Monday, January 30, 2012

Boss and his young secretary.

The girl named Olya, 19 years old. Young and small blonde. She recently moved to Moscow and here she worked of the Secretary. The Igor asked her to bring the paper in his home. Taxi stopped at a luxurious mansion, boss opened the door, as always serious, businesslike. - Olya, brought? Well, come! Igor was sitting in an expensive leather chair. He began to stroke her young legs. Her heart sank. Seeing her embarrassment, the boss stopped. - I'm sorry. Very tired. You're so beautiful, and I am alone. But sorry, I'm too old for you. I'm sorry, but I was pleased to touch you .. I work, I do not have enough ... -How? You have so many women! Queues from beauties in the office.-This is the work. In fact - I am alone. -Olga, can I, I will caress your feet, I was very relaxed. Do not worry, I will not do badly. He said and rubbed her young body. His hand on her black panties. Olga looked silly. -What are you doing? He breathes heavily, gently touches her small vagina. -Are you a girl? If a girl, I will not. And he already takes her panties ... Olya in shock. What's going on, she no panties in front of her boss and he stroked her virgin pussy. She decided that need to fuck with her boss, or she will fired from his job. She does not want to ,but this necessary. He stopped, his hand and fingers were wet with her secretions. -Olya afraid of me? Do not want? Can I continue? - Yes! - Good. Olya she was completely naked, and the boss started to operate. Spread her legs ... -I can not give .... She felt his penis in her vagina. Then a very pleasant sensation, but no pain, his penis slowly enters her vagina. The boss begins to move. He kisses her face. - Olenka. Sweet girl , how sweet it is good. And now on big bed shook with breakneck speed. Igor, moans, growls. Stops and continues. And once again said, sweetie, Beautiful ... Crying! Lying on her, breathing hard and his dick pulled out of her vagina. Boss kisses her and goes into the bath. - Do not it hurt? You do not have time to relax, yes? - Pour drink something? All right. I'll be the wine. He filed a glass of brandy . -How are you? Olya , it so sweet. I have long wanted you. All are looking at you. Igor starts to touch her small naked breast. She kisses. He gave penis is in her mouth . -I can not. - Take it in hand. Do not be afraid, he good . Olga touches a man's penis, she penis for the first time sees so close. - Kiss mine cock. More ... come on. Olga began kisses, caresses, takes a penis in her mouth. Sweet-mine. The boss sends her head gently on his penis. He begins to enter the phallus in her mouth to its full length, head girl's began to move here and there all more. She continues to suck, lick. He stroked her ass, squeezes her. Then he starts to fuck her mouth like a toy. Pulls her head on the penis. The girl begins to cough, choke. Olga continues to lick and kiss his boring for penis. - Give me ,girl! Legs ... well done! He the pushes ... He ready was enter ... just fucks her, growling. And she does not feel any of fun. Lying on the men, older than her father's and hear groans over her ... I finished! - Suck. She starts to suck. - Lie down on the floor, now suck! Yeah ... sweet ass still virgin . Come on, how lustful bitch! Yes ... and she still half an hour sucks penis! - Her wet vagina penis her boss felt ! (continuing smokers) stoop down below, even lower. Her face rests on the knees. He touched his fingers clitoris! In the ass also now will fuck. Take my penis, send it to your ass. Go ahead, yes! The girl listened to boss. It was very painful, but she not creaming in pain. The boss took her legs and laid them on his shoulders and began to fuck much more virgin ass . Sweet-girl, a fine fellow, my dear, my dutiful child. Yes .... well done. Come on, ! Yes! Roaring. Her mouth sends on the penis. Olya sucks again, until no get a call from a taxi ! - Olga, I'll call you at night, come.FREE VIDEO FROM THIS STORY ON MINE SITE YOUNG LEGAL GIRLS!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The first once fucking.

