped. - I'm sorry. Very tired. You're so beautiful, and I am alone. But sorry, I'm too old for you. I'm sorry, but I was pleased to touch you .. I work, I do not have enough ... -How? You have so many women! Queues from beauties in the office.-This is the work. In fact - I am alone. -Olga, can I, I will caress your feet, I was very relaxed. Do not worry, I will not do badly. He said and rubbed her young body. His hand on her black panties. Olga looked silly. -What are you doing? He breathes heavily, gently touches her small vagina. -Are you a girl? If a girl, I will not. And he already takes her panties ... Olya in shock. What's going on, she no panties in front of her boss and he stroked her virgin pussy. She decided that need to fuck with her boss, or she will fired from his job. She does not want to ,but this necessary. He stopped, his hand and fingers were wet with her secretions. -Olya afraid of me? Do not want? Can I continue? - Yes! - Good. Olya she was completely naked, and the boss started to operate. Spread her legs ... -I can not give .... She felt his penis in her vagina. Then a very pleasant sensation, but no pain, his penis slowly enters her vagina. The boss begins to move. He kisses her face. - Olenka. Sweet girl , how sweet it is good. And now on big bed shook with breakneck speed. Igor, moans, growls. Stops and continues. And once again said, sweetie, Beautiful ... Crying! Lying on her, breathing hard and his dick pulled out of her vagina. Boss kisses her and goes into the bath. - Do not it hurt? You do not have time to relax, yes? - Pour drink something? All right. I'll be the wine. He filed a glass of brandy . -How are you? Olya , it so sweet. I have long wanted you. All are looking at you. Igor starts to touch her small naked breast. She kisses. He gave penis is in her mouth . -I can not. - Take it in hand. Do not be afraid, he good . Olga touches a man's penis, she penis for the first time sees so close. - Kiss mine cock. More ... come on. Olga began kisses, caresses, takes a penis in her mouth. Sweet-mine. The boss sends her head gently on his penis. He begins to enter the phallus in her mouth to its full length, head girl's began to move here and there all more. She continues to suck, lick. He stroked her ass, squeezes her. Then he starts to fuck her mouth like a toy. Pulls her head on the penis. The girl begins to cough, choke. Olga continues to lick and kiss his boring for penis. - Give me ,girl! Legs ... well done! He the pushes ... He ready was enter ... just fucks her, growling. And she does not feel any of fun. Lying on the men, older than her father's and hear groans over her ... I finished! - Suck. She starts to suck. - Lie down on the floor, now suck! Yeah ... sweet ass still virgin . Come on, how lustful bitch! Yes ... and she still half an hour sucks penis! - Her wet vagina penis her boss felt ! (continuing smokers) stoop down below, even lower. Her face rests on the knees. He touched his fingers clitoris! In the ass also now will fuck. Take my penis, send it to your ass. Go ahead, yes! The girl listened to boss. It was very painful, but she not creaming in pain. The boss took her legs and laid them on his shoulders and began to fuck much more virgin ass . Sweet-girl, a fine fellow, my dear, my dutiful child. Yes .... well done. Come on, ! Yes! Roaring. Her mouth sends on the penis. Olya sucks again, until no get a call from a taxi ! - Olga, I'll call you at night, come.FREE VIDEO FROM THIS STORY ON MINE SITE YOUNG LEGAL GIRLS!

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