Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

How torn my hymen

His name was Mike. The boy was much older than me, but in an age when male body needs to learn something new.On was short, full body and almost never talked, and I was stupid, small and naive. We met often, only in the summer - it was common for us, in the village. We often went to the river or in the woods or in the attic at home.
It all started at once.
One night I was awakened by a rustling (we slept in one room, but in different beds) and Mike to groans under the blanket.
I walked over to his bed and saw that he is masturbate. I touched his and he pretended that he just woke up.
I go back in mine bed and Nothing saying to him.
The next morning I woke up alone in the house. Went outside to the bathroom and saw Mike, spying on me.
I go out of the toilet and go into the house, and Mike caught up with me. Taking advantage of the moment, that morning I had no panties, he began to caress me his hand between mine long legs. We stared at each other. I knew it was wrong, but, gosh, I so loved it!
Mike went into the house and lay on his bed. I sat down beside him, waiting for morning to continue.
His trembling hands gently stroked my ass and I was excited from this even stronger. And then, as if by accident, I decided to posmoret window
but this would have to climb over Mike and I sat on his huge elastic cock, so that was that noticeably lifted his pants. He silently took off my dress and I stayed in the panties. Mike began to cover my body with kisses and with my pants tore. I decided not to keep up with him and pulled off his pants.....His cock was hard and huge, but I do not know what to do with it. The boy put his hand on my head and obviously ordered it "go down on my knees," and put his hugecock in my small mouth. He moaned and stroked his hand on my head from time to time and increased the tempo. Finally, he had finished. I'm in no hurry to swallow, but he showed his semen in mine mouth, which flowed at a gentle lips and chin. We hurried clothes.In the during the day did not hear a word from him about what had happened. If so it should be.
Grandpa sent us to the newly built bath to remove the debris. A bright sunny day. We looked at each other's eyes and the same hour rushed at each other and become take off her clothes.I knelt and his huge cock instantly  entered in mine virgin pussy. Only a small drop of blood running on my legs down to the ground. At the peak of pleasure, he pulled out his penis and finished on my back. The boy silently got up, dressed and left.
The continuation of this history will be added in some days...
The next day came to Ilya. Our distant cousin, but essentially the same is my brother. He mostly talked with Misha, but this time somehow came to me. He was 17. Ilya invited me to his home to see his puppies were born yesterday. I gladly accepted.
We have arrived. He showed me the puppies and we went for the milk to the house to feed them. As soon as we entered Ilya threw me on the bed with the words "I know all you fucked with Misha and I want to do the same."
He had not even undressed me completely, and only tore her panties and started to fuck very hard. I struggled and screamed.He fucked me in completely different positions. I was his doll, a true whore. Before the end he put me on my knees and finished on my face ... Then I began to kiss the crown and head, saying "it was fine. Let it stay our little secret, little sister." We got dressed.
The continuation of this history will be added in some days...
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Friday, December 2, 2011

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