Marina 22 years old, and she was a girl. Of course she had friends among the boys, they were called Vova and Toll. But it was only friendship.
 Vova gently was able  to caress  tongue her  beautiful, young, pink, tender nipples, sucking on a salty clitoris and  he asked to do a him  blowjob,
 he taught how  do sucking movements. And he liked to imitate sexual intercourse around her tiny vagina. This  led to the pain  from his penis , near
 her vagina. Pain ,  and Marina did not allow him more. She was a virgin.
 She screamed from  terrible pain because Vova made a sudden movement. They saw that the  bed  sheet was covered in blood. After  this he did not
touch her.  The girl knew he  a little tore her hymen. And but appeared in the hymen a large incision  and a piece of leather . The entire membrane
was unchanged - an elastic, smooth, pink hole edge are smooth. Marina has calmed down, she's still a virgin.
     Marina  forgot about the blood, and, as usual,   she went   to Tole. Only  he like kiss the  her  clitoris, not licking vagina , as requested Marina.
 She  ,as usual, did a blowjob  for  him ,  and she sucked all night until not  was pain in the jaws. Shreds  finished in her mouth and on  face. And the Marina  liked it as a jet semen pour  her face.  And  just dripping cum of Vova.  Sperm  on tits like rubbing. But her is not fuck no Vova, nor Tolia.
 What  she a bitch,  She understood . And  know that it is possible to be a virgin and get fucked in the mouth and  in ass.
     Marina  was   drunk and  her visited Vova. They undressed and went to bed. Vova quickly climbed onto her, his big and thick penis easily
penetrated her vagina and began to move  here and there. It was good, Marina lay legs wide apart,  she  felt his penis in her.  She enjoyed the movements  in her vagina. Do not  end this. But orgasm is not was. He finished on her stomach. Later, he said what he is noble,  what  is not finished with into  her. In the morning, she realized that her Vova fucked yesterday in full. But there was no blood again. When Marina went, it seemed that in her  vagina is a stick. She knew when a  girl  becomes  as woman, then these sensations in the vagina. Marina examined   her   vagina in mirror, and  her  seemed   all to remain the same. Her vagina was closed, but the hymen is torn a bit. But  entrance at  vagina is not to be seen. I am a woman. I
did not want to think about it - a stupid loss of virginity.
  She realized that the passage in vagina has been Opened. But ,the guys, did not  will  get it. They thought which   others    fucked her  , and she just did not give  they .  Every  evening Marina  to  came   from one guy to another , they  will   fuck her . Then she returned to the dormitory at night and still fucks with two   others guys. She came    to drink  from friends, then  fucks  them. Marina was able to suck well, the experience was. She liked to
fuck  in all  poses: and side and rear, and standing. But something no one in the ass did not ask - no luck. Then she looked at her  vagina in the mirror, it was again all in another way.
   Was a large hole - the entrance to the vagina is opened fully. A real woman! Her vagina is required to fuck and fuck on. She  will  be   to fuck   vagina  every day , and all with different guys. Marina remembered  what  one  graduate student liked to put on his knees face to face, and penis    inserted
so that it rests on the cervix. Graduate student began strongly, strongly fucking her vagina. Pain horrible, and no  pleasure. Marina remembers  Maxa , he was moaning with her eyes closed and finished, like  horse.
He poured into her vagina  many  sperm. That her liked it.   She this is never seen, to have someone so many came.
 And remember the Roman, he liked to suck on the  her clitoris and labia  so sucked,  that cracks are  was  . Of course, it hurts, but
 pleasant pain. He wanted   to  please  Marina -    on all fours fucked  boobs fondled. And Roma loved to climb the fingers in  her
 vagina and   loved touch to   cervix.
   Anyway she loved   masturbation   -   she caressed clitoris , bottle of deodorant    inserted into the vagina and  to the to uterus, until it stops -, very nice. What do you think, who is her first man? Vova, which deprived her virginity or Tolya  , which first entered her  vagina? Now Marina fucked with
all the men in a row. She loved to masturbate: into  myself and cucumber, and bottle,  deep in her   vagina , it  huge and into  ass. Marina loved to scream when she cums. Marina   until   having  orgazm  in   the lower abdomen in the uterus, it is now  the was only  in clitoris. A vagina is   not also reduced. Marina recently looked at her vagina ,   she is stretched, was   big vagina. There again it's different. Her vagina was like a huge hole, wear
 an  ribbed muscles of the vagina.   She was  old, beat-up, stinking vagina .
But she wanted to fuck more. Marina has started insert    bottle   at her ass , a ring expanded,    bottle turned inside. Immediately clear that   her
fucked in the ass, though fucks  she  herself. No luck her ,  not was  anal sex  from man . So who is her first man, do you think? There were many
men, but the first was ...  husband ! He thought so .. And let yourself  he  think..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The business partner fucked his girls.

at the ex-wives say or good or anything. About her I can only say good - better whores, I do not know. Fuck her was good ... My friend Artem fucked my wife and I have avenged her, and decided to fuck his two young girls, in fact, both girls were virgins. I went to visit a Artem when his was not home. I was met by his girl Karina. A pretty girl. My mood was bad, this morning I saw my wife was , when she was sucking penis at driver on a parking lot in front of the house. I understood what she was it doing was not the first time. Anger overcame me, and thought that all women - whores. The fact that Artyom fuck my wife knew all the company. Karina admitted that she broke up with boyfriend, because she not to fucks with him. I told that with just anyone to lose virginity is not necessary. I was excited, so that at any moment was ready to fuck her Why not just get down to business? - Look, a beauty - a bit shaky voice I said - I understand your boyfriend. you are so beutiful that any man can not think about anything except about sex with you. -Let us agree, I'll make from you woman and everything will be fine. -What do you mean, !? She turned pale. I would licked her clitoris, caressed her , but she decided to show the character and Karina splashed my face with water. I grabbed hand and threw it on the sofa. The girl resisted, but it was funny. I pressed his hand to her and told her take deeply my penis into mouth. Gushed tears from her eyes. I started to fuck her mouth. When Karina was no longer resist , I spread his legs and began to introduce his penis. I do not regret it. Even when she began to cry. I just fucked hard and tough. I pulled out his penis and dramatically again fucked of her virgin vagina. She screamed wildly, hysterically. I started to fuck her. I finished straight into it, the threw her to the floor. - Suck my penis, bitch! - Another blow. And then she broke down. She begins to suck my penis. - Try a bitch, you'll do very well - I laughed and felt her tongue. It was sweet sense . At this point, Lina went into the kitchen, this her younger sister. - Come here. - She came. - See how well your sister began suck ? She looked at us spellbound. And then I came up with. - What's your name? - Lina ... - Lina, you love your sister? - I love - Now look! I took the belt from jeans, grabbed Lin, and hit her ass. She screamed. - Stop it! - Karina screamed. - What do you want from us? -Now I want to deprive her hymen , Lina's. The better prepare her , the less painful this will be, if you do not, I will tear not only her vagina and ass. I will fuck vagina it bottle, do you want? She stared at me. I put Lina on the fours, she did not resist. -I order suck vagina sister Karina's. I took her by the hair and poked his nose into the vagina sisters. - Lina , damn! active! And it began, how it's beautiful and sweet and excited me even more. I took the bottle and began insert it into the vagina, Karine. She screamed in pain. I shoved the fingers in vagina Lina's. It vagina was a wet .- Say Uncle, I want you to fucked Lina, like for me you vagina tore in half. - Maxim , fucks please my sister. I began to introduce his penis in vagina's Lina, she cried. But me already had all the same. And since it was the second time fucked her for a long time. I finished in her vagina too. Now forced to lick her sister Kareena again my cum. Was almost no blood. But it kind was a wild pleasure. I still fucked them both, I poured sperm on face older sister and they twos , younger sister forced lick my penis. Karina forced to lick her , and fucking fingers. In the excitement, she rolled on the floor, and then I gave her a rub on my leg, a bitch, and then finished . Lina I fucked toes tentatively giving her lick my feet. At the end of the evening, I put them on his knees and poured on theirs face urine. Then they in turn licked my penis and they licked my balls. The next time need to pour out golden rain in their vagina, and they will licked each other. Use as a urinal two bitches , and finish , I really liked it. But opinion of Artem on this subject I have not had , becouse he is a creature that is itself placed under me their daughters wants sell for money. FREE VIDE THIS STORY HERE!

My Trainer.

This story happened about a year ago. It was Friday,  husband just returned from a trip. And  went on the hunt . Natali   decided to go to the gym -
 to distract from his thoughts. But  malice on  husband  did not pass. Trainer  paid attention at  her  .  What happened?
 - The leg seems to be - said Natali..
 -Necessary ointment puting. And the massage be make.
 - Yes. Thank you.
Natali  tried to take a step, it is good that he caught  her , otherwise   would   she  began  fall .  Trainer came up to  Natali and stopped near her.
He took off his shoes, then pulled off her  pants. She felt cold cream on  her leg.
He began gently,  massaging the affected her young leg.  Natali was nice and warm. She  lay there and watched for him. His hands moved quickly on  her  tight thigh. Several times he accidentally or not accidentally touched the hand of her nude body in the abdomen. She shuddered  . And he cute ... his touch, and her body excite. He casually put his hand on the her panties. Natali  took his hand and placed it on his crotch. He understood immediately. She understood that she not the first nor the last such client. He began to stroke her  small tits. The second hand reached into her panties. Natali   lying on the  massage table  and spread her long nude legs. His fingers found her clitoris . Natali  with desire closed her eyes and waited . He make   sharp movement penis , and his
face expressed nothing - a feeling that he simply make  its work.   Behind the door there were people who had heard their voices. This led to the
eerie Natali  excitement   and trainer  began sense  orgasm.  From  mouth Natali   was soft moan  .a shiver ... and  girl began to cum. And almost immediately in for her  vagina  finished    he - he stopped and girl felt like  was inside  her young vagina  is pulsing  his hard penis .
- Will the desire to ... call us. I always ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We loved experimenting with our sex often!

Guessing with a gift. We loved experimenting often. Sometimes we take the girls - Alinka watched as I fuck their vagina and she caresses them with uvula. She loves my penis to madness. The cock very thick and long. Several times I went to a gay club and took the boys out there on the night. I like young guys who I fucked in the ass. Especially with my size a sober, no would have agreed. For her on birthday, I ventured to invite a guy.  I prepared everything in the room and waited for, a guy came in, I poured him a whiskey and we went into the bedroom. I asked him to undress, he lay on the bed and had my hands tied to the bed. I chose it not eyes or hands, but the penis. His penis was thin and long. Alinka took his girlfriend. She was a virgin, her name was Vic. I obediently went, and she put my penis in his hand Viki. Vika knelt, and with such fury began to suck my penis, I even moaned . . Vika licked it and swallows so deep that penis rests in her throat and squeezes a her hand his balls. And all this despite the size of my penis. She rubbed her my penis, began sucking and swallowing penis . I almost did not finish - had never before been so nice. Vika proved to be completely without underwear. Her nipples were so small and tight, from what seemed to be even smaller. I squeezed her firmer breasts, from what my penis stiffened even more. .. Alina caressed her clit and then began to suck penis guy. And she showed his ass, that I wanted to fuck her, guy began suck her pussy lips that just expired sweet juice. Alinka began to moan under his caress. Was inserted two fingers into the vagina of Alinka's and Vika caressed her clitoris . Virgin it was a skillful whore. At the time I lifted ass guy's and began fuck into it. I felt that I would soon be over, and would pour out of him.  I fucked ass all the harder, slapping him on the testicles, and he moaned louder. At last I became a penis enter to the end and stay inside. It brought me to orgasm and I stopped into it. Alina quickly sat down on a guy's penis his narrow ass. Alina pulsing on the penis , and Vic leaned over , she sucked her vagina. I could not help but be excited. My penis is again filled with blood, I moved closer to her, leaned over and licked anus Viki.  With her vagina juice poured into the mouth Vick. She one hand clutched to his chest Alina and second hand plunged into the vagina. Hand Vicki rotate easily in the vagina Alinka. I started to push his penis in your ass Viki. She began to bite in Alinka nipples. The anus was very narrow and be difficult enter my penis. Then Vick insert penis guy in her ass. . And I fell in her vagina and began to lick her. The time has come to fondle Vick. Alina into mouth took her pink nipples. Our orgy was in full swing. I looked at the Vic, which continued to sit down on a guy's penis, and I had to deprive her virginity. I put his penis in her vagina and began to enter into it. Such a narrow vagina excited me to distraction.  I stiffened and sharply put the penis into the depths of virgin vagina. So there was a close and comfortable that I could not restrain a groan, and Vick started whine. Of course, she a virgin - and two penises in her . And, finally, it's a bit relaxed. I felt pressure of second penis and that soon they finish. The guy from the bottom, too, began to moan louder.  First Vika finished, and guy finished in her ass . Alina was lying beside the bed and watched us, masturbated. My penis went into Alinka. She trembled under me, it was so beautiful. I was not expecting what happens next. The guy came to us with Alina and went into my anus. I've never fuck in the ass, but it turned out that it is very nice. I fucked Alinka, and fucked a guy me .... Vika kissed Alina. I felt harmony. So everything seemed perfect. First I gave up. I poured in the vagina Alinka in the same time, felt like a guy cums in my ass. I smiled and we all went to sleep ,tired and satisfied ... ONLY YOUNG GIRLS!REAL YOUNG PORN VIDEO HERE >>

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girl sensed it her poured sperm in young mouth

Girl got lost in the countryside.  The girl asked to see her way.  We  come   in the forest. In the
forest  were three men.
 -I go - said  Girl.
 -Where are you going?  Girl went cold from fear. The men surrounded her and she realized that  she  could not escape.
 - We love  girls - man     said.
Girl's   lips is trembled, tears rolling down   cheeks.
 -Let me go ... please ... - Girl said     whispered.
 Alex began to caress her stomach and thighs with his hands and began to knead the her breasts.
 -Beautiful, girl  - whispered Nicodemus.
 -Yes - confirmed Fedor.
 Now, let's see.
Yes,    hands  and tongue   her for in  good  position - Alex murmured. Others have seen what was happening.
Good,  she  be able   suck   in stallion's      ... Mens   company gathered around Girl.  Theodore began to drive
the  penis between the buttocks  girl   and began to knead them . He quickly   fuck  of Girl  ,
inserting     penis up to the limit. She screamed in pain. Fedor was fucking her from behind,every time
strongly, Girl thought that he will tear it from the inside. Finally, he finished , and she sensed  it her
poured   sperm Fedor.
 Nicodemus   grabbed by the hair girl  and began to put her mouth on his penis.
-I taste better than a his? - He asked.
Girl take up  in her mouth a huge penis. Nicodemus   poured  out thick stream of hot semen in Girl   of
pharynx. The girl drowned in sperm , and  she  became pant   other four   her   fucked  until they have
finished in the Girl. The girl thought that these four fucking her for a long time ... The men was  happy
and joking. Girl got up from the earth and wiped her face with a shaking hand

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My husband was at job and Ivan fuck me....

The boyfriend began to move quickly and sharply, immersing in her the big hard cock... He has compressed her young  breasts
For one second I remember, as was engaged in sex with Sergej. From these memoirs me began to cover orgasm...
I begin tremble and also i have moaned. The boyfriend having made some strong movements, sharply have pulled out from me cock and has turned
Me on a stomach... I have felt, as him sperms spreads on mine buttocks... When he has left on job, I  has gone on a balcony to smoke. 
Soon has called the man and has asked to give back a folder with the documents to his friend Ivan. In 20 minutes was declared Ivan.
I have invited him to drink to tea.
- You can so on me to not look? - I have not sustained and angry has seen in his brilliant eyes. Ivan as strange studied me by a sight.
- And you bra carry - then I shall not look, - he has smiled. His smile has not liked me. I sharply behind was clasped by hands Ivan. I was frightened.
- Àõ, what inhospitable  the wife... the whores... - he breathed to me in ear and compressed  by hands.
 I saw, that was on your birthday... As Sergej fuck you is direct in the machine her husband... And you appear nice whore...
- Release me... Get behind... - I tried to escape, but from tears and fear has weakened.
- I fuck you also I shall get behind... It is necessary to pay for silence, - he sharply has pushed me above a table,he Having pressed to table by a breast and face. I have decided to not resist and simply silently  cried. His hands have rummaged around Mine thighs, mine ass and vagina through jeans short. He has unbuttoned a lightning and has pulled together short together with pantiesUp to knees.
- Place legs. I obediently have executed what he has said about.
- What at you asshole appetizing... - he caress mine buttocks and  his hand was lowered to
 By mine pussy, - yes you wet, whore!  I have cried from pleasure. Ivan did not move, and only
 Is sick compressed mine ashole by hands.
- Ask, that I you fuck you.. You want it. I obstinately was silent, feeling his pulsing cock in my vagina.
 From excitation intercepted breath. His hand has moved to me between legs, he became caress mine sexual
 lips and clitoris his fingers.
- Say, whore, that you want, that I fuck you ... Implore me, girl...
 It was intolerable... I am silent say:
- Fuck me... .
He has not slowed down. His movement were so sharp and rough, that I some times has hit head about
The monitor, facing on a table. Ivan in literal sense of this word fuck me. And I have felt brightest, most
Strong orgasm in the life...  I have cried
I had not time to come round, as he has developed me to itself By the face and also has lowered on knees. His hard cock was directed to me in the face.
- Suck it, whore.
And I have taken hard cock in a mouth, became diligently suck, caress to tongue and densely compressing it mine lips....
- Is sharper, move by a head... - his vote shivered from excitation, Ivan take me for head and  became fuck In a mouth almost as is ruthless, as soon as that had me behind.I began to choke and at this moment he began to finish to me directly in a throat... At me has darkened in eyes and as
Through dream I have heard his groan more similar on animal. Look more video here >>

Monday, January 2, 2012

Alenka suck her first cock!

You're so fine, I love you! - She rushed to kiss me. I hugged her, answering,
 and my hand slipped from her ass to her pussy. This small pussy was very humid. It just does flowed.
- And what were you doing while I'm sitting here - in between kisses, I asked.
 But my hand is not removed, while continuing to caress with her pussy. With excitement, she answered me with a pause.
. Ahhh! I so love it! She came and she said everything .... You ....
 The thought that tomorrow I will see this girl, live, and that will show your pictures yet,
 my cock, I stood like an iron. - I saw you liked it - said Alenka,
 moving to my crotch and unbuttoned it. - I wanted to make you happy
 because I love you - went on to tell her licking my cock.
 - Because you would like to see her and other pictures? - She plunged my head into mouth,
 and looked at me.
The sight was so sexy that I took great effort not to come at once.
 A young girl stood in front of me on my knees, holding my cock in her mouth and hand caressing herself.
Then I remembered that I bought today is not a toy. Removing it, I got a purchase.
 This anal vibrator with a radio controlled, very little that I could find.
 Diameter of an inch, inch and a length of four. It ended with thickening
 from which hung a small tassel.
Brushing her ass and gel, I carefully tucked it. Alenka was to kneel,
 and i looked at this position, very tempting - girl with a brush in young ass.
 I've included an easy mode of vibration. She moaned. - Do you like? - Ooooh! - And that I heard in reply.
- Get up, come on - I pulled her hands, lifting the knees, and slowly the to take a room on the bed.
 Toggle on the pulse. She moaned continuously. I planted it under the belly a little cushion.
 I touched mine finger to the her asshole. Vibration felt good there.
 I have included a growing mode pulsations when it starts slowly, then increases until it stops, and so all the time.
 Alenka groaned out loud and tried to move her ass, as if to meet the device.
I picked up a paintbrush and began to spank her clitoris. She screamed and began to finish.
  I have not stopped slapping her harder, switching modes. Now she's just struggling on the bed,
  writhing and bouncing a little bit. I had to hold her hand.
  In my opinion, she experienced an orgasm for orgasm. Restrain, I could not.
  I laid her head on her lap, and began to stick her mouth on my cock as deeply as possible.
  I felt that I got her to the throat. It was a great feeling. True, I have not had for a long time. Leaving half  my cock in her mouth,
  I began to pour into it. The girl felt it and was suck my sperm